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    I am going to wait until January…


    …said someone (everyone) who isn’t going to make any changes in January. 

    With the craziness of Christmas this week – and New Year’s next week, the idea that you will soon have some “New Year’s Resolutions” is the 100% PERFECT excuse to let things slide on by for the next couple of weeks.  Honestly, there is nothing special about January 1st.   Well – to me there is – the gym is closed on Jan 1st so I get a day off – but in terms of getting going with ‘things’, Jan 1st isn’t a better day to start than any day in December.  That said, I have to confess training today was hard.  We had our work Christmas Party yesterday – and Alex revealed an addiction to Fish Tacos and making other people drink cocktails.  So – feeling somewhat sub 100% I was in at work this morning running classes then had a Health Check to do at the end of all that…so it was just after 11:30am when I had time to ‘TRAIN’.  Adding to that, I had this blog hanging over my head, people coming over for dinner tonight and there is still Christmas shopping to do…and of course, no classes to jump into so I would have to motivate myself (which is NEVER great).

    But just going home would have been slack and I would have felt bad later.  So – I banged out two of the December challenges (2km bike + WOD – thanks so much to Leon for setting all of this up, it really is great having a couple of things I can repeat throughout a month and compare my times!) then did a 2km row (nothing crazy, 7:30 pace) and a 15minute upper body circuit…around 40-mins all up.  Coupled with riding too and from the gym…that’s ‘a bit’ of stuff…box ticked, onward!

    I guess the point I am trying to make is that this training stuff – trying to live a fit and healthy life – is pretty much always inconvenient. Work, family, everything…they ALL get in the way.  But.  If you want to look a certain way, if you have a performance related goal OR if you are like me and find that getting up a good sweat is part of your mental health plan, well…you just have to MAKE time to get it done.

    I wish I could tell you there was another way.  But you can’t fake this stuff – you are either doing the ‘work’ or you aren’t.  Those New Year’s Resolutions – they aren’t going to take you where you want to go…only the ACTIONS you take can do that.

    Your Challenge for this week! 

    Don’t wait for the end of the year – Write down your New Year’s resolutions for 2022 TODAY.  Which of those REALLY have to wait two weeks?  Which of them can you start NOW.  I know, I know, Christmas parties and family functions…but there is always a way if you want there to be a way.  And I know work is chaos as so many people are trying to accelerate their week to take Friday afternoon off…or maybe a little bit more time away next week…but if you can start turning the things you want to do NEXT year into habits from THIS WEEK, well, you are going to be one of the few people who really hits the ground running.


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