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    August 21 Survey: What do you think of our equipment?

    Hi Everyone,

    Today’s blog is the 4th related to our recent members survey.  This week’s answers are in response to the question “How happy are you with our facilities/equipment”.

    I have been trying to address the survey feedback by making changes as well as simply by answering questions – the primary things we have been trying to address so far have been:
    1/.  Adding additional types of cardio to every boxing class.
    2/.  Doing pad-work in classes when a spare trainer is available.
    3/.  Adding cubicles to the girls bathrooms and fixing the toilet doors.

    Other things that were already ‘in stream’ prior to the survey (new boxes/box jumps in the strength gym, new slam bags, refurb of rowers in the boxing gym, relocation of the hammer strength equipment to open up the front of the strength gym) have also been completed…I can’t really claim they were survey related though.  The next phase of changes is also unrelated to the survey (move of the treadmills upstairs, addition of new cardio solutions) although some feedback has been received related to these items.


    I have toddlers and although the gym is not for them, I cannot go to a class without them as there is no one to look after them so when I do bring them to a class, I cannot fully focus because my attention is on making sure they’re not getting in peoples way or hurting themselves – appreciate the coaches for trying to look after them but understand that is not apart of their job description so I really am grateful that they’re willing to go outta their way to help a mama out but could I suggest like a little play area where it’s blocked off so we can just leave them there and not have to worry about them interrupting peoples workout? I really feel some people can be a little irritated with them, not my intention but if it’s the only time I can get a workout in, then I have no choice but to bring them. Also understand, having a play pen is highly unlikely to happen but worth a suggestion! -what if I bring my own? Haha

    Response:  So, the problem here is once we do that (install a ‘kids area’) then we are effectively acknowledging they exist and taking responsibility for them.  You can of course bring your own little play pen for them (this has been done many a time!) but we can’t really do it ourselves.  I understand all of the issues with bringing them but I likewise know how hard it is for people to get to the gym when the kids need looking after…we try to balance it as best as we can.  I guess I only get frustrated when parents bring nothing to keep the kids entertained…I mean, OF COURSE this will cause them to run up and down looking for attention.

    I’m pretty happy with everything but a few things could be freshened up – general dust & cobwebs (in hard to reach places, I know), more fans/air con, you could consider installing some speakers so the instructors don’t have to shout so loud, a chart by the kettlebells showing how heavy each colour is (so I actually know how pathetic I’m being when I choose a pink one instead of an orange one…)  The ladies toilet doors get stuck/don’t shut properly. No hot water to wash your hands.   I come to classes because I generally need to be told what to do, otherwise I don’t push myself with exercise or get out of my comfort zone. I initially started with Round1 because the schedule offers so many different sessions which means I can usually fit a few classes in around my changing work schedule. I keep coming because I enjoy every sessions & love the trainers & other members. I’ll keep coming irrespective of if you make improvements/buy more shit or not.
    Response:  So – there’s a bit to unpack here.
    1/.  Kettlebell colours are the same the world over and they are on the rack from heaviest to lightest…I actually have no idea how knowing if it is 6kg or 8kgs helps you work out but I’ll think about adding a chart to the wall.  A radical solution could be that you ask one of the trainers if you are concerned – or just pick one up and give it a go?  For the record, the weights go like this:
    4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 32kg, 40kg, 48kg.
    2/. We wont be getting more fans and we wont be getting aircon.3/.  I’m not keen on the Jane Fonda style headset things.  What we have to do better is:

    a). Rearrange the class so everyone’s “HOME STATION” is adjacent so less yelling is required.
    b).  For busy classes, spend more time on the ‘middle’ grass giving instructions and less time out the front.

    4/. The ladies toilet doors have (I hope) been fixed.  Here’s my #1 comment about that…maybe someone could actually tell me?  I know this might come as a surprise, but I never have a need to close the ladies toilet doors I didn’t know there was an actual problem?

    5/. There is no hot water actually CONNECTED to the taps in the basins…so yeah, no hot water to wash your hands.  There are 5x hand sanitiser stations throughout the gym though.

    6/.  The dust and dirt and stuff…I’m typing this on Friday afternoon and Dillon is out in the gym cleaning (he’s vacuuming the boxing gym right now)…I mean, it isn’t good enough obviously but literally all we do between sessions is clean the gym.

    I pay per session. If you guys were open all day, I would cancel my other gym membership and train here exclusively.
    Response:  We kind of are – we close from 10:30-12pm and again from 2pm-3:30pm.  This happens because quite literally NO-ONE comes to Round 1 outside of class times…we once had dreams that this would happen – hence the massive Hammer Strength investment – but even that equipment is barely touched unless we run a ‘class’ there…it’s tough.  We once stayed open all day but there are a LOT of wages saved ($25k per annum) with even these small changes to opening hours.
    8/10 would love a more separate / private area for machine weights.
    Response:  I really have no idea what you are asking for here and the feedback is anonymous so I don’t know who to ask.  The machine weights are in two separate areas – one upstairs, one in the strength gym.  The upstairs area is as separate as can be…as for private, well, Round 1 is not a home gym and I guess I don’t really know what you are chasing.  If you are training in a gym there is surely a general acknowledgement that other people will also use the facilities.  Please reach out so you can explain what you are looking for?
    The gym looks great after the revamp
    Response:  Thanks.  Boris is amazing.
    I would say a 8/10, but that wasn’t an option ? we need a few more options for lighter barbells (10/12kg) as it’s always a struggle to get one – especially at 6am!
    Response:  Yep – I have acknowledged this in the previous blog based survey responses but just for first time readers I guess I have two answers/solutions for this:
    1/.  In the short term, we publish the sessions on SugarWOD so you could always log on the night before, check the plan and come at 5:30am on Barbell days!  That’s the beauty of having a class start every 35minutes!
    2/.  The cell based system – as I have said – is great for COVID safety but has led to massive costs to the gym.  8x Bikes used to do the whole gym…same as 8x 10kg barbells (we have never had 12kg barbells).   Now…well, 8x may or may not be enough depending on the class.  Substituting for double dumbbells has alleviated the issue somewhat and we have another solution for barbells in the pipeline.  In all honesty, this has not been a priority and the new slam bags ($5300), re-vamped rowers (just over $4500 so far with one still pending) AND the pending revamp to the upstairs gym are ahead of the bars on the $ pecking order.  Basically, since 2x 5kg dumbbells can – for the purposes of a boxing class, replace a 10kg barbell (not perfectly but it ‘can’) the other items are simply more ‘important’.
    probably closer to 8/10.  the bikes are a bit hit and miss… some are a lot easier than others.  The bags are a bit close to the skis, and can be annoying when your arse hits the bag.
    Response:  Umm – of course some of the bikes will be harder than others.  Whether the old spin bikes, the assault bikes or the C2 Bike ergs we have now, this has always been the case.  We are continually cleaning them and the ones most recently cleaned will be the ‘hardest’ and the ones where the little air holes are filled with dust will be the easiest…

    I agree on the Skis and your butt hitting the bag…but if that happens, simply move to a station with a higher bag (combo bag style)…it wont happen then.
    Response:  Thanks…I think?
    Sauna would be good though
    Response:  Usual response – how much would you be willing to pay for that?
    I’d say 7/10, 5/10 is a bit rough. Both my fitness and overall strength have declined since the boxing classes have reduced in length. I’ve tried the funky side of the gym and decided it isn’t for me. My effort is definitely partly to blame.
    Response:  Yeah, well…I couldn’t really offer every option from 1/10 to 10/10…the data would have been a bit useless…but I get what you are saying.  We are doing what we can to increase the length of the boxing sessions whilst maintaining the flexibility of the current timetable and that seems to be working well…I guess I’ll say it again – 35-minutes with NO time wasted moving around and working through the ‘breaks’ is basically the same if not more than what you were doing pre-COVID.  Most people’s HR monitors are certainly saying that…
    Even though occasionally it gets short of benchs, dumbbells and slam ball options
    Response:  Slam balls problem should be solved.  I don’t think we can EVER solve the issue with benches and dumbbells…I mean, we have literally 2 bazillion dumbbells in the gym…Benches – I have answered in previous responses.
    Would love a bigger variety of cardio equipment separate to the cells to do an individual workout outside the timetable.
    Response:  I guess you’ll enjoy the reconfigured upstairs gym but given you have also said you ‘rarely if ever attend, maybe not?’.  It’s hard to answer this – I mean, what is a bigger variety?  Available for use pretty much all day are treadmills, cross-trainer, SPARC trainers, bikes, ski’s and rowers…what do you actually want?
    Need more cardio equipment, more range of weights that are common, boxes for strength gym
    Response:  I get frustrated and defensive with feedback like this when the responder doesn’t leave there name so I can chat to them.  We’ve added more boxes to the strength gym but saying we ‘need more cardio equipment’, holy hell.  There is enough cardio equipment for everyone in both gyms at fully booked capacity to have their own ski, bike, SPARC or rower – that’s 60- machines.  That’s an enormous amount of cardio – please help me out by saying what it is you are actually looking for.
    All bikes should be made available for boxing class during quieter times.
    Response:  Why?  We would regularly do classes with zero bikes in the old days – PLUS, our tradition with ‘small classes’ has always been to ramp them UP, not slow them down…it’s a boxing class, not a spinning class.  What is probably MORE pertinent is that not enough people follow the rules of changing their primary cardio option from one day to the next.  What we WILL be doing is getting people to move around from one piece of cardio to another within the same class.
    Miss the circuit option. Understand the change in layout due to COVID, but cell training just not the came.
    Response:  Yep – not sure if you’ve heard of COVID19 but we needed to make changes to remove equipment sharing – we are trying as hard as we can to bring the old style classes to the cell-format and I think we’re winning the battle on that right now..  As an aside, I’m not really sure what this has to do with equipment??
    Skipping ropes not my fav. Not sure of the weights on the kettle bells
    Response:  Well…skipping is a pretty core part of every boxing workout ever and we’ve been doing it since the first day we opened.  Luckily we have an awesome set of RX ropes for everyone to use as well as ropes at every station.  The kettlebells are in world standard colours – and arranged from heaviest to lightest…Does it really matter if you don’t know if it’s 6kg or 8kg’s?  What are you going to DO with that information?  I guess I can’t really understand why if this is an issue you wouldn’t just ask the trainer?  
    9.5 this is my fault,     Need to finish off jobs ,
    Response:  Yeah, well…not really sure any of the blame is yours…the credit certainly is.
    Gym equipment is good. Changerooms for those going straight on to work are not the best
    Response:  Just completed some upgrades in the girls bathrooms and happy to consider the same in the gents as well…have a look and let me know.  
    Very happy with all the available gear. Wanna get on the ceiling ropes though, and some high rings in the strength side would be awesome.
    Response:  I’m still nervous re- COVID on the ropes…you are literally rubbing yourself all over them and there is no real way to disinfect them…we basically installed them and COVID hit.
    Response:  I guess that’s good?
    Appreciate the cost and time involved to set up such a large facility with numerous amounts of equipment. Some of the cardio equipment could do with a refresh/maintenance. I am not really complaining as all the other positives outweigh this issue. Only a point for consideration to improve the gym further.
    Response:  Well, we are 6/7ths of the way through refurbing all of the rowers…in the boxing gym – outside of that, the ski’s, bikes and SPARCS are all pretty good.  I do occasionally see people on the old cross-trainers that are essentially marked as ‘OVERFLOW ONLY’…I never understand this though.  Please let me know what in particular you would like to see updated…
    Being a bit taller, I sometimes find myself jab/cross into a bag that feels more like a pillow    Body hooks are solid, just a bit soft up top
    Response:  Fair – the bags do sink and there are some that need topping up right now.  Bring in your old clothes and let’s work on this together!
    I’d like to use Hammer Strength stuff more.
    Response:  So, off you go then…it’s there for you to use mate.  We have a massive range of kit from probably the #1 name/brand worldwide in strength equipment and it hardly gets touched.  I would LOVE for you to use it…if you would like to use it, why don’t you?
    Great facility, extensive range of equipment
    Response:  Thanks.
    There is actually one rower that I hate coz the chain isn’t as smooth but it’s no biggie – it’s just harder!
    Response:  All of the boxing rowers have been refurbed and are running great.  All of the strength rowers are running super smooth right now…
    The only thing what I can think off is in the strength gym there is 20 cells but not enough benches for each cell and the bench press class is always pretty full so people always miss out and with the COVID thing you can’t really share.
    Response:  Yep – covered this one a bit already.  Benches are basically $1500 each – it was never intended we would have one bench per cell – classes are set to 20 max and the idea was always that we would share/work in pairs on bench days…and there are simply more important things to spend money on right now.
    Can’t always get cardio equipment you want
    Response:  So – let me get this straight.  You can always get equipment but not always the ‘bit’ you want?  This is really a first world problem don’t you think?  What would help the situation is if EVERYONE would swap their ‘home’ cardio station each day…it isn’t hard.  If I sound super frustrated with this I absolutely am – most gyms would have a limited amount of equipment and if you miss out you run.  We have made sure this doesn’t happen by providing enough equipment for every single participant (incurring significant cost post- COVID to do so)…if you want a specific piece of cardio – it is within your control.  Attend one of the quieter classes (you can see on the booking system which sessions those are) and arrive EARLY in order to secure what you want.
    Meantime, we will continue to challenge people to change their cardio each session AND use different stations within each session.
    Gym equipment great, Bathroom facilities not so much. Wouldn’t use shower prior to work
    Response:  Well, the girls bathrooms have just had a bit of an upgrade to add some shower cubicles – but the showers themselves are great and the water is always hot.  You would really need to be more specific on what the problem is.  As an aside, the upgrade to the girls showers happened as a result of this survey – if there is a problem team, you need to actually tell me.
    A few extra 10kg dumbells in the boxing gym. Lots of 7kg and 12.5 but the 10kgs would be great too. 8/10 otherwise
    Response:  What if everyone just got a bit stronger and used the 12.5’s?  Wouldn’t that be a better solution?  Of course I’m being facetious but goodness…
    With the gym expansion and changes that happened pre-COVID all the “good” equipment (Olympic bars, racks, rollers, rubber bands and much much more) went to the new area. That is a  big let-down for myself.
    Response:  WOW.  I’ll take this one at a time.
    1/.  Bands.  We don’t provide bands anymore.  Full-stop.  Everyone in the strength gym (and we still program banded work) buys their own.  $15 at reception.  You can do this too!
      Sorry but the bands get sweaty and gross so no sharing any more.
    2/.  Rollers.  Sure – so wander next door and grab one.  People do it all of the time.  Basically, we had to stick the roller rack somewhere – it ended up in the strength gym.  All of the hex dumbbells are in the boxing gym (as are the SPARCs, treadmills, cross-trainer etc).  I think you are reading too much into where a rack is located.
    3/.  Racks and Bars.  OK – fair.  But we did invest $250k on creating a dedicated S&C gym and I think it is fair enough that we charge the people interested in that equipment/style of training a small premium ($1.20 per day!) to use it.  On top of that, all of the ‘old’ bars have basically been thrown out – I get you are saying all of the ‘GOOD’ equipment but I think you are recalling what you had through rose-coloured glasses.  We have moved all of the strength training equipment to the STRENGTH gym – surely that makes sense?
    4/.  Much, much more was moved?  The only other thing that moved was the leg press.  It is a Hammer Strength piece.  We set up a full Hammer Strength training zone…that makes sense doesn’t it??
    I do battle with this idea that we have tried to ‘shaft’ people by taking over the gym next door and providing a dedicated strength training environment.  We have really made a huge attempt to make the gym better and provide a great solution for everyone who wants/needs traditional S&C equipment in their life.  
    Lots of equipment and availability to do own things as well
    Response:  Awesome.
    Could do with maybe some barbells of various weights to have more options available
    Response:  In boxing there are 8x 10kg, 8x 15kg, 8x 20kg, 4x 25kg and 4x 30kg bars – and all of the programming for both Boxing and Body Work classes is done with this understanding.  Do we need some *more* bars?  Yeah – I’ve kind of covered that earlier in this one and in the other 3x survey response blogs.  You can check them out here:

    August 21 Survey: What do you think of Functional Fitness?

    August 21 Survey: What has been your Best/Worst Experience?

    It’s great for me and what I do there  Strength gym looks great and I will get in there eventually !
    Response:  Awesome.
    Great job refurbishing/redesigning the gym during the pandemic. I also like the paint job and that shade sail you installed last year. Really nice. Since we are required to wipe down equipment after the sessions the gym smells much nicer and the equipment is not so sticky anymore. What I particularly like is that there is never/extremely rarely any broken equipment around. Everything gets fixed pronto! Awesome.
    Response:  Thanks.  I do try to make repairs as quickly as possible – doesn’t always work out the way I want though.  We were a bike down this week after a crank bolt snapped…luckily for us Concept2 were able to ship us a new crank overnight.  It isn’t always that easy to get parts and make repairs though.
    Cleanliness, in particular floors in cells.  Some bikes need attention.
    Response: We are continually vacuuming the floor – that is all I can tell you.  If you want us to do that in the approximately 2-mins between classes, well, that’s asking a bit much but between session blocks?  It’s getting vacuumed and cleaned.

    Sorry, but what does “some bikes need attention” mean?  Really battling with this one.  

    I feel like I could talk about the cleaning stuff until the cows come home and never make a lot of people happy.  

    Amazing equipment shame covid keeps messing with the class lay out and design but hard work has gone into the planning to keep us going in these new times
    Response:  Thanks.
    A few more treadmills would be super handy!
    Response:  Ummm – would they though?  We once had six…no-one used them.  We now have two…that number seems pretty right.  Only rarely is one being used…even more rarely both are being used – they cost $15k each…
    Ladies toilet on strength side, maybe a change table? Mirror?
    Response:  Umm.  Yeah, not sure we need a change table or a mirror.   There are mirrors in the bathrooms where the showers are and that would make sense to me…not sure anyone needs to check their hair after going to the loo!  It isn’t a fashion show!  I’ll think about a mirror but this is a super low priority item to me.  Plus – both the bathrooms on the strength side are unisex so there ISN’T a ladies bathroom…
    Not happy that most of the weights equipment that was in the boxing room have moved to the strength
    Response:  As I have already said, we spend $250k setting up a state of the art strength room and are charging a premium of $1.20 per day to use it…that’s pretty good value.  To say we have ‘moved the weights’ is seriously simplifying what has been done…the weights that were in the boxing gym would be less than 5% of the equipment in the Functional gym…
    The grass is starting to get a bit worn in some cells which would be nice to replace with rubber mat. Id like more bikes and chance to get on a bik. If you arent a beginner or first to class, you miss out and there isnt enough ppl rotating off bikes to share with others.
    Response:  100% on the grass.  There are 15x bikes in the boxing gym – pre-COVID there were 10.  What would you like me to do?  I continuously tell people to change their home cardio station but most people treat this as ‘information’ rather than instruction.  That said, if, as you say, the same people get on the bikes all the time, what’s stopping you from doing the same if it is that important to you…
    9/10 –  would love an AirRunner in the gym for sprint work!
    Response:  That’s what the driveway out the front is for.
    Always something new every few months or we do different exercises with the same equipment – love the creativity
    Response:  Thanks.
    For boxing, it would be awesome to be able to get a bike when ever you want one.
    Response:  That simply is not realistic.  I think we have done a great job to ensure everyone has a piece of equipment rather than being told “You’re running today” or “You’re Skipping today” but it seems not…Being able to get a bike whenever you want one?  I just don’t see how that could be accommodated unless memberships included a personal bike that you brought with you for every class then took home afterwards…

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