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    Don’t Mistake Being CONSISTENT for being PERFECT

    Hey Team,

    Thanks as always to everyone who got along to a session (or 2, or 3, or more!) during the past week.  We really do appreciate all of you guys choosing to spend your time training with us at Round 1!  There has obviously been a bit of change over the past few days with removal of the upstairs weights area, phase one setup of the new ‘cardio room’ and addition of the multi-press and cable machine to the hammer strength area…there are a few things you need to know:

    1/.  People on Boxing Memberships – you can now use all of the Hammer Strength gear in the strength gym.  This doesn’t extend to the Hammer Time ‘CLASS’ – that will remain a strength membership only option right now.  But basically, for anyone wondering ‘where’ you will do your post class weights session you can now access the much broader range of equipment in the Strength Gym.

    2/.  The treadmills and ARC Trainer – together with the two new IC7 Spin Bikes – have been relocated upstairs.  So if you are looking for that extra bit of cardio, head on up the stairs and you will find everything you are looking for.  The new bikes are a little tricky and I will be releasing some “How To” video’s over the next couple of weeks.

    3/.  This isn’t the end.  The new Step-Mill is on order and will be here soon to further upgrade your cardio game.  I am hoping to get a VO2 max challenge running on the spin bikes.  More ab-wheels are on the way…the SPARTA program is about to get a reboot…stay tuned…if you think this is it, well, let me tell you that it can NEVER be ‘the end’.

    Right.  News phase over – blog phase activate!

    You guys would probably have noticed that I didn’t actually put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and bang a blog out last week.  And those with a real awareness of what has been going on have probably noticed I have missed a week here and there over the past 3-6 months.  Whereas once-upon-a-time I quite literally NEVER missed.  So I guess the question you could rightly ask is ‘What Gives with that’!

    Well – I have been trying REALLY, REALLY (REALLY) hard to stop treating my good habits as if it is ‘ALL or NOTHING’.  (Challenge folks – this stuff applies to you more now than ever).  Now – I think that sitting down and writing a blog every week is a GOOD HABIT – and I 100% do TRY to do it every week.  But whereas once I would obsess over it, these days I’m trying to be a little more lenient on myself and live a life where what is important is to be CONSISTENT…but that doesn’t mean I have to be PERFECT.

    How does that look in the gym?  Well – it looks pretty similar to the way it looks with my blog writing!  I have all the best intentions in the world to complete between 5-7 classes each week plus at least ONE (1) independent cardio session and ONE (1) independent strength session.  But I’m ALSO pretty determined to not get upset with myself for missing a day…and I’m certainly not going to ‘throw away the week’ if I miss a day.  If I miss – and both life and work have a bad habit of getting in the way from time to time – then I shrug my shoulders and make my plans to jump back on the horse tomorrow.  The missed session is gone…what is important now is what happens NEXT.

    How does it look in the kitchen?  Pretty similar to the way it looks in the gym to be truthful.  If I miss my veggies quota (I’ve been chasing it pretty hard throughout the challenge and 6x cups per day is a LOT) then I’m not going to worry about it…tomorrow is another day.  And whilst I’ve had a really good few weeks on the challenge, if life turned to hell and lunch tomorrow ended up being a choice between eating nothing or having a chicken + salad sandwich, well…I would eat the sandwich, put a cross on my challenge sheet saying I broke the bread rule and refocus on getting things right for dinner!

    It looks the same way in other parts of your life.  Didn’t return a phone call today?  Well – no stress – call them back tomorrow, apologise and move on.  It only becomes a problem when you NEVER call back!  I’m sure you can come up with 10000 examples from your own work-place and even more than that when it comes to getting things done at home.

    Being consistent doesn’t mean being perfect.  You can be CONSISTENT, and still make MISTAKES from time to time.  You can be CONSISTENT and still ‘Fail to Deliver’ every now and then.  It’s OK.  It isn’t about the miss – I mean, missing ONE DAY is going to have absolutely ZERO impact on the long term outcomes you are after.  Not only that, missing one day (or even one WEEK!) is going to have little or no impact on whether or not you can stick with it for the long term.  Making a mistake doesn’t mean you aren’t consistent.  However – choosing to let ONE missed day become a missed week, then a missed month, then a missed 3-months (and so on!!) is what means you aren’t consistent.

    So how (exactly) do you bounce back?

    Well – first of all, just acknowledging to yourself that it’s OK to have made a mistake is a great step.  Just – like I said before – shrug it off as ‘one of those things’ and move on.  Criticising yourself for a missed session or poor food choice really isn’t helping.  Second, remember that it is more important to be ‘present’ than to be ‘perfect’.  Maybe you missed a session – rather than worry about it, get outside and go for a walk later that day…something is better than nothing and ultimately getting yourself in the right mindset to get out of bed on the RIGHT side tomorrow is more important than what you neglected to do today.

    Being consistent isn’t the same as being perfect.  Things aren’t always going to go to plan – and results come from LONG-TERM positive actions (this means MONTHS, not weeks and certainly not days!) so get back on the horse and ride on down the road.

    See you in the gym,




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