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    August 2021 Survey: How would you rate the COACHING you receive?

    Hi Everyone,

    Today’s blog is the 6th  (and final) related to our recent members survey.  This week’s answers are in response to the question “How would you rate the COACHING you receive?”.

    At the start of last week’s blog (a response to the question “What do you thing of our Boxing Sessions”) I provided some information on the changes we have already implemented so I wont do that again today.  What I have done in this weeks survey is replace each trainers name when it is mentioned with a “Xxxxxxx” place-holder.  I thought some of the feedback was a little over-the-top personal – which I think you guys would know I’m usually OK with – but not when it comes from anonymous responders.  What I can 100% say is that a lot of time has been spent with the coaches ‘post-survey’ trying to assist them all in improving their performance in order to meet your expectations.

    As always, I want to thank everyone for their time and honesty in completing the survey AND say that I am always here to chat and discuss any issues you might have…ultimately, I just want to make the gym ‘better’!

    I think that sometimes the coaches forget that we don’t know what they know and they often race through things too quickly.
    Response:  Yep – that’s probably fair enough.  I have to say that running the pre-7am sessions is pretty hard for the coaches – we have zero time for pre-session demos and zero time for explanations…it is go-go-go from the start.  We are pretty mindful of all the comments about reduced session time and want to try and maximise the amout of training time available…through the rest of the day, there is time for demos, time even (on some days) to pause the clock and reiterate and instruction…
    Again Technique should be focused on more.
    Response:  Boxing or Funk.  If boxing, please see above – we are really battling with this and I know for me each person is their own little project…this week, we’re working on squats, next week it’ll be pushups (and so it goes).  I think we are doing it reasonably well in the strength gym however.
    10/10 for you Xxxxxx – you push us hard, encourage us, call us out when we’re slacking, shame us for choosing light weights & have a laugh. All the other trainers are fab too.
    Response:  Thanks.
    All the coaches are awesome even when I’m swearing under my breath
    Response:  That’s great to hear.
    I am Xxxxxx biggest fan <3
    Response:  I’m sure they appreciate the support!
    One of the reason i love coming to the gym- the coaches really encourage you, have a laugh and there to help
    Response:  That pretty much sums up the job.
    Coaches are just gems at round one, know when to push you and leave you to work out.
    Response:  That’s the balance right – know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away…
    It feels like the attitude of the gym is “go hard or go home”. It’s great to have classes where you are pushed, but then sometimes I felt like I couldn’t go hard (maybe from some soreness from another class) but the coaches would still push & push. It’s almost like there’s a competition of who can be the toughest coach. Not everyone wants to go hard all the time.  On the flip side they are all great people & easy to talk to
    Response:  It’s interesting isn’t it.  There is a heap of feedback about ‘bring back more penalties’ and ‘push people to the limit’ then you get this perspective…All I can suggest is discussing it with the coaches.
    I would give it a 8 out of 10 – most of the coaches are great. I’ve noticed a few times where new starters haven’t been helped with technique etc., typically because the trainers have been chatting with regulars in the class
    Response: Well, clearly that isn’t what is supposed to happen.
    8/10 as previous comment. It depends on the coach you get to how motivating and involved they are. Prefer a coach to have high accountability/ the knowledge to adjust and modify if necessary/minimal breaks etc.
    Response: Agree with your ‘this is what I prefer’ summary.
    Xxxxxx is awesome along with most the trainers. There is just one or two that I’d give a less than perfect score!
    Response:  It isn’t about the score really – it’s about the reason ‘WHY’.  I know the feedback in this survey has led to a lot of soul-searching from all the coaches and there have been some significant changes in approach…I wonder whether they will get credit for trying to modify their style/change?
    Same as above, I prefer certain coaches to others. I particularly dislike Xxxxxx.
    Response:  Again – a lot of feedback has caused the coaches to look inside themselves and try to make some changes to their style…let’s see if they are given credit for doing so?
    The majority of the coaches are totally awesome. One coach, though,  I feel is unmotivating and a little abrasive.
    Response:  Thanks for sharing.
    There’s some trainers who appear more competent in how and what they teach to the class. Xxxxxx /Xxxxxx/Xxxxxx/Xxxxxx –  are able to assist with lifting and movement techniques before and during strength sessions – form correction tips and hints are provided when requested and also during the explanation of classes.  Xxxxxx – new trainer haven’t had much dealings with him yet but his style or method of training I think could be adopted a bit more with some trainers instead of rushing to do the reps and get the rep count he prefers you to do it with correct form and have 5 or 6 perfect reps than 10 really poor ones.   Xxxxxx (reason why my score dropped) – In my opinion he requires more training to be able to teach Functional Fitness classes often he gets a lot of the exercise movements wrong and explains it incorrectly which could cause injury and not helpful to any new members wanting to get it a try – just gives of the wrong impression at the very start.  Pad work skills is also quite lacking when being called… more beneficial and fun hitting the normal bags. If he has a bad shoulder then I suppose he shouldn’t be doing any pad work?
    Response:  So…a bit to unpack.  All I can say about the ‘negative’ part of the above is that the ‘needs more training’ stuff is exactly what has been happening.  ASCA cert and internship done (Funky Fit points), padwork 100% getting better.  He really is working at it and is 100% ‘keeping it simple’ to make it something that is achievable for both himself AND all participants (many of whom also have zero experience with pads).  It’s all good with me doing pads and calling slips, weaves, parry’s and blocks BUT those things are really beyond a lot of people…I mean, my plan is that the more we do it the better everyone will get and improved pad skills will = improved bag/movement/footwork skills – but it can be a long slow process.  All I can say is everything you are asking to be addressed has been addressed and will continue to be so.  Oh – and one other thing – let’s ENCOURAGE the trainers to get involved in the padwork etc.
    Except for one person who is rude & yells at people when they are training – especially when it is questionable what their own capabilities are.  This same person also ignores certain people in class who have said something to him about his behaviour.     They are also  often rude to a particular gender (thinking he’s funny) ironic also how they only target a certain type of person.  It’s at the point now where people will actively avoid his class or there is a collective sigh when they realise he’s taking the class.  His behaviour needs to be addressed as it is impacting on r1 members.
    Response:  We really appreciate this feedback and are working on it together.  I don’t necessarily agree with what you are saying BUT stepping back I can see where you are coming from.  Please keep in mind that any/all interpersonal communications is based on each persons ‘assumptions’ around the relationship they have with the other person…and generally when someone ‘oversteps’ it isn’t because they want to be ‘rude’ – rather it is because they are assuming a level of relationship that the other person doesn’t feel exists…All I can ask is that now you have been brave enough to send this through, that you give the coaches the opportunity to work on their ‘style’ (as they have committed to do).  As you can imagine, this sort of feedback is both confronting AND valuable – but only if the person delivering it gives the receiver the chance to make a change.
    Really enjoy the coaching, it’s good having someone keep you accountable and give you a “kick” when needed…
    Response:  I appreciate you saying that.
    Coaches are great!
    Response:  Thankyou.
    Limited attention after first session.
    Response:  I’m sorry you experienced this – I hope things have improved AND I hope you have reached out to ask for assistance if you need it.
    Love the accountability, push/encouragement and banter.
    Response:  Thanks.
    To be completely honest. Some lack motivation/enthusiasm, which is quite hard when you are trying to get motivated yourself. Needs to be a bit of fun too.   And enjoy being there.
    Response:  I have to admit, I’m surprised to read this – I find most of the coaches TOO enthusiastic!
    It’s great most of the time. Xxxxxx and Xxxxxx are esp good with technical tips and a balance of fun/banter but also a serious focus that pushes you to good results. Some coaches go a bit heavier on the “social/banter” side than the “coaching” side which is fun, but the quality of the workout can suffer
    Response:  Yeah – it’s a balance right?  Sometimes you get drawn into a back and forth with ‘part’ of the class that never seems to end – and you end up with a few people having fun but overall the workout can suffer and some people can feel neglected.  Finding the right balance – chatting with those who want to chat, pushing those you want to be pushed, encouraging those who need it and correcting those who are struggling with a skill…
    To be honest, other than telling you what’s coming p next, there really isn’t that much coaching. Having said this, there really isn’t very much time for coaching, so this isn’t a complaint, more a response to the question. It’s a shame Paul is no longer there because he was the only one who really knew how to box. Xxxxxx should not be allowed to use the pads. He doesn’t know how to use them and could hurt someone.
    Response:  Yeah – I’m not sure I totally agree there is ‘NO’ coaching but I do get what you are saying.  Sometimes coaching the boxing classes honestly feels like herding cats – one instruction after another with the primary aim of trying to help people ‘keep up’.  I’ve already talked about the other stuff in questions above…
    Most of the time is amazing. Rarely, lack/ poor workout explanations
    Response:  Thanks…I know we are all struggling with explanations for the pre-7am sessions but that is 100% a time issue…not really sure how to solve it except run LESS classes during those times (allowing more breaks and more time for explanations.
    It’s a bit sucky when the trainers mainly focus on the participants who are their “mates” who they can have banter with. I put enough pressure on myself to push hard on classes without them, but it’s nice to have that bit of extra push or encouragement or congratulation if you’re doing well.
    Response:  Yeah – 100% agree with this…chatting with the chatty ones is a black hole that can be hard to get out of.  The coaches have 100% seen this feedback and are all trying to make sure they find a better balance.
    I would like to give this an 8/10 . Most of the coaches are really awesome and give some great advice and guidance . Some are not as motivating and do not give as much guidance and feedback on my technique which I appreciate
    Response:  I know the only options were ‘0’, ‘5’ and ’10’ but offering every option under the sun would just cause confusion for the survey.  Again – all I can really say is the coaches have all seen this and are working to improve.
    Would be great to have the option of a personalised fitness plan/diet plan with a coach who checks in on progress every now and then
    Response:  Um – yeah – of course.  That’s called personal training and it happens all the time!  
    Some coaches are great and help with technique, while others don’t really help with technique
    Response:  I’m just going to keep repeating myself about the coaches reading the feedback and trying to be ‘better’.
    All the trainers are knowledgeable and passionate about fitness, I like how they build a rapport with us too
    Response:  That’s great to hear.
    Depends on trainer.
    Response:  Well…
    Overall great! Xxxxxx gets the best out of me personally with his hard ass mantra. Others have are good too although i think they need to push others to complete all reps or get a heavier weight. Otherwise people finish the round early and the coach feels like they have to move on as there are people who are going light or easy way out and i might still be halfway through another set
    Response: Well – “some people” want to be ‘first’.  That’s what they want.  And whether that means taking short-cuts with form, weight or reps – whatever it takes. I know what you are saying about ‘those people need to be pushed’ – I do.  But sometimes they can’t be/wont be…and short of the coach doing their reps for them, well…they simply aren’t going to change! 
    I’ve found all the coaches friendly & approchable.
    Response:  Thanks.
    No rating ,   But what I noticed lately couches should be watching people and instructing correct movements,  Also when new people come in ,   Instead of extra coach’s standing around ,  They should be almost one on one in this beginners area , showing exactly what to do
    Response:  That’s exactly what we ask them to do.  It creates a little bit of a monster though as then after session three people feel like they have been ‘deserted’…the boxing sessions are 100% fast paced and take some getting used too.  I agree the newbies need more attention.
    It does depend on the coach as to the output of energy. Love the trainers who get involved and move around. It is difficult as less inspiring when trainers remain in one spot and yell instructions.     Bring back punishments- they added to the gym’s vibe
    Response:  I agree with all of that…All I will say about punishments is that they are supposed to be ‘fun’ – not arduous…it is a tricky ‘line’ to cross/not-cross some times.
    I appreciate the encouragement and the banter. Its a fun environment.
    Response:  I appreciate you saying that.
    It’s good, I enjoy the different personalities and feel that the team overall is a good mix.
    Response:  Thanks.
    Response:  All for that half-point!
    Enjoy all the coaches for different reasons.
    Response:  Thanks.
    A couple of the new trainers need to project their voices a bit better  #belikemike
    Response:  Yeah – it can be pretty tough.  I know it’s why I get frustrated in quieter classes when people spread themselves out from one end of the gym to the other – just makes communicating hard (not to mention absolutely KILLING the group vibe).
    Certain staff are amazing and really good, others not so much. Happy to discuss this further offline
    Response:  Go for it – I’m always here and happy to chat.
    I’ve only put it’s ok because i don’t know what ‘amazing’ coaching would look like. Having said that i don’t have any issues at all with the coaching and think they are all doing a pretty good job.
    Response:  I’m really not sure what to do with this apart from to say I think amazing coaching is whatever you think it is!
    Depends who you get, I mean no one pushes you like Xxxxxx…
    Response:  If all it was about was pushing hard, then it would be a pretty straight forward job.
    Rating if I compare to last gym- 10/10  Rating having the same coach everyday day, 9/10. Sometimes coaches give tips that conflict with that of other coaches. It’s a good opportunity to find out what works best for me though.
    Response:  Individuals will always have ‘different’ ways of explaining things.  And whilst they shouldn’t be in ‘conflict’, they can at times say contradictory…some might say to focus on the shrug, others on driving your hips – but the feedback SHOULD be specific to the athlete…
    Luv that all the coaches push you but still have a laugh & joke with you
    Response:  If the sessions aren’t fun then why would anyone come to the gym.
    I have no special requirements, with regards to my time at the gym. But on a general level, every Trainer I’ve encountered has been great. Genuine, down to earth, and friendly. No ‘egos’ which really helps
    Response:  Pretty sure none of us are good enough athletes to have too big of an ego!
    I think there could be more time spent on technique, and some more weight-lifting classes.
    Response:  OK – so we have 6x Functional Fitness sessions every day…that feels like a lot.  Is that what you mean?  With regards time spent on technique I think I’ve kind of covered it…we have the same concerns as you for the boxing sessions particularly early in the day.
    Coaches are super helpful
    Response:  That’s great to hear.
    Response:  Which is better than 7.
    Well 7/10
    Response: Which is not quite as good as 8.  Some stuff to work on would be good!
    As a group and individually it’s exactly what I want and what it should be
    Response:  Awesome.
    Quality coaches who are approachable and easy to talk to
    Response:  I hope so – they are there to be questioned and challenged.
    Sometimes energy is lacking, but I understand we are all human. Love Xxxxxx classes, feels more like the old school hell 🙂
    Response:  To be honest, the energy should be there – as I have mentioned already, the energy of the class is often reflected by the coach and vice versa.  I understand that some sessions just ‘feel’ more upbeat than others – oftentime that is the coach bouncing off the energy of the class who are bouncing off the energy of the class – it is definitely a two-way thing.  If you want more energy…BRING the energy – waiting for the coach (and yep, they are part of it) is not the way…
    Coaches are really gpod all round. Xxxxxx has a great energy in the sessions
    Response:  Awesome.
    Where is 8/10 or 9/10? It is close to amazing, but can always be better. For me biggest struggle was come coaches rushing classes, jumping from one thing to another.
    Response:  Yeah, like I have said – adding a swag of options doesn’t help the survey!  Boxing can 100% feel like a rush, that’s for sure.  Once you have run the class a couple of times (and every class being different certainly doesn’t help here) everything is generally ‘better’.
    Most of the coaches are great, Xxxxxx gets an extra 10% out of you. Xxxxxx left and has come back a better coach imo. Xxxxxx has great energy. Xxxxxx very knowledgeable on the science. Xxxxxx is a top dude. Sadly don’t see Kirei much when I train these days, but she’s always been great.
    Response:  Yeah, Kiz has been away on prac for a few months but hopefully you will see her a bit more over the next few months – she has nearly finished her teachning degree though so will be leaving us for good in the near future.
    Coaching is great – they all help push you that little bit further.
    Response:  Sounds great.
    They make the sessions flow
    Response:  Well, it can be hard to do – hopefully that’s one of the things they do!
    Can be dependant on the trainer in terms of motivation, communication, challenging and also helping (With form of exercises etc)
    Response:  Of course – all of those things are what we are all aspiring to deliver.
    We all receive good instruction for any new exercises but its important for the instructor to display the enthusiasm levels to match the needs of a class
    Response:  I have to say, I think the coaches are pretty energetic…again, if they seem ‘flat’ that is so often a reflection of the energy being reflected back…we’re all in this group training thing together guys.  If the athletes are going through the motions, the coach is probably just going to ‘present the material’.
    I would love to have a bit more support when it comes to correcting the moves that I do. Instead of doing 15 squats fast and in the wrong way, I’d rather do 10 slow and be corrected if I am doing it wrong. Some coaches do this, some do not.
    Response:  Well – that’s fair, but if you’ve been corrected on Monday surely on Tuesday you’ve got it nailed right?  I mean, yes, they are 100% to encourage you and challenge you to maintain posture and position under load but at the same time…I’m always curious on this point – if you are doing an exercise and the coach says NOTHING does that mean you are doing it right or wrong?  See – I assume I’m doing it right – but I know a lot of people are looking for continuous re-inforcement.
    9 out of 10….trainers are generally amazing but quite a lot of turnover recently and some newer recruits are not experienced in strength  movements, which puts participants at higher risk of injury. High expectations is a testament to the quality of majority of the trainers though!
    Response:  Um – not much turnover really…Nikki left to be sure – but a more experienced coach has replaced her…
    I would def give this like an 8.5/10 (not a five). Coaches to give tips on better form.
    Response:  Thanks for the feedback.
    I would say more 8/10, some of the coaches can get distracted and don’t push as hard
    Response:  Thankyou.
    Leading the class is great and motivating. Sometimes the messaging on technique and how to do excerises correctly isn’t easy to get. I’m still learning and still need some reminders on how every technique is done and what the names are
    Response:  It’s 100% an issue in boxing classes, that’s for sure.  Be sure to yell out when you need help – I wish I could say the coaches are all mind readers but there is often a lot going on and they aren’t always aware you are battling…there is 500m2 of space in the gym and people are hidden behind bags, bikes and one another – if you are lost, sing out.
    I love all the coaches except I have found Corey to be quite rude at times.
    Response:  You will notice I didn’t ‘Xxxxxx’ out the name here – that’s because you were prepared to put your name too it and we really appreciate it.  100% not his intention and is working super hard on communicating clearly and not assuming a relationship with each client.
    Is a big reason why I keep coming
    Response:  Thanks.
    All seems good during boxing classes encouragement and answers when you need it
    Response:  I appreciate you saying that.
    There’s some good coaching and some questionable coaching.     During FF would see the new coaches hover around the new members a bit more and guide them. Good bants in training which makes it more enjoyable than having a Drill Sargent screaming and yelling all the time.    Have seen some people with bad technique and not sure if i should help or not when coaches are unaware – during busy sessions.
    Response:  If you are worried about someone, just alert the coach mate – that’s their job.  A beginners cell system in Funky is certainly worth thinking about…why is it that every new person wants to hide out down the back???
    It’s the reason why we choose the gym
    Response:  That’s great.
    It really depends on the coach/trainer. Xxxxxx provides the best coaching overall (10/10), catches the slackers, provides punishment where/when it needs to be, and encourages/praises if he sees that real effort is put in. Best banter too. This is not the case with (some of) the other trainers – some move too fast through the exercises and keep repeating what needs to be done (timing is wrong), or they don’t pay enough attention and everyone is waiting for instruction. At least no coach is on their phone or chats excessively to other trainers during the sessions anymore (used to happen in previous years with certain trainers, some of them are not working here anymore so don’t worry about this).
    Response:  I appreciate you saying that.
    Some great, some average.
    Response:  And what makes them so is I guess what we’re after.
    again it depends on the coach sometimes excellent and sometimes meh
    Response:  Ummm – a direct repeat of my previous answer, let me know.
    Don’t get me wrong different coaches have their different styles, I would say 80% of the time very happy! Some form  Correction would be good from  Certain coaches, yelling from others gets uncomfortable and intimidating for some members, enthusiasm helps with interest in classes too!! Always have loved Xxxxxxx style, great to have Xxxxxxx on board and his enthusiasm too
    Response:  Thanks so much for this great and useful feedback.
    Sometimes it’s great depending on who is taking the class. I haven’t been attending much in the past couple of months so it may have improved
    Response:  But…what makes it great??
    Coaching is good.  Staff are typically engaged
    Response:  Awesome.
    At times is hard to hear the next instruction.
    Response:  Yep – it can get that way.  Being sure to select a station ‘close’ to everyone else is the best plan…and remind the coach when you can’t here.  If you set up miles away from the masses though, well…you’re on your own.
    Sometimes the coach are real motivating and other times just stand there .
    Response:  I have to say, I don’t see a lot of coaches ‘standing there’ but they have this feedback and hopefully things are on the improve.
    Mostly the coaching is fantastic! However, since moving to a cell structure, the coaching has been less instructional with less correction of form/technique. I also miss the instructor lead stretch/warm down after class. Sometimes they happen and other times they don’t (even when there are plenty of trainers around to run them).
    Response:  The post session stretch should always happen from 7am onwards – it wont in the morning when the classes are back to back.  To be honest, even on the weekends (Sundays) I have been really pushed to complete the stretch before the scheduled start time of the next class.  I agree the change to the cell structure has made coaching a LOT more challenging.  Whereas once the class ‘ran itself’ and we had the opportunity to move about and help individuals, these days we have to drive every action and this makes it very challenging to provide 1:1 feedback as well.
    I’d say more a 7/10. Some coaches spend time to correct, others don’t. Even though I’ve been a long time member, I would still like feedback re: technique, etc.
    Response:  Thanks for the feedback.
    9/10 – now and then have noticed some of the new members looking very lost with new exercises
    Response:  It’s funny isn’t it.  We really don’t do any ‘out of the ordinary’ exercises but people who have been going ‘to the gym’ for a long time before R1 certainly battle for a while when they first arrive.  We have the beginners cells there for a reason – generally the instruction to them is “I will give the instructions to the group, THEN come back to you”…if you see someone really struggling, please yell out so the coach becomes aware.
    Depends on the trainer you get. Some trainers are really engaged and get the best out of you some not so engaged and you can cheat your way through a session if you want.     FF side will require trainers with exposure to weightlifting techniques  to enable the trainee to gain better form when competing certain movements.
    Response:  Well, you can always ‘Cheat’ your way through a session…I guess I would ask ‘Why would you?’.  It’s your workout and the only person to benefit will be you.
    It suits me because I just want to do my thing without having someone yell at me, but the trainers are always on hand for questions / clarifications / demo’s if needed.  They provide the right amount of positive encouragement.  None of them have ego’s or act tough – they are just nice people who want to help.
    Response:  Thanks heaps.
    It varies from instructor to instructor but more often than not it’s a 10/10
    Response:  Awesome – I guess I would love to know what makes it a 10!
    Love being pushed  Lack of diversity (gender) right now is evident
    Response:  I know right?  Any ideas how we can get some girls to apply when positions come up would be great…unfortunately when Nikki left Dillon was our only qualified applicant…and to be fair I think he’s been an awesome addition but, yeah – recruiting has made this a tough one.
    It is hard to hear instructions sometimes, us old people need an extra volume, or the instructor could spend more time moving around rather than just the front of the bikes. If instruction was given from behind the bikes then they would be in the middle of everyone and we could all hear
    Response:  Thanks.
    9/10 Predominantly very good.
    Response:  Excellent – what makes them good and what makes them not?  In your mind of course!
    Each coach has a different style… I feel that I’m familiar with each style and know how to work with it to help my training.
    Response:  That’s kind of the way I approach it as well.
    Couldn’t fault any of them
    Response:  That’s great you feel that way.
    All coaches I have had take the class are brilliant motivators
    Response:  They will be happy to hear that.
    Some coaches are great others not so, I personally prefer encouragement without being berated or threatened with burpees
    Response:  See what I mean?  Earlier we have a call for ‘more punishments’…this one is ‘no punishment – just encourage me’.  Everyone is different and finding that balance in a class is a real challenge.  Believe it or not, some people freak out when OTHER people (who actively WANT to be given extras) are given those extras because they think that they ‘might be next’…

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