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    Why can finding time to train be such a pain (in the butt)?

    Hey Team,

    Thanks as always to everyone who got along to the gym last week.  What can I say, it was HOT, there is COVID Chaos going on (and I know it’s stressing everyone out) AND, did I mention it was 10000000 million degrees.  All that aside, the gym has been busy, everyone seems to be energised and the year has started in (what seems to be) a positive way for everyone’s training.

    Our training ‘recommendation’ for everyone who gets started at Round 1 is pretty straight forward – 3×52.  What this means is we recommend you do 3x sessions per week, 52x weeks of the year.  It isn’t 6x one week, 3x the week after, then two weeks off followed by a week when you do 6x sessions.  It is 3x session each week.  This doesn’t seem like much in the scheme of things – including travel time (I’m allowing 12-minutes each way) 3x boxing classes would take around 3x hours per week.  But I have heard a bit lately that just finding the time to ‘squeeze in’ 3x sessions is becoming a real pain in the butt for some people.

    Don’t get me wrong, I get that life is busy and most of us will put our own wellness at the very bottom of the ‘important things to do today’ list.  Looking after kids and supporting their after school activities, working extra hours and even ensuring our age-ing parents are OK will take priority…finding time between kids sport practice, dropping into Tony Ale’s for veggies and getting a load of washing on the line means that 35-minute boxing workout is just, well, too INCONVENIENT.  But I can’t help but think that SOME of the time (not ALL) the inconvenience is in our heads….we have decided that it is ‘too hard’ and are – in many ways, looking for an excuse to miss.  

    I have to say, life itself – modern life in particular – is just one inconvenience after another.  And these last couple of years with the additions of masks, check-ins, travel restrictions etc things have become even more ‘inconvenient’.  But despite all of this, we all know the phrase ‘Hope for the best but plan for the worst’.  It’s the reason why we all check our car in for a service every year – even though it ‘seems fine’ and dropping it to the mechanics is a ‘pain’, we still find a way to get it done.  We are hoping for the best (that nothing will be wrong and we’ll get the car back later today) but planning for the worst (something *MIGHT* be wrong and not tending to it now could both cost us a lot of money AND put ourselves and family at risk).

    Basically, we ‘take care of things’ that are important…no matter HOW inconvenient they are.

    Well, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but if you aren’t attending to your health and fitness that is also a decision…and one that is going to add even more inconvenience to your life.  Yes – taking time to go to the gym is 3 hours each week (let’s say 4x hours if you are doing the 1-hour long Function Fitness classes – that’s including travel time) of ‘inconvenience’.  Or rather, 3x hours that you could be spending doing things ‘higher up’ on your priority list.  But it is assisting you with your weight management, providing you with strength in your legs, core and upper body.  Making sure your cardio vascular system is working as well as it can…all of these things will enable you to live a happy, active and (importantly) independent life for a very, very (very) long time.  If you aren’t regularly at the gym then you probably need to make time to be regularly at the chiro, physio, doctor, etc.  You are simply trading ONE form of inconvenience for another.

    And remember something else.  Just because you ‘ONCE’ trained 6x per week and now life has changed and you train as often as you might like too…3x sessions might not be as many as 6 and it might not be as many as you might like…but it’s a LOT (LOT) better than simply stopping altogether.  Some is just SO MUCH better than none.  It might not be your idea of perfect, but there are times you have to give yourself a little bit of a break – acknowledge that times and priorities have changed and all you can do is you best!

    I think there’s a ‘P.S.’ here by the way.  I do see people who are well intentioned with their training – and just by walking through the doors they are showing themselves to be both well-intentioned and motivated.  But then somehow/somewhere between session 4 and session 44 it all gets too hard.  Yep – the classes are tough – but persistence sees you through…and once you have gotten to the end of a few ‘tough ones’ you really will start to feel that there isn’t ANYTHING you can’t do…the best strategy for success?  SImple.  Keep showing up.  It 100% does get better!

    If you are looking for a great way to get started (or to get started AGAIN), our 28-Days-Later-Challenge is JUST ABOUT to start.  And if you sign-up as part of this blog AND email me to tell me about it, I will let you start your ‘Challenge Membership’ – not due to start until Feb 7th – right away…so you will get an extra couple of weeks of training still for just $199.  Click the link here to sign up:

    See you in the gym,



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