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    Why a Beach Day? Well, there ain’t no comfort zones on a Beach Day!

    Hey Everyone,

    Thanks to everyone who came along to support us last week – and again at today’s annual Beach Day Workout.  It has been a week of crazy madness I have to say – for me it has been all about COVID (tracking VAX information, setting up the new check-in process, recruiting new coaches, you name it)…honestly, it was actually amazing to get outside in the fresh air (AWAY from Round 1 for once) and just enjoy spending some time with you guys (and with my whistle of course!).

    Just the idea of the beach day is ALWAYS a struggle for me.  I know some people don’t want to do it  and I am going to cop some criticism/complaining from people who ‘just wanna go to the gym’.  To those people, what can I say – I feel you and to be truthful,  a large part of me largely cannot be bothered organising it and upsetting even one person’s applecart in so doing.  But – me being lazy isn’t a good reason NOT to do it.  And here’s why.

    The sessions in the gym are great.  Awesome even.  But all the equipment there?  Sometimes it can be a ‘crutch’.  And – to be fair, sometimes we ALL need a crutch.  But what can happen is – once you start using one, it is hard to set it aside and walk without it…I mean, it’s RIGHT THERE.  So, why not use it?  It makes things a bit easier…so why not?

    It’s the reason why we see people still doing EVERY pushup on their knees after years in the gym.  If you NEVER take the crutch away, well, you will never be able to walk (or in this case, do push-ups!) without it.  And at the beach?  Well, there are NO crutches to be found.

    The beach workouts are fun and challenging…but most of the challenge comes just because so much of it is raw and unfamiliar.  When you’re running, you are running in soft sand…and no, there is no rower to fall back too after effort 3 when you are feeling tired…it is run or nothing.  When you’re doing things like a wheelbarrow race, you can’t drop back the weight of your kettlebell…there IS no kettlebell…you just have to take a break, count to 10 then jump back up and go again.

    None of this is meant to suggest people who are managing/working around injuries are taking short cuts…that isn’t it at all and we all battle with injury from time to time.  What it is saying is that what makes the Beach Day so ‘great’ from a workout perspective is that there really IS no way out…and because of that the sense of achievement you get when it is all done is tangible.

    What I would love you all to do is have a think about the crutches that you use in your training at the gym.  Maybe you jump on the same bike station every day?  Maybe you ALWAYS grab the same weight kettlebell?  Maybe you use the boxing stations as a chance to waste 30-seconds putting your gloves on?  It could (literally) be ANYTHING.  When you get in this week – make a change…use the ski and alternate your cardio EVERY day.  Grab a heavier KB and fight through it.  Get your gloves on QUICK or – even better – leave them on!  If you have a go at this, you will be amazed at the progress you can make.


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