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    August 21 Survey: How Happy are you with our BOXING Sessions?

    Hi Everyone,

    Today’s blog is the 5th related to our recent members survey.  This week’s answers are in response to the question “How happy are you with our Boxing Sessions”.

    I have been trying to address the survey feedback by making changes as well as simply by answering questions – the primary things we have been trying to address in the boxing classes so far have been:
    1/.  Adding additional types of cardio to every boxing class.

    2/.  Doing pad-work in classes when a spare trainer is available.

    3/.  Regularly including team challenges, relays and ‘group work’ to keep things spicey.

    4/.  “Opening up” the classes so that MORE THAN ONE ‘implement’ (barbell, KB, Dumbbell, Slam Bag etc) is used in each class.

    To be fair, a lot of this was already “in stream” BEFORE the survey went out and has been continuing since…there is also a bit of feedback in the survey below comparing the pre-COVID sessions (where we moved around the gym) to the post-COVID Cell-based model.  You will see a heap of comments about this as you read through – please understand that they ‘old sessions’ evolved that way over more than 10-years…the new ones – they are evolving as well.  The sessions we are running ‘now’ are effectively the same as the old ones – with the exception that you don’t move.  We have relaxed the single-cardio element, you now regularly use different sorts of weight equipment within the one class…in short, they are also evolving and I do hope everyone can appreciate the massive change we have undertaken to create a SAFE training environment for everyone.



    Before I start going through the individual responses, I just want to say a big (super big) thanks to everyone who completed the survey.  Without your comments we are really hard pressed to adapt and grow.  And of course a super big thanks to everyone who gave us 10/10 for our Boxing sessions…I get pretty defensive about these as they really are ‘my baby’.

    Employ a real boxing trainer for st least three sessions a week. We want technical over fitness too
    Response:  That isn’t really our thing.  Heaps of boxing gyms around to cater for that.  We will continue to help people with their basic technique but when it comes to footwork drills, defensive drills…that isn’t us.
    I’d like a bit more of an explanation as to why we do the programs we do. As a beginner I feel like I get left behind a bit.
    Response:  I’m really not exactly sure what you mean here by ‘more of an explanation’.  Please reach out via email ( as you did not include your contact info with the survey.
    more like 9. there should be a little more focus on technique
    Response:  OK.  What technique in particular do you want us to focus on?  From the perspective of the coach, it really is a battle to try and drill down too much when the sessions are so ‘go-go-go’.  Happy to try and do this but I do hope you understand that the coach is trying to assist individuals AND keep the training rolling down the tracks for everyone else…there is a balance for sure but I know when I am helping one person and the bell rings, I will have 30-sets of eyes staring me down waiting for the ‘next instruction’.  I know we have created this environment where it seems that everyone needs to be told what to do every moment of every class, but it does make it a challenge to slow down and assist one-on-one.
    Understand COVID changes everything but miss the group training
    Response:  I think we all do and certainly throwing away 10-years of development to enable everyone to keep training was not a decision we made lightly.  Perhaps it would help if we all thought of ourselves as being in one BIG group (‘cos we are) rather than all as individuals…I know as a coach I get super frustrated when we have people scattered all over the gym as it really makes it difficult to communicate – AND kind of kills the group training vibe.
    Challenging, fun, fast! They never get easier, you just get better/push harder.   I used to really enjoy it when Paul (I think that was his name, he’s gone now) used to come around with the pads/kick pads & do random 1 on 1 boxing with you. I’d like to do more of that if staffing allowed. (I mostly only attend the lunchtime sessions so I know that probably isn’t viable)
    Response:  We are pretty regularly doing pads in the morning sessions now and yep, it all comes down to staffing.  I agree with what you are saying re- Paul but please remember he stopped doing pads and 1-1 work more than 12-months before he left due to the injuries incurred doing that work…it is a fine line.
    Not really my thing
    Response:  Umm – fair enough.
    I haven’t been to the gym since last July, to be honest I’m worried now that there isn’t fitness or performance options, really daunting knowing it’s going to be brutal
    Response:  Well…there are new people in every day and I’m pretty sure they aren’t hitting the targets and that is WITH the approval of the trainer…Trying to manage Fitness vs Performance in the new environment??  I would love a solution.
    They kick my ass every day
    Response:  That’s good…I think?
    Trainers are amazing, classes are amazing. I’m grateful!
    Response:  Thanks for saying that.
    Love it and think mike has done an amazing job since covid has hit
    Response:  We tried to react in a pro-active manner and create an environment that is safe for everyone to train in.  I understand the comments about wanting things back the ‘old way’ but we are doing everything we can to integrate the old with the new as restrictions are eased.
    It would be good if we did more boxing
    Response:  I try to make each class a minimum of 40% boxing.  Of course, some will be more (and others quite a lot more) but you shouldn’t ever do less.
    Sometimes they can be a little repetitive, staying in your cell. Really loved the old style boxing, yet understand the cell is the new model. Maybe would prefer longer classes with few different things, outside the “cell”, rope challenges, bike challenges, varied activities
    Response:  Well – yeah.  I mean we are trying to integrate more of those things as time goes on and we understand what is and isn’t possible.  I do think everyone forgets that the old sessions evolved over > 10 years…we have been with the new model around 12-months and much of that time has been ‘live testing’…we’re trying very hard to create an environment LIKE the one you refer too within a safe training model.
    There never seems to be a chance to stop for a breather & gran a drink. If you’re going hard it’s important to have moments every so often to catch your breath, but if you do then you get left behind in the class or told off by a coach.
    Response:  Yeah.  I mean, in the old days everyone would have that built in break every few minutes (change of stations) when they would grab a drink/take a break).  I am not so sure about ‘catching your breath’ but if you need a drink, grab one.  As for being told off by a coach, 99% of the time the coach gets pretty much ignored anyway!
    The old format of the boxing classes was a lot better and I definitely miss the old layout. Now that we’re back to pre-covid no restrictions, it would be great to have some form of the old layout if possible.   Regardless of whether this is possible or not, the boxing classes have been lacking. There is so much cardio in the boxing classes and the same repetitive exercises often, and not enough weights. There needs to be variation in the classes/exercises – if we did less cardio and more variation of weights it would be a lot more enjoyable.
    Response:  Well, we can’t really bring back the old layout (not without a 6-week closure and probably $100000 in spend) but we can (and we are) bring back more and more elements of the ‘old’ gym.  We will continue to move people around their cardio, use multiple strength implements etc as time moves on…
    Always prefer a session that is run by Mike. Would prefer if the other trainers could increase the tempo and accountability. You always know you will have a good session with Mike and get away with nothing!
    Response:  That’s nice for me to hear.  At the same time, I regularly see people walking out of the boxing gym when they know I am taking a class because they don’t want me to coach them (I think the phrase is “I can’t deal with you today” is the one most frequently used).  Each of the coaches is trying their best to do a good job and become better…certainly the feedback in this survey has really had a positive impact on the larger team and I hope everyone will be a little more willing to ‘share’ in the future.
    I preferred the slightly longer sessions
    Response:  Yeah.  I know I’ve spoken about this, but honestly the post-7am sessions contain as much (if not more) ‘WORK’ than the old boxing sessions.  35-minutes of ‘go-go-go’ is just more than the old 40-minutes of work + 5-minutes of programmed rest + moving between stations.  I understand the point in principal though and we have increased those classes we can to 35-40 mins rather than the immediate post-COVID 30.  In the morning before work though, it just feels like people appreciate having those 30-minute ‘start-time’ options MORE than they want longer classes…maybe I’m wrong on this.
    I prefer strength training and conditioning classes now.
    Response:  I have to admit I like to mix it all up and about but the Funky Fit classes are amazing.
    Same as below comments apply
    Response:  Hmmm.
    I really, REALLY miss the old style boxing classes
    Response:  Can I ask if the sessions you have been doing recently approximate those or not?  I mean, I keep saying we are moving closer to them but this survey is > 6 weeks old now and the boxing classes have continued to evolve.
    Enjoyable however, the I do prefer the pre-covid based training
    Response:  I’m just going to go with a repeat of my previous response…how do you think we’re going NOW with regards the ‘feel’ of the classes.
    Mike has dome an exceptional job through covid- the only thing that is hard now is that you can’t really increase weights during your work out- you have the one weight which is what you use through the whole workout (obviously referring to boxing)
    Response: Well…I regularly see people with multiple Kettle Bells.  And there have been numerous sessions lately where you need different pieces of equipment (a barbell AND a Slam Bag etc) to do the class…hopefully we are addressing this issue?
    I miss the old boxing layout! I found the classes more engaging and exciting. It’s the reason I signed up to round one in the first place. The variety of exercises in the current boxing classes are ok but would love the option to move around to different pieces or cardio, boxing bags etc. I also think 32 minutes is a bit too short, 45 minute classes are ideal
    Response:  All of those are strong points and well made…I guess I can only ask if we are getting closer to recreating the feel of the old sessions…
    7/10- would like  a bit more technique in or extended boxing sessions
    Response:  So – what sort of technique are you looking for?  Please reach out with some specifics.  I guess I am kind of battling with some of this because based on some feedback we could run some extended, slower classes…but my question with that is would anyone actually come?  Back when we used to run Beginners sessions we would go through boxing fundamentals for 15 minutes, THEN 1-element of the classes (maybe kettlebells) and spend 15-minutes…THEN do a circuit using what we had learned for 15-minutes.  The trouble was, no-one ever used to come…I guess this is where it gets hard.  If we slow things down and focus on technique, then we upset all the ‘get in-get out’ crew.  I know you will say it doesn’t have to be every class, but what class should it be?  4pm?  4:45pm?  I feel we have landed ‘where we are’ (new session every day, same session all day) because of the dissatisfaction we used to experience when different classes ran at different times on different days meant people ‘never knew’ what they were getting and ‘their session’ never fell at the time they wanted.  I guess I would love some help trying to unpack what to do here.
    As a new starter, unfit person, I seem to spend most of my time trying to reach the bike cardio goal, and run out of time to do the stuff I actually enjoy… bike is not one of them
    Response:  First things, if you don’t like the bike don’t get on it.  There are five (5) different cardio options for your ‘HOME Station’ in every boxing class.  2nd thing – the cardio targets have been developed over nearly 12-years and we try to target the ‘average + 1’ to make sure most people have to ‘really push’ to make it.  3rd thing…if you are really battling, have you chatted to the coach about it?  They will be pretty helpful IF THEY KNOW what is going on…but if you don’t chat to them before the session, how will they know?
    8/10. Would be great to see a few more ‘pre-COVID’ exercises/equipment  worked in the programming more often. Eg dead balls, wall balls etc.
    Response:  So – Well, we’re trying.  I mentioned this previously but we have just invested pretty heavily in the new slam bags and are trying to use them.  The dead balls – yep, love them…but the continual breakage has been a real issue for a long time.  Wall balls end up bouncing everywhere and the smashed rower screen courtesy of a ‘bad throw – sorry Mike’ early this year (another $550 thanks!) was kind of the end of that…hopefully the slam bags fill a void nicely.  If you really want wall-balls there is more room in the strength gym and we use them probably once per week. in those classes.
    I love the classes. I think some of the coaches lack motivation – positive motivation. I’ve been to a couple of gyms. One down south called the movement and fitstop. Coaches are awesome.  Constructive criticism. Mike is awesome, pushes me to my limit and it’s fun. Others aren’t like that lack enthusiasm and passion and a bit of oomph!
    Response:  Well – we’ve talked about this and have hopefully addressed some of it.  We wont know whether we have been successful for a few months I guess…The other part of it is that when we are ‘all together’ – in the old days,  a class of ‘6’ would have six people training together…now those 6 could be spread across 30metres…it is hard to generate the same atmosphere as some of those smaller facilities you mention AND the way our gym used to be configured.  The coaches calling everyone together works to a point – but there is still a fair bit of push back whenever people have to make their ‘Home’ station something other than a bike.  I mean, I get it but when it comes to ‘creating atmosphere’ I do feel we end up being criticised because we have so much stuff – less well equipped facilities HAVE to have people on top of each other…we allow them to spread out which can make a group session feel like an individual session but with a semi-remote coach…it’s tough.  Moving everyone together will hopefully be a bit more acceptable to people now they know that their ‘home’ station isn’t there ‘ONLY’ cardio option for the day?  I don’t know…it is probably going to take a while for that idea to sink in I guess.
    I’ve never really enjoyed boxing as exercise. Never got past the uncoordinated stage.
    Response:  Well, I think they’re pretty fun.  Would be happy to help of course.
    Miss moving around the gym more. The bike challenges and sleds are good for a bit more team style workout
    Response:  Hopefully we continue to build on this aspect of the sessions even if we ‘never’ get back to moving around.  Using the sled, the rope relays, the bike and rowing challenges…we WANT to do ALL these things.
    I have 2 gym memberships and come to round 1 for strength classes only
    Response:  I would honestly like to understand what the other membership is for!
    I like how there’s extras now eg sled, partner, challenges. I like how the coaches change it up on occasion.
    Response:  Thanks – and we will continue mixing that in.
    Only just joined, will try boxing once I get my shoulders sorted
    Response:  Well we’ll look forward to seeing you in there.
    I’m very happy with the sessions however I wish they were a bit  longer than 35’ 🙂
    Response:  Well – we kind of had to cut them back post COVID due to the limit of 20-per-session – shorter sessions meant we could run more sessions which enabled us to support MORE people.  This kind of added in extra session times which people seem to have grabbed hold of…I kind of feel that we can’t go back to having 1-full-hour between session start times…
    Need more variety incorporating weights
    Response:  Well – I think we are doing more and more of this.  My fault I admit – I thought everyone would be annoyed by having to grab multiple pieces of equipment before each session…since we have been doing it, no-one has complained so I’m guessing it isn’t an issue??
    Cell training limits you to one group of apparatus. Plus wall balls, mixing weights up in a session, kettle bellm hand weights bar bells.
    Response:  Well, even in the 6-weeks since the survey I think pretty much all of this has been overcome…thoughts?
    Always get a good workout.
    Response:  Well, that’s definitely a true statement.
    Some exercises repeated to much
    Response:  If this is WITHIN a session, I am happy enough with that.  Every day has a bit of a theme and will emphasise one thing…across sessions I’m not sure I agree but if this is what you mean I would love to talk about it.
    Really enjoying it. Love how it’s mixed up & every session is different. Like it when we have partner or team work.
    Response:  That’s awesome.
    8/10. I still prefer the old style classes. Before the cells. I understand the reason behind the cells but loved the variety of the old rounds classes.
    Response:  Again, trying hard to integrate the new with the old – hopefully we are getting closer to what you are looking for!
    I like the variety. I enjoy the sessions where trainers are more involved or end up having a bit of fun and changing the board a really good example was Thurs night a few weeks ago Eden and Alex changed the sled rule and one of the dice numbers meant we all did the sled at same time (small class meant we cud all use one) . Was great fun and high energy class
    Response:  Yeah, I mean I love that stuff.  I have to say that this is exactly the sort of stuff that puts a lot of people off our gym (they feel obligated to participate in something that they aren’t confident they can do) and is the #1 thing we get criticised for when it comes to feedback from beginners – the classes are too ‘hard’ and there is so much going on that it all gets confusing…It is all a bit of balance right?  I dont think we can do this stuff ALL the time but – as you say, used at the right time in the right way it can give a class a nice kick-a-long.
    Response:  Not as good as ticking the 10/10 box but I’ll take it.
    Would like a bit more pad work with the trainers
    Response:  We are doing a fair bit of this in the mornings when we have spare people on and no Personal Training…it’s the usual thing right – how much would you be prepared to pay to have this option at EVERY class?
    I really enjoyed the old style – pre COVID – that’s not to say I don’t enjoy them now, just not as much. The banter and pushing on from the others really helped get the most out of me
    Response:  The change to create an environment without sharing has certainly taken away that shared experience…once upon a time you really felt like “your group” had achieved something “together” by the end of each session – you don’t get the same feeling the way the classes are now.  I can only promise that as we continue to integrate more of the old into our classes, this WILL return…
    Still very happy with boxing, probably give them an 8/10. Obviously times have chnaged and the classes are different. I liked the 45 mins of the old style class, you get that ‘extra burn’ compared to the 32 min. (Still very happy though)
    Response:  I think the new ones are – with the exception of the pre- 7am classes because of the time crunch – actually tougher than the old ones.  The intensity is certainly higher for LONGER…whether that is good or bad, well…I don’t think we know that yet.
    Would love for them to be old-school  Longer sessions and use more weights
    Response:  I love that this response and the one below are back to back.  One wants more weights (this one), the one below wants more boxing…it really is challenging trying to set things up so we can keep everyone happy.
    For fitness they’re amazing! I’d like more time punching stuff.
    Response:  I tried to tie this together with the previous one just to cover off on the differing ‘desires’ of people…some want more boxing, others more strength, others more cardio…
    Have rheumatoid arthritis and hands already crippled
    Response:  Injuries SUCK!
    I love Funky too much and I don’t want to miss any of the programming as want to get PRs! But I will box very occasionally and love it too. Miss Paul and his sparring though ?
    Response:  I have read the word sparring a few times and I know we have never done that.  Paul did do some padwork a while ago – and we are certainly doing a fair bit at the morning sessions right now – but stopped quite a while before he finished up due to the injuries it was causing him (wrists, hands and shoulder).  As I have already asked I guess – the padwork is just a numbers game with regards to staff – how much would you pay to have someone on hand to do that at every session?
    Would love to use more than one cardio machine in a session
    Response:  I think that we’ve been doing this pretty consistently – thoughts?
    Used to box, but the new post-covid format doesn’t work for me.
    Response:  I think you might be surprised by what is happening if you gave it another go.
    Love how many classes there are to chose from
    Response:  It’s a blessing and a curse.  Lot’s of sessions means lot’s of options – which can mean people spread themselves around…as has been discussed already, a fair bit of the ‘atmosphere’ in each session comes from the ‘group’ – and it is harded to generate energy/enthusiasm/vibe (call it what you will) in a small group…particularly a small group that spreads out all over the gym.
    My commitment / energy levels depends on who takes it
    Response:  I guess for me if you KNOW that about yourself then why would you accept it from yourself?  For me all the trainers have different vibes/approaches and I just try to complete the class based on that.  I know some are going to be more focussed on (for example) a cardio target – which is a great day to really challenge myself in that space.  Others will be looking for strong bag work – get my technique right, hit the bags…I’m sure you get the idea.  I guess my chances to train are pretty limited so I need to make sure I get a ‘good session’ in whenever I get the chance to train.
    Probably too fast a pace for me!
    Response:  That’s a shame because they can be a lot of fun.
    Changed to full time strength classes when I did the feb challenge and got good results so just carried on.
    Response:  If it’s working, don’t mess with it.  At the same time, keep an open mind because there are 13x boxing sessions per day vs 6x Funky Fit classes.
    Would like to be able to interchange between the different cardio options in the one class (I know not possible in today’s environment)
    Response:  OK – we’ve been doing a fair bit of this!
    Time constraints limit me to 3 sessions a week… I really enjoy the strength sessions so it’s hard to pass up on that. I intend on doing boxing sessions in the near future though
    Response:  Again – don’t change what’s working – and often time it’s what is working ‘in your head’ that is most important!
    Lately some very engaging hard tough sessions. Really enjoying it
    Response:  That’s great to hear.
    Air con/ventilation… or am i just being abit of princess now?
    Response:  I have to laugh.  Once upon a time the roof vents (whirly birds) were supposedly ‘the future’…then we installed them and apparently they weren’t the future…We aren’t going to install aircon and since there is a factory unit directly behind us, what else do you actually think we could do.
    In general I am more happy with them then unhappy, but often they are rushed. Less since Paul left.
    Response:  Less rushed since Paul left or you are less happy (or less unhappy) since Paul left?  I don’t exactly understand.  I guess I understand the sentiment about the pre/post-COVID sessions but at the same time – and as I have said – we had 10+ years at the ‘old-style’ classes.  When we opened, we had 8 barbells total.  ZERO kettlebells.  ZERO wall-balls.  2 rowers.  8 Bikes.  ZERO Skis.  ZERO SPARCS.  I do understand the sentiment that things ‘used to be’ better but I hope that sentiment is also connected with giving us time to get the balance “right” in the new environment.
    Preferred pre covid boxing classes (better atmosphere) but I understand the need for the change.
    Response:  Please see my previous response.
    Love boxing more boxing – way less cardio please maybe could have a strength option instead of the cardio (I don’t like the cardio machines they are just not for me)
    Response:  Well – I guess the boxing classes are always going to ‘lean’ in the cardio direction with the strength classes more focussed on (oddly enough) strength.  Generally try for 40% boxing (minimum) and 15% strength (minimum) in each session.
    I preferred the old classes(pre-Covid). Not sure if we can go back to it, but I preferred more weights being involved. I also like dwardling between groups to get my breath back.
    Response:  I liked dawdling between stations as well – I used to kill a heap of time that way.  I keep hearing about ‘more weights being involved’.  I am writing this on Friday October 1st.  Today’s class is an EXACT Replica of the class run on 13th March, 2018.  We have one strength station (barbells) just as we did then.  We have a bike/kettlebell combo today – just as we did then.  We are using a KB in the warmup (fighters warmup) just as we did then.  When you say we used to do MORE weights, I promise you – that isn’t the case.  I know it because each session I have written for the past three months has been completely and 100% adapted from an ‘OLD’ Round 1 class.  Happy to show you the originals vs the ‘actuals’ anytime anyone wants to see them…if you wonder why I am so clear on saying ‘the mix in the classes right now is EXACTLY what it used to be’…well, it’s because the classes are basically the same session adapted and modified to ‘FIT’ the single cell environment.  And lately, we have been sending people around the gym to different cardio elements…what we HAVEN’T been doing is be prescriptive about WHAT equipment they use.
    But the pre COVID  setup was good also
    Response:  The gym has been constantly evolving since 2010 to be honest…things are more different NOW to when we started than they are to when we closed for the first COVID shutdown.
    Would love to see more 30 minute boxing classes again
    Response:  I’m sure you have read all the calls for LONGER classes…The sessions will settle to between 30-35 mins pre 7am, and 35-40 minutes post-7am/weekends.
    individual cells has ‘lost’ some of what made Round 1 fitness prior to COVID (i.e doing it in a group / team event classes, but understand the challenge with it).  Sometimes classes can be a bit stale but could also be dependant on trainer taking it to mix it up / challenge people
    Response:  I agree with all of this.  The challenge we have right now is working to recapture the ‘team’ vibe that was so prevalent.  Certainly we have been (and will continue to) use the team challenges, group relays etc.
    Good mix of cardio & strength and with the ability to do double sessions when time permits, suits my work/lifestyle
    Response:  Double sessions? There’s an idea for all the ‘make the sessions longer’ people.  Or maybe spend 5-mins post class doing a separate barbell/kb circuit etc.  Anyway – I am getting off the track.  Glad you are enjoying the sessions.
    I really can’t think of good improvements. Classes are varied, hard and change.
    Response:  We should always be aspiring to be better and do better…the recent addition of the slam bags has been positive and there is a bit more to come yet.
    The old class setup was much better with longer classes, more varied exercises and equipment.
    Response:  I’m just going to point at my response from a couple above about how today (Friday, Oct 1st) session is a direct copy + adaption to single cell of 13th March, 2018.  And tomorrow is a copy/adaptation of 14th March, 2018.  I think what you are saying WAS true a few months ago (and I mean 5-6) as I was really focussed on programming within my ‘limited’ view of what was acceptable within a cell – single cardio, single strength implement etc – but the general comfort in ‘society’ with our COVID situation (can we call what we have a situation?) has allowed this to be expanded significantly.  The classes now pretty much have the SAME variety as the old classes.  And I am making sure this is the case by using the OLD workouts to create the new ones.
    Sometimes they start off to heavy without much of a warm up ie straight into lunges around the gym Kills me for days after!  Some stomache work in every session would be great too as I don’t get around to doing it on my own
    Response:  This gets hard because whenever we formalise warmups people get cranky and want us to ‘get on with it’.  When we don’t, others want a ‘warmup’.  I’ll look at how we manage this – for me walking lunges are a good ‘range of motion’ warmup but I understand what you are saying.  As for abs – well, there is an abs component in EVERY session – whether it is direct work such as situps and leg raises or indirect such as front squats, tea-pots, pushups and weighted lunges, well…it varies!
    Strength workouts speak to me
    Response:  Got to stick with what works!
    Like the old style pre covid miss that group chugging along to the next station – not the slow lag and resting of course
    Response:  Again – we’re pretty much doing this now.  When the clock goes ‘beep-beep-beep’ that’s signifying a new round is starting…and we’re all moving on to something new.
    Very happy with the not-so-new cell-based training.  Needed to get used to it, hated it for a bit (couldn’t find my rhythm, I found it too easy in the beginning), but now I like it. Less talky more worky as we don’t have to go through all the exercises beforehand.
    Response:  Thanks for the feedback – really means a lot.  Trying to make the model work for peoples health and fitness whilst maintaining a socially distanced environment as best as possible.
    Can be repetitive, would like to use more than one cardio equipment in the classes.
    Response:  We are definitely doing this now – pretty much in every session.  Your ‘HOME’ station is your ‘HOME’ station but all cardio options should be in play.
    The sessions are well planned and great workouts but the variable is always who is taking the class and their level on enthusiasm, communication or motivation.
    Response:  Well – from a coaching perspective I have to admit for me the variable is always the ‘mood’ of the people in front of you…it’s bloody hard to coach ‘effort’ and there is nothing worse than trying to get blood out of a stone (class of people just going through the motions – or worse, a class being ‘dragged down’ by one person with a bad attitude!).  I’m sure there are two sides of this story though!
    Feel  It’s out of your control  Now but just wish that we could have a little more variety, I think you are doing fantastic with what we have just keeping it fun and interesting
    Response:  I think we’re getting a lot better with this – would love to hear back.
    I like the boxing but I do miss the old system so I can use more of the cardio equipment in the one class.
    Response:  Again – we are 100% doing this already.
    I prefer boxing the way it was , cells feel a bit small , I know that it had to be done , it’s just a personal opinion
    Response:  I often choose the rower or SPARC as my home station for this reason…you’re a bigger guy…I can sympathise/empathise but there are larger cell options there.
    I mainly do the functional fitness work
    Response:  Gotta stick with what is working for you.
    Sometimes very repetitive and to stop start
    Response:  Just working on getting better this end.  Hopefully the repetitive element has been nailed – the stop-start stuff?  I don’t know about that – I WISH there were more stops!
    The length of sessions have decreased. I also miss the group aspect to training.
    Response:  You understand why though right?  Our sessions used to have unlimited participants.  That was cut to 20.  Then 40.  This is like – the law.  Without cutting the session times, we wouldn’t be able to offer enough time spots to support everyone…
    A greater focus on pushing the individual to the max would be beneficial
    Response:  Feels like the opposite of some of the earlier comments that we are too ‘go hard or go home’.
    Nothing to do with the classes I’m just super unfit & struggle lol
    Response:  Stick at it – it gets better.
    More use of the barbells  Love the challenges
    Response:  Just tricky given that is the one piece of equipment we are still trying to solve the ‘equipment’ problem for.  Using 2x Dumbbells as an alternative is ‘kinda’ working.
    love variety but burpees hurt my knees and there is no alternate offered.
    Response:  Since we opened in 2010, 2x Pushups + 2x Squats = 1x Burpee.  I’m really sorry but I just can’t cop that there is no alternative to burpees since there has ALWAYS been an alternative to burpees.
    9/10  I enjoyed the pad work and combos that were introduced when Paul was on deck.
    Response:  So there are 10x primary combos we use (to this day).  Each one is a ‘Paul’ combo.  As for the pad-work, we have done probably more of this in the last 2-months than at anytime since the first 6-months we were open…as you would recall, Paul stopped doing pads some time before he left due to the injuries incurred whilst using the pads (hands, wrists, shoulders).  And to ask the question again, how much would you be prepared to pay to have this available at every session?
    I prefer 1:1 with a coach for pad sessions, then doing my own thing with cardio and weights
    Response:  Fair enough!
    I enjoy the fact that they are still different every day. I do miss the old style of moving around the gym, though.
    Response:  I miss the break I used to get whilst we were moving around the gym – is that the same thing?
    I used to attend but had to quit due to back injuries , I could not longer go hard , throw myself on the floor to do burpees. It’s great if you alphabet no injuries,,however there is no alternative way softer impact.
    Response:  Sorry you had to leave us.  I actually have no idea how or what to ‘alphabet’ an injury fwiw.
    9/10 – occasionally too repetitive throughout the session, but usually on point!
    Response:  Yeah – most days have a bit of a ‘theme’ in terms of the programming so individual ‘days’ can sometimes feel that way…I guess it’s more (for me anyway) about providing a breadth of experiences ACROSS a week rather than trying throw 1000 different things in each day.  It gets confusing and is both hard to coach AND hard to follow.
    I prefer to use the strength gym. Love lifting weights.
    Response:  Fair enough – go with what works.
    Bike hogs are annoying however they get you out of your comfort zone – what’s a rower?!
    Response:  I look at it this way.  The bikes are probably 30% easier than any other piece of cardio.  Why would you intentionally compromise your own goals by taking the easy way out?  We could all grab the lightest KB as well…but where would that get us?
    So much variety it is by far the best gym I have been to
    Response:  Well, that’s very nice of you.
    I miss the pre covid classes, but it’s better than no boxing at all.
    Response – We are getting back there I promise.  Without the ‘moving around’ thing but multiple cardio equipment and session structure?  100%.
    Note as much as the boxing sessions are brilliant, one element that does sit within me is the loss of comradery that came from the old revolving style of session, where groups would work together throughout the gym
    Response:  Yeah – I have noted that this is true for me as well…once you would feel that you are your ‘team’ of 5 or 6 had achieved something ‘together’…now you do sort of feel like a loan ranger – I mean, the person next to you did it as well but no doubt an element has been lost.  We will persist with the team challenges and relays etc and try and find the magic potion.
    Prefer the group stations over single cells
    Response:  Yep – I think I’ve covered this ad infinitum.
    I enjoyed the variation of cardio equipment during each class in the pre COVID environment
    Response:  Pretty sure we’re already back there…I know it is a real focus in the classes I have been running.

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