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    The Benefits to your “TEAM” of all your Hard Work!

    Hey Team,

    Much appreciation for another big week in the gym.  I am really happy with the way the classes have been going lately – I just feel we are really onto something (again) with the continued progression of the boxing classes, use of multiple cardio stations, multiple strength elements AND the high-energy focus.  They are really (REALLY) tough, that is for sure.  Not only that, we are incredibly well positioned to return to a ‘100% ZERO SHARED EQUIPMENT’ at the drop of a hat (and without missing a beat)…

    As for the Funky stuff, again, really pleased where it is at.  We have been trying (as you would have noticed) to add a couple of ‘regular’ extras into the classes.  The Friday ‘AB SMASH’ has been going for a couple of months now and seems to be getting great results – over the past couple of weeks we have added the ‘Athletic Development’ phase once per week with some shin hops, depth jumps, change of direction work and a general focus of moving well through all planes.  Hopefully it is both FUN and provides everyone with some new skills!  It’s been fun to coach, that’s for sure.

    This week we are introducing a couple of drills into the boxing classes that we are kind of ‘hoping’ will become regular features – both are aimed at helping everyone generate a little more power with their punches and understand the mechanics of hitting the bags not with your ‘arm’, but with your entire body.  I am hoping to get some videos up before we run them for the first time but, well…knowing me those videos will be a day late AND a dollar short.

    With the Summer Slam challenge now in the rearview mirror – rather than reflect on how everyone did and talk about successes/disappointments – I would like to talk about how amazing it is that all of you guys get in the gym and slog it out a few times every week…and the positive influence that has on everyone around you.  I began thinking about this a couple of weeks back when – during the first set of challenge weigh-ins it seemed that every second person told me that “xxxxx doesn’t come to the gym, but they’ve been doing the food part with me”.  Or “yyyyy from work doesn’t come to Round 1, but they’ve been doing the classes at their gym AND following your recipes…they’re so happy with how it’s going!”.  Of course, none of those statements are super great for the bottom-line of Round 1…BUT they speak so loudly about the positive influence each of you guys are having on your family and the other people you spend time with.

    I’m going to talk more about this in a moment but we all hear the cliche (well, I actually think it’s a quote by Jim Rohn and therefore not really a cliche!) that you are the ‘average of the 5 people who you spend the most time with”.  I was thinking of this and figuring that each of you guys must be feeling so good about lifting the up the average of those people around YOU!

    Anyway…back slapping over – basically the message is that your habits – especially the ones you follow when no-one else is watching – are really what define you.  They are the things that are ‘core’ to your personality and you don’t need to TELL people about them…they will just ‘KNOW’.  People can see the hard work you are doing in the gym – people will notice the energy you have and your ability to do simple things like climb stairs when they are battling…maybe they notice your decision to simply TAKE the stairs rather than the escalator and that message will be CLEARLY delivered!   Likewise, you don’t have to tell them about how you are eating well and committed to a healthy diet – they will see these from the time they see you spending doing food prep, from the food they watch you eating.  Basically, by the simple fact you are taking care of your fitness, your nutrition, your health, you will be inspiring those around you to do the same.  It probably doesn’t happen overnight, but every little positive action you consistently take benefits YOU and those around you.

    I mean – it looks like this.  You start going to the gym every day, your partner starts thinking about moving a little bit more.  And if you stick at it for long enough, they’ll probably make the move from ‘THINKING’ to doing.  Likewise with things like the after-dinner chocolates, the glass of wine with dinner on a Wednesday, the random dessert on a Tuesday, the muffin with your coffee each morning at work…if you just make the decision not to do those things anymore then those around you will at first THINK about following suit – and in time (as long as you are consistent) they will CHOOSE to also take action.

    Basically it goes like this (in every part of your life) – your actions speak louder than words and those things you repeatedly do can often snowball into positive momentum for those people around you…

    See you all in the gym,



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