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    Hey Team,

    Thanks to everyone who slogged it out through last weeks heat-wave.  It got really (REALLY) hot and just stepping out of your car in the car park was enough to have most people starting to sweat up.  To actually go into the gym and get started?  Well – what can I say, I’m impressed with all of you…that wasn’t easy and you still got it done.

    Today is “Grand Final Eve” – the last day before the BEST time of year – the 28-Days-Later Challenge.  If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time – and you wont regret it.  Read this post ( for my “Why YOU should do the challenge” blog and click HERE to sign-up (it isn’t too late): 

    Since today is the final day before we get started, here are my final SIX tips for getting to the end in STYLE!

    Make the decision to stick it out no matter what comes up (and things will come up).

    You need to say this out loud, write it down (in multiple spots) and generally imprint it on your brain.  What happens in the next month is 100% inside your control – and you CAN get to the end if you want to.  But you have to make that decision now – “I’m going to DO IT” – and don’t accept any excuses from yourself….stuff is 100% going to get in the way and you will have to find a way.  And you can.  If you want too.

    Do the CHALLENGE – don’t obsess about your progress (if you do the work the results will come).

    Worrying about what may or may not happen when you get on the scales in 4-weeks?  Don’t.  Do your classes, stick to the rules with food…that’s what YOU can control.  Getting stressed out because your scales at home aren’t moving the way you want at the speed you want?  I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to help…

    Monday starts on Sunday.  And Tuesday starts on Monday.

    Prepare for each day the day before.  Have your food ready (or a CLEAR PLAN), have your gym gear ready…don’t allow yourself to be thrown off track because you can’t find a pair of gym socks in the morning.

    When you feel ‘TIRED’ (and you will), Just Keep on moving (But be SMART)

    There are going to be days when you are tired, sore and can’t be bothered…but you still have a session to do.  Don’t be negative about it – MOST likely after 5-minutes you will feel ‘better’ and end up having a good workout…if not, be smart – work at your own pace, get to the end and be sure to finish the session with a good meal with a balance of protein and carbs.

    FOOD is the Key – And post workout shakes are simple and REALLY HELP!

    I’m not a big believer in supplements but they HELP A LOT during the challenge.  Most of us will be somewhat restricted from our ‘regular’ diet which often means we end up eating LESS.  Most of us will be training MORE than usual.  If that sounds like a goood change in the ‘CICO’ (Cal In, Cals Out) ratio you’re probably right…but it can also lead to muscle loss if you aren’t eating ENOUGH.  Post workout supplementation really helps here…

    Your “Cheat” days should be COMPULSORY (Use them for good, not evil)

    I don’t like the term ‘Cheat Day’ because it implies you are doing something wrong…you aren’t. This is a food restriction based challenge and we all enjoy at least ONE of the 4-foods that are against the rules – Bread, Pasta, Sweeteners and Alcohol.  Use your cheat days wisely – plan to have your favorite ‘VICE’ on those days – it might be a burger and a beer, it might be ice-cream, it might be a big bowl of carbonara – whatever it is, have a plan.  “This Saturday night I’m having a glass of wine”.  You don’t need to go overboard – but if you know you sometimes can you don’t always WANT to and it really does help you get through to the end.

    It’s ONLY 28-Days

    The challenge only goes for 4-weeks.  You CAN do it.  If you happen to stuff it up early, get back on the boat/bike/horse/gym! and finish it off.  It’s 4-weeks.  It’s not long.  And the lessons you learn and the positive habits you create will really help keep you on the right track in the months ahead!

    Good Luck Everyone,

    See you in the gym!



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