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    August 21 Survey: What do you think of Functional Fitness?

    Responses to Aug 21 Members Survey.

    As always, I have left all of your comments ‘As Is’ – so any typos, spelling misses, grammar issues etc…well, it’s all there.  PLEASE reach out if I have asked you do – sometimes your comments are enough for me to realise there might be ‘something’ wrong…but don’t give quite enough information for me to really ‘fix’ it…

    Anyway – I hope you enjoy the read.

    Very intimidating, maybe I need to get outta my comfort more and just do a damn class I think…

    Response:  Well…it’s different.  I think you would find that the Funky team are pretty welcoming.

    Just not my scene

    Response:  I don’t really know what this means but I bet Dave Faulkner does.

    Not a strength gym member

    Response:  Makes sense.

    I’d love to try these classes but I struggle to fit in enough boxing sessions per week as it is – so I feel like the extra cost isn’t justified. If I managed to get to the gym consistently 4 times a week or more, I’d like to try the funky fit classes at least once a week.

    Response:  Cool.

    That side of the gym scares me 🙂

    Response:  Not sure why…I’m pretty sure the people over there are just the same.

    Prefer the banter with the boxing crew and don’t feel like I’m got enough yet

    Response:  You might be surprised to find that minute for minute, the boxing sessions are tougher than the funky classes.

    Like the boxing sessions, maybe when i’m fitter i’ll try it.

    Response:  This might be a theme…but you don’t need to be ‘fitter’ to do Funky Classes…generally they are at a slower pace with more movement prep and coaching time.

    I don’t do functional as often as I use too. I preferred when trainers wrote no rules, those classes were tough! Yet, understand a program is being followed. Somedays not motivated to do the class

    Response:  I think you might be surprised at the level on input the trainers have these days.  We follow the ‘bones’ of the NC Fit program.

    Can’t afford the strength membership

    Response:  Fair enough.

    Just started so haven’t had a chance to do it yet

    Response:  Thanks.

    Prefer the variety of boxing for fitness; boxing, cardio, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells etc

    Response:  Pretty sure you would find a wider range of exercises in Funky but agree boxing sessions are awesome.

    I think it’s great – Just not my vibe

    Response:  Is this like the ‘Not my scene’ answer?

    I prefer certain classes/times due to the coach taking the class and will change my class if I don’t like the coach raking the class

    Response:  Makes it hard for the coaches to work on improving/develop a relationship if you don’t give them the opportunity.

    Currently blocks are decent have felt an increase of strength from testing and re-testing weeks

    Response:  Awesome.

    EXCEPT!! when classes are completely full and there are certain people who often are booked in and don’t do the class at all – yet still take up a cell!!! Yes Mike it happens.  I’m.not talking about those that substitute certain exercises.  I am referring to those that have no intention of doing the class at all and either a) do their own thing and take up a cell or b) do their own thing in the middle of your cell effecting your ability/interrupting you doing your class.  It’s also not fair to say to people do a different time slot (referring to Saturday ff) because for some this is the only time they can make

    Response:  I kind of get it.  But showing empathy to the person ‘doing their own workout’, perhaps (like you) that was the only time they could get there as well.  I really appreciate your forthright answer and just hope you can understand that the person you are criticising (whoever it is) might be battling with the same time issues that you are.

    I don’t do them because with boxing and other things I do separate to the gym I get enough exercise.

    Response:  Awesome.

    I predominantly do boxing classes but have done a couple of funky fit classes. 1 hour during the week is a bit too long for me and I think there needs to be more support for people who may not be as confident lifting weights.

    Response:  What sort of support are you looking for.  The coaches are pretty onto it when I am around – they want people to be successful…

    More focus on heavy lifting would be great

    Response:  Well, we just had a cycle of 5RM’s…now we are doing 10’s…I think 3’s are coming up – the entire focus is lifting ‘heavy’.  I mean, please explain a little more??

    I love Body Work (workout) style of strength classes but times don’t suit. I haven’t done a Funky Fit class before but not sure if the ‘training’ style is for me. Also additional cost.

    Response:  It is an additional cost for us so I do think it’s kind of fair that it’s an additional cost for the end user.


    Bit repetitive. Need to change it up the classes.

    Response:  Um – we do.  Seriously, the amount of variety in the last month alone has been unbelievable.  I guess I would

    Too scared to try it

    Response:  Same people in Boxing and Funky…there is really nothing to be scared of.

    To nervous to try

    Response:  I get it but I’m pretty sure when you first walked into boxing that was pretty nerve-racking.

    Weights aren’t my thing. Do the odd one when it’s more body orientated.

    Response:  Cool.

    Tried it and didn’t really enjoy it. Felt like I spent too much time standing around. Terrified of hurting myself after an earlier back injury (not from funky).

    Response:  It can feel that way in the strength sets while you are ‘getting up to speed’.

    I’ve always felt intimidated to get out of my comfort zone of boxing for fitness (took me 8 years to even do a body work class – and that only happened by accident!)

    Response:  Nothing wrong with the boxing classes.

    Trying to get my general fitness and strength up first

    Response:  Here’s me being a broken record but honestly, minute for minute the boxing sessions are ‘tougher’ than the funky ones.

    Just not for me at the moment

    Response:  Fair enough…I guess it’s the ‘why’ I was after but fair enough.

    I have in the past and I found them a tad slow, but still enjoyable

    Response:  Some are slower and others are faster…there really is quite a difference between sessions from one day to the next.

    It will be too expensive for me at the moment plus I don’t think I’m fit enough for those classes.

    Response:  The fitness thing again?  Seriously folks, you don’t have to be ‘FITTER’ to do the functional classes.

    Creature of habit. I love boxing for fitness. The times suit me and I wouldn’t know what to do in Functional Fitness

    Response:  I guess I would say that’s what the coaches are for!

    Some classes are great, some get boring, having a good cardio section in each class, partner workouts

    Response:  Now we come down to the personal preference stuff…there is definitely a metcon section every day – whether or not you call it cardio every day I’m not sure.  Partner workouts – love and hate depending on the person…

    Don’t know what they involve. Would love to try.

    Response:  So…give it a try.  Two-week-trial is just $25.

    Um I’m not sure to be honest. I guess I’m just stuck in the routine of boxing classes, I know what to expect from them and with all the changes from covid the boxing classes present a new kind of challenge

    Response:  Cool.  The boxing classes are awesome.

    Just the times does not suit me.

    Response:  Well – we run 6 sessions each day so I’m not sure how to add in more.

    Doing fifo i find it hard to justify having both memberships because i get a great workout done with boxing and body works in the 6 days a fortnight that i am home

    Response:  Fair enough.

    At the moment I average 3 sessions a week, if I could build it up more I might. Being a tad time poor with kids activities atm the 35min sessions suit me. Plus not sure if I could keep up with the FF people!

    Response:  News Flash – the Funky people have more trouble keeping up in boxing than the boxing people have keeping up in Funky!

    I only occasionally do it ,
    Response:  Yeah…but why??Most time any movements over above shoulders don’t work for me ,
    Hence why I only do bench days ,Response:  LOL – pretty sure you don’t squat with the bar above your shoulders!
    Not enough confidence in myself to join a class..

    Response:  You’ll probably hear this a bit from me but confidence is about action.  To become confident, first you have to ‘DO’…until you do, you cannot become confident.

    I already get what I want in a work out from the boxing classes

    Response:  Awesome.

    I have a gym at home for weights etc.

    Response:  If it was about the equipment then…

    I don’t feel I would be at the level to do functional, however  I believe boxing offers more than enough for my fitness goals

    Response:  ‘The LEVEL’?  I don’t really understand that – happy you are getting what you are looking for from Boxing though.

    No real reason as to why.  Happy with Boxing and Body Work Classes. Have considered it just not taken that step.

    Response:  It’s a few steps actually…just past the water cooler!  Glad you are getting what you need from boxing.

    I need to start

    Response:  Fair enough – it sounds like you know what you need to do.

    Use home gym for strength

    Response:  Again…if it was just about the equipment…

    I probably should prioritise a FF class

    Response:  This is what I had to do a few months back.  Just look at how my time was being spent and make a decision to de-prioritise what I ‘WANTED’ to do (box) in favour of what I needed to do (structured S&C program).  I would prefer to do boxing but make myself do Funky as it places me outside of my comfort zone more regularly.

    Sessions seem to drastically change between a lot of cardio, and NO cardio. I feel like sometimes i walk out absolutely buggered and sometimes hardly break a sweat. Not the trainers fault, i think its just the workout that is set for the day.

    Response:  Ummm – yeah.  ‘Cos some days will have more cardio and others less?  That’s OK – not every workout needs to leave you motionless on the floor…but you do occasionally need to ‘empty the tank’…

    Loving the current block, just in general it would be good to do some more focus days on arms, upper back. Also thursdays seems to be really quiet, maybe we can do a special class Thursday mornings, bodywork style etc?

    Response:  LOL about the upper back…my word, did you just live through that class yesterday (Mon Aug 23) with Chainsaw rows, Pendlay rows, weighted pull-ups, Upright rows and DB Pull-overs…The challenge with doing an ‘alternative’ workout on Thursday is that would mean we would need to use Saturday for a structured strength day (we really need 5x days to cover each metacycle)…so – is it Thursday or Saturday?

    Its only a cost thing that’s all, an extra cost I cant justify.

    Response:  Fair enough.  I genuinely think the small uptick in cost is fair.

    More 9/10. I need more feedback from coaches about technique. And I like to know what the goal is that we’re working towards (e.g 10RM)

    Response:  Well – with the goals we’re working towards, I DO (100%) publish the training notes to let everyone know EXACTLY what is going on (the most recent example is here:
    More feedback?  Have you spoken to the coaches and ASKED?  Not meaning to be difficult but most times in group sessions we will be providing feedback by exception…aka if it looks OK, we will leave you alone…

    I like the slower pace of FF.

    Response:  The ‘sometimes’ slower pace of FF…certainly there is a more relaxed feel whilst the warmup and lifting components are underway…the metcon?  Well, not so relaxed.

    I currently feel I’m plateauing.

    Response:  I guess I would ask is this from a conditioning perspective, strength perspective – for one lift, multiple lifts…there’s probably several conversations to spit out of this.  From a Funk perspective, we are mid-cycle right now so let’s hope that’s part of it.   We have just finished a cycle of 5’s and are now mid-way through a cycle of 10’s…As we continue to ramp up the accessory work hopefully we can push past any plateau directly related to the primary lifts.  Once we finish our current 10’s we are moving back into a cycle of 5’s – perhaps then we can re-assess where things are ‘at’.

    Havnt been back long enough to comment

    Response:  Well, let me know when you have been.

    Too scared 🙊🙊

    Response:  Well – I think you would find it isn’t particularly scary.


    I seriously don’t like barbells.

    Response:  I have no idea how to respond to this apart from to say that if you have to lift something, using an implement that allows you to perfectly balance the load is WAY better than one that DOESN’T balance the load.

    Havnt had the guts to go across yet

    Response:  I am seeing this theme coming through…the same people train in both boxing and funky…building confidence comes from action (doing).

    They couple I’ve done have been sort of repetitive but still good

    Response:  Well – I’m not sure what this means.  There is going to be a degree of repetition…it’s the nature of the training.  As we go through a cycle we will do repeat efforts of a set of 4-5 ‘core’ lifts over a 7-12 week period in an effort to become stronger/move better.  It’s kind of what HAS to happen!

    I am Not very flexible with timing

    Response:  OOOOOO-K.  I mean – there are a lot of classes on (morning, mid-morning, lunch-time, afternoon) but we all have restrictions in when we can train.

    Just done 1, so far. But loved it.

    Response:  Awesome.

    Happy with the boxing

    Response:  I love the boxing classes.

    Only recently upgraded to include Strength. I wish I did it earlier.

    Response:  Glad it’s working out – the sessions are amazing.

    Haven’t paid for that option

    Response:  Fair enough.

    Because I love boxing so much

    Response:  Awesome.

    30mins Max for me!!

    Response:  It’s interesting isn’t it.  There have been numerous calls in the survey (refer to the other responses here (. ) and here (. ) wanting the classes longer…but some people want them to remain at 30-mins.  I have been kind of looking at it this way.  In the morning providing a series of potential start times should enable people to align their session to their work/home timetable – AND if we keep the breaks between classes ‘short’ (usually less than 3-minutes) those people who WANT/NEED more, can easily stay and do a ‘double’ (or transition to Functional which are around the 50-55min mark).  Later in the day when things are usually a little more relaxed, we can EXPAND on the base class of the day by 5-7 mins or so and give everyone just that little bit more…


    I guess I hope that some of the survey responses showing the variability in peoples ‘wants’ will help everyone understand that whilst we might not have done things perfectly for ‘them’ we have been trying hard to find a solution that fits as many people as possible.


    Boxing is enough for us

    Response:  Cool.

    Enjoy the boxing classes so much and attend 5 mornings a week before work

    Response:  Great work.

    I do love group and partner challenges too now and then

    Response:  Is this about Funky?  Yeah – we do some every once in a while!

    I’ve just never tried it

    Response:  Sounds like you know where it is though?  A funky trial is $25 for 2-weeks if you already have a boxing membership.

    I know we had issues with the programming but even using the older structure is a lot better to train under. Lately the sessions have felt illogical or not really well thought out
    I would love to see the variation come back; gymnastic moves, glute thrusters, more of the name metcons… I love when our trainers do the plan

    Response:  Um – yeah.  I’m really not sure what you mean by illogical but there is a heap of time being put into making sure the sessions are right.  Hip Thrusts were in the week before last though I accept we haven’t been doing as many of these as we once did.  Gymnastics?  Love to do them more – but whenever we program them corresponds to the quietest days EVER in the Funky gym as there is a mass migration to boxing…You love it when our trainers ‘do’ the plan?  That’s basically happening EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Would do….But its my current financial status. Otherwise would love give it a crack.

    Response:  Fair enough.


    Glasses are great – It would be good if a ‘beginners’ session was run once a week or so to assist people who don’t have much experience with strength training – just to build confidence!

    Response:  As I have already said, if we scheduled such a session for say, 7pm on a Tuesday night, would YOU come?  I like the principle of this but trying to find times when people are willing and ABLE to attend is really tough.

    Every time i have done them (twice) i loved it, different and challenging and the trainers where super patient and helpful that is also including all the other people in the class too.

    Response:  I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Haven’t got around to trying it yet and I’m also in a routine with what I do at the moment

    Response:  If your routine is working for you then you should 100% stick too it!


    Response:  OK – I’m getting this as well but what part of it.  You know the trainers and half of the attendees…in terms of it being a supportive environment it should tick a few boxes for you.

    I am trying to get there, but seems to be that myself and other ppl who I spoke about struggle with Functional Fitness class times.

    Response:  OK – so we run them at 5am, 6am, 9am, 1pm, 5pm and 6pm…when else could we possibly run them?

    The classes are well structured, just not always muscle groups or exercises i want to do due to injury etc. Preferred when weekend Funky classes are a fun mix rather than a specific exercise

    Response:  The weekend Functional classes tend to be ‘different’ but there are going to be times when we still have some ‘real work’ to do.  We have been trying to make Saturday’s into more of a ‘long duration’ metcon enabling people to work at their own pace but it isn’t going to work out that way every week…

    Don’t do funky only because I do my own weights

    Response:  If only it was about the equipment!

    I attend Boxing classes 4 times a week so I gym enough.

    Response:  If it’s working for you then stick too it!

    Haven’t given it a go yet

    Response:  OK – I guess the question is how come?

    Hoping to get my fitness back uo so I can start doing 1 funky fit class a week

    Response:  I have noted this already but Funky is not about being ‘FIT’ – in many ways boxing is a ‘tougher’ challenge than Functional due to the conditioning/cardio focus (from the 1st minute of the session until the last).


    No particular reason but want to start!

    Response:  Awesome.

    Maybe give it a try later but timing of class at 5pm does not suit at the moment

    Response:  Fair enough – rather than telling me what doesn’t work can you tell me what WOULD work?  There are 6x sessions per day right now.

    Haven’t got the confidence to step into the Big guns side as yet! I’m intimidated easily

    Response:  The ‘big guns’?  LOL.  I’m not sure your eyes are working when you look through that doorway.

    I have funky fit pass but havent done it in a while.

    Response:  ???  How come?

    Typically either go an early class in arvo on my own (345pm) to get it done and out the way, or do 515pm class with partner (who doesnt have funky pass, so if they did have it then it would probably make me use that more)

    Response:  I understand you want to train with your partner – shame we can’t get you in there a couple of days each week even if just to add a little more variety to your training week.

    Prefer the cardio & can go upstairs to lift heavier weights if time permits

    Response:  Fair enough.

    Can’t do it all 🙂

    Response:  Isn’t that the truth.

    I’ll join it if I get more time and money

    Response:  Somehow both of those things tend to become LESS available rather than more plentiful!

    The functional classes can be very hit and miss and hard to work around injuries. The blocks or themes are not easy to understand sometimes either and it’s hard to jump in casually.

    Response:  When you say that the blocks or themes are hard to understand can you expand a little more.  For example my summation of the current block ( – what extra information do you need to assist with this.  Basically I can provide more or less info as needed – I just want to get the idea of what you are looking for. 

     As for it being hard to ‘jump in casually’, yeah, well – I don’t disagree with this.  But at the same time if you are trying to run it as a structured program, that’s always going to be an issue – we are supposed to be progressing from day-to-day/week-to-week and whilst one-off sessions can be fun/fine, it will also feel confusing as your weights etc will be getting set based on previous workouts that you weren’t around for…I get that part but am not really sure what we are supposed to do to fix? 

     Working around injuries is always going too be possible – at the same time, that’s why we publish the workouts in advance so (for example) you can avoid overhead shoulder work (or discuss an alternative with the coaches) well in advance of getting to the gym to train.

    I enjoy the  boxing classes too much. But eventually I will try the FF classes 🙂 The FF are a bit intimidating.

    Response:  There’s that word again.  I’m sure you know the coach taking the session from boxing – reach out to them and arrange to do your first session at a class they are taking.

    I would like to soon

    Response:  I hope you have fun.

    Working myself up to it, not sure I’m fit/strong enough.

    Response:  If you are ‘fit enough’ to get through boxing you will get through Funky.  Remember with the strength progressions just to take your time.  If you start at the bottom (20kgs) and increase by 2.5kg per week, in 12-months time you will be up to 150kg…it’s consistency that brings results – not trying to ‘fit in’ on day one.

    Tried CrossFit and I wasn’t up to scratch so wanted something a bit more manageable to build up

    Response:  Um – it isn’t CrossFit but I think I understand what you are saying.

    I don’t do many but find boxing suits me better

    Response:  I know boxing suits my brain better – get started, work hard, done.  Funky is a bit different in that you are playing a longer game with regards strength development.  I’ve made doing some funky classes a real focus in 2021 (after barely doing it at all during 2020) and am only now (9 months later) starting to find a rhythm.

    a little intimidated with some of the barbell moments, and previous injuries are a limitation

    Response:  Maybe some chatting with one of the coaches would be a good plan.  There is certainly no reason you should be intimidated and we need to be making it ‘easy’ for you to do a few sessions.

    I enjoy the short / sharp 32 min boxing sessions but funky seems a little dragged out at times (can run for the full hour which makes it a little harder to commit to compared to boxing for me).

    Response:  Yep – I get the time thing.  If you break it down like this:  Warmup (10mins), Accessory (10mins), Strength (15mins), Metcon (15mins) you can see how quickly it can hit the 1-hour mark. 

    Maybe offer a trial of them with boxing membership for existing members

    I’d probably try it then

    Response:  We’ve done this in the past and it was relatively successful.  The challenge I have with this now is that it could mean (due to the booking system and the challenges thereof) that some paying members would miss out on sessions at the expense of non-paying ones…as you can imagine, I’m not super comfortable with that idea.  There is a paid trial for members ($25 upgrade for 2-weeks) which to me is a pretty fair ‘try before you buy’ style offer.  Doing a trial ‘class’?  There isn’t much point in this to be honest – you really need to have a go at 5-6 sessions minimum to get the idea of what goes on.

    Need to return to the gym and do strength workouts again

    Response:  Well – being back in the gym would be a good first step!

    I feel I am not currently out for these heavy workouts

    Response:  I’m not sure what ‘heavy workouts’ means but at the same time you should do the stuff that makes you happy.


    Good variety of strength movements

    Response:  Excellent!

    I reckon replace the French contrast we did last swing with technique training to fill up the time?
    Did’nt want to tire myself out for the main wod

    Response:  This is too funny.  I would happily do the French Contrast (or Compound-Contrast or whatever it is we are adding as accessory work) and miss the WOD!  I know what you are saying about technique training however whenever we slow things down to try and teach all the feedback is ‘can we get on with it’…It’s a real challenge this one…

    Totally happy with boxing and fitness only. It gives me everything I need.

    Response:  Awesome.

    I’m not fit enough yet

    Response:  BLAH

    Health condition

    Response:  Obviously I don’t know what the condition is – but by the nature of your overall feedback it seems you are very unhappy with your time at the gym.  If you would like to reach out or vent more directly (name and address not included) then email to


    Because the membership cost extra and I can get what I need from boxing.

    Response:  Fair enough.  I think it is fair that we charge an additional fee for additional services though and I hope you agree.


    Response:  Umm – is this the same as intimidating?  I think I’ve covered this one but ultimately I can’t get into peoples heads and make them feel ‘better’ about trying new things.

    Since my shoulder I haven’t been back to funky feel.  Like I wouldn’t get enough out of it if I can’t increase my load enough to get a good workout

    Response:  Fair enough.  Certainly doing a double boxing with the cardio demands will do a better job of keeping your heart rate up for an hour than using light-ish weights in Funky will.

    Still building up the courage to do a class!

    Response:  I’m sure it would be fine.

    Little bit daunted about where to start, but still interested

    Response:  As with everything…start at the start.  One class is the first step.

    I like the 30 minute format of the boxing classes, both as a time format and because there are so many classes available

    Response:  Awesome.

    Just like the boxing side of the gym (at my age)

    Response:  LOL – you are doing amazing mate and I doubt most people would be able to guess your age within 10-years!

    Need to pay extra. Am happy with boxing

    Response:  Glad you’re enjoying the boxing sessions.  Again, I think it is fair that access to additional services has additional costs.

    Stuck in the routine of boxing!

    Response:  Yeah – but as long as it is a routine that is working…

    Nervous to do these classes

    Response:  Yeah – I think I’ve covered this already.

    Too scared/ not fit enough

    Response:  It 100% is not about being ‘fit enough’.  If you can get through boxing then you can get through Functional.

    I feel I get what I want from the boxing classes.

    Response:  I’m glad you are enjoying them.

    Like boxing alot, hard to justify the extra cost at the moment

    Response:  Glad you are enjoying boxing.

    More variety on functional movements – rarely is there complex weightlifting movements (snatch/jerks etc).  A greater variety of movements in general (thrusters, pull ups, etc)

    Response:  Umm – really?  We’re in the middle of a power snatch progression and will be rolling this into the next block with a Power Snatch triple.  We have been integrating jerks (admittedly push rather than split) each week in the current program. 


    There are pull-ups every single week in the Funk classes (and most weeks we will do upper body pulls on 3x days).  I admit we try to keep this to 8-10 minutes of dedicated pull-up work however as when we were running this as a ‘full’ strength block attendance on those days was dropping by 50%…basically we are trying to give the people what they want.

    Happy with the boxing atm, might try in the future

    Response:  Aweseome.

    I feel like that half of the gym is kin of for the elitists and I’m not at that level.

    Response:    I hope we are creating an inclusive environment and not an elitist one…

    The functional fit classes look hard.  I still feel like I need to build my fitness up to try out the classes.

    Response:  Again – pretty sure from a ‘FITNESS’ perspective (which for most people means ‘cardio’) that if you can get through boxing you can 100% get through Funky.

    Happy with the diversity in the boxing classes and find them challenging enough

    Response:  Awesome.

    Extra $$

    Response:  Yeah – and as I have said a few times I think it’s fair enough that additional services would cost additional $$.

    Can only do 3 days a week and really enjoying fast pace and variety of the boxing

    Response:  Me too.

    I haven’t done one yet. Loving the Boxing side and as I haven’t been to a gym in 7 years I kind of feel I need to build up a good fitness base first. It looks awesome though. If it’s as great as the boxing side then it’ll be 10/10.

    Response:  I like hearing you have a confident outlook before even jumping in…

    Haven’t tried it

    Response:  OK – I guess the question is why not.  Again, I’m happy with people being happy with the boxing sessions (I mean, they are the ‘heart’ of the gym) but am always interested in why people haven’t ‘had a go’.

    I haven’t got myself into a good trading routine yet!

    Response:  Routine is the secret to success…when motivation wanes, strong habits take over.

    i dont feel my fitness is ready to tackle anything but boxing. I’m nervous i would embarrass myself doing something other than boxing. I like that i can just turn up to boxing, keep to myself and just get it done.

    Response:  Pretty hard to embarrass yourself…no-one else is really too fussed about what other people are doing (aka everyone is on their own little journey). 

    Still learning it all

    Response:  Well, apparently it’s important to learn every day.

    Don’t know half the moves

    Response:  I’m not sure if you’re saying you haven’t done it because you don’t know half the moves or you have done it and don’t know half the moves.  Either way, that’s what the coaches are for and learning new stuff is fun.

    same comment as Q4

    Response:  Well….

    I really enjoy this training. The banter amongst the crew is always fun, too.

    Response:  The fun and banter is what makes every session be it boxing or funky.

    7/10 – I find myself picking and choosing which sessions I attend as the programming can be a bit hit-and-miss for me

    Response:  I wish I sort of knew what you meant by hit-and-miss.  I mean, for me, not every session is my ‘jam’ but I generally find that once I get going they are pretty OK.

    Loved hammer time – hard to squeeze in I know. Perhaps a hammer time weekly work out in that area on a white board for those to do it in their own time / with their gym  buddies?

    Response:  Well – Hammer Time is back on Saturdays.  I know what you are saying about putting it on a white board, BUT we published 3x Hammer Strength circuits on SugarWOD for a couple of months and no-one EVER EVEN OPENED THEM.  So…it was there and available…the work was done, we promoted it through emails, socials and on the signs in the gym…This stuff is hard sometimes – I mean we do try to support people when they ask for ‘stuff’ (I mean, someone asked for Running Club in this survey – we ran it earlier this year and had just one participant…I mean, who else would run a 6-week program for $0 and keep it going with only one attendee??) 

    I can’t work this into my schedule and love the boxing class

    Response:  Sounds fair enough and boxing is awesome.

    I can only do the lunchtime session so have not had a chance to try FF

    Response:  You know there is FF at lunchtime right?

    Again just focusing on lifting weights atm

    Response:  Pretty sure that’s what Funky Fit is ALL about!

    Haven’t done one yet

    Response:  I guess the ‘why’ is the question I was hoping to have answered.

    Haven’t done one for a while but when I have they were really good. I would suggest maybe a beginners or rookie classes as I did feel like a ‘duck out of water’ a bit.

    Response:  We ran the strength fundamentals course earlier this year which got reasonable support.  Unfortunately only 2x of those participants have moved into the Functional sessions…it really does feel like the motivation to do the sessions comes ‘from within’ rather than from ‘anywhere else’…that said, what would be your thoughts on a session around the 7pm time-frame?

    I follow another strength program, the strength gym is amazing but I don’t like the functional fit classes

    Response:  It’s a shame.  The sessions are a lot closer to your current programming than you might realise (‘cos we write approx. 50% of each one!).

    I love the mix of strength and a bit of cardio.. to do prefer getting to use the cardio equipment inside of 100 burpees lol

    Response:  I think we all prefer that – but that’s why things are always getting changed up.

    Not my thing

    Response:  Fair enough.


    Response:  Unfortunately confidence is an ACTION.  You DO…and therefore you become confident to do it again.

    I feel I get the weights and cardio I need from fitness classes

    Response:  You definitely get all of the cardio you need!

    Because I love the boxing classes

    Response:  Well…that’s cool as well.

    Haven’t try it out yet..

    Response:  Fair enough…but (once it’s the ‘WHY NOT’ that I guess I was chasing!


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