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    August 21 Survey: What has been your Best/Worst Experience?

    Responses to Aug 21 Members Survey.

    As always, I have left all of your comments ‘As Is’ – so any typos, spelling misses, grammar issues etc…well, it’s all there.  PLEASE reach out if I have asked you do – sometimes your comments are enough for me to realise there might be ‘something’ wrong…but don’t give quite enough information for me to really ‘fix’ it…

    Anyway – I hope you enjoy the read.

    Worst – first time at the gym, vomited and had a stink attitude.

    Response:  I’m not sure what a ‘STINK’ attitude is but it doesn’t sound great!

    Best – I think I was the very first person to do the health check, getting great results from that was an awesome way to motivate myself to keep going!

    Response:  I really love the Health Check process and think it gives people the best chance to succeed.  Trying to get more people to ‘start at the start’ (Health Check) rather than jumping straight in is a real challenge for us though.

    I put my stuff in a cell and a person came back from getting wieghts and said that cell is taken there is a towel on the the bike, i apologised and moved on. A little later on her friend rocked up – she had reserved it for her friend.

    Response:  Well – I guess that happens all of the time…lucky there are 47 other items of cardio to choose from.  I know ‘saving cells’ and such drives people crazy, but at the same time there are a lot of people who are primarily at the gym for the socials…

    Best – 28 days. 5kg in 4 weeks.

    Response:  Amazing – great effort by you!


    Worst – the first 25 mins of EVERY class ?

    Response:  I always start thinking that “It’s gonna be OK”…somehow it never is!

    Both categories Burpees and mini sleds hahhahaha

    Response:  Well, I think they fit in the ‘Worst’ category.


    Prices went up and gyms around everywhere else is cheaper

    Response:  This simply isn’t true.  You are looking at $55/week to go to F45 – our prices are less than half that.  I can tell from your collected feedback that you are really unhappy with ‘something’ and wanted to get that point strongly across.  I understand you have made the point that ‘are not a member’ of the gym AND you didn’t include your name but please reach out so we can discuss what exactly it is that you would like to see.


    No great or bad experiences so far..

    Response:  Hmmm – shame nothing great has happened!


    Best – smashing out challenges and getting signed off (during challenges)

    Response: Yep – I love the challenges and the sense of accomplishment they bring.


    Best Meeting people

    Response:  100%


    BEST – seeing my fitness improve rapidly (when I’ve attended frequently enough!) Body scans, holding yourself accountable & seeing results. The family atmosphere. Trainers remembering your name. Good chats with lovely members. The positive, encouraging atmosphere. Keeping regularly updated on COVID developments.

    Response: That all sounds pretty good.

    WORST – there hasn’t really been one.

    Response:  Well, that’s good!


    I am really enjoying the “Boxing for Fitness” classes.

    Response:  Awesome

    Disappointing that your hours are so limited.  I strength train regularly and have a membership at a bother gym.  I generally  train between 1000-1300. If you guys opened during these hours, I would cancel my other membership and train here exclusively.

    Best always feeling welcome
    Response: Umm – the hours aren’t really limited.   Reality is we are a classes based gym.  I mean, we have 00’s of 000’s of $ worth of Hammer Strength gear that no-one uses…we got it all thinking we would have some crossover from classes to independent strength training just because of the quality of the solution, but…nope.  As I noted in the previous response, it is around $25k per year to staff those extra hours in the middle of the day…if we had clients, it would make sense – but since 2010 if classes aren’t running, no-one comes in.  I understand the ‘if you build it, they will come’ mode of operation but it has simply not applied to us.Worst wanting to use the weights and feeling “on show” Infront of everyoneResponse:  So…I don’t really know what weights you mean or really what you mean by being ‘on show’ – it’s a gym so people will be doing weights…I mean, we have an entire strength gym so…  Please reach out (no name included) so I can talk to you about what you mean –

    Funky fitness strongman workouts have definitely been the most fun workouts at the gym. No real bad experiences, other than when I’ve left a class feeling a little bit woozy.

    Response:  Awesome – we spend a bit of time working those sessions out.  Leaving woozy?  Hopefully not driving woozy – always chill out for a bit, water etc – before turning that key (sorry – I’m old – pressing that button).


    No worst experiences. I love coming to the gym. It’s a social outlet and I like the people I train with. That’s the reason I come at 4.50am

    Response:  My worst experiences for the 4:50am sessions mostly involve an alarm clock…once I arrive though, happy days!


    Never had a worst experience at Round one. Can’t fault it. When you have trainers that push you to your limits and encourage you from start to finish that motivates you to come back everyday and do more. The atmosphere is electric and the members at Round One are supportive and inspiring. Round one is a gym that inspires you to want more and be better!

    Response:  Thanks so much.


    Worst : Passing out cold on my first session. Best : making new friends and seeing my slight improvement in fitness

    Response:  Slight increase?  Please!  Luckily for me I know who this is and can safely say you kill every workout these days…


    I love Round One! Mike you done an amazing job! So grateful to be apart it! You should be so proud! It’s a great space. I’ve been coming for years now and it’s the best! Thanks so much Mike for putting in the effort you do. And to the trainers who are there every day pushing us!

    Response:  That actually makes me want to train!

    Special mention to Ella at the front! She is so welcoming and kind, I love walking in and being greeted by her 🙂

    Response:  Ella is a legend.


    Love the different sessions, friendly atmosphere and the way its set up. Love it even more since covid.

    Response:  Thanks.


    When i first started and i was super unfit.. It was difficult for the first 6mths or so

    Response:  Getting started is tough and the sessions are pretty challenging…getting through from 2-weeks to (usually) about 3-months is a battle…


    Coaches and community are like no other, some wonderful people attend round one, life long friends are made.

    Response:  That’s awesome.

    Boxing cell setup is harder to motivate to attend, might be personal thing but loss of community vibe a little. Like group challenges to bring people together, partner classes, bike challenges etc.

    Response:  Probably somewhat true.  We have been trying to do some things like bike and rower challenges, partner sessions etc – the problem of course is all these things fall into the ‘some love it, others hate it’.  No doubt the feeling of going through a session with ‘your group’ has been a little bit lost…”Us guys down on the shields are killing it-those guys back on the bikes – they’re not even trying” or whatever banter used to go on…it’s pretty hard to replicate that.  HOWEVER – we have created what I think is a really SAFE training environment and one where we can all be confident we can train.

    I know it comes up but the cleanliness is always a picking point. When you are doing situps and checking out the cobwebs it always fun. Or lie down and get covered in dust. Know it’s hard to clean a big space, could do a bbq day, where everyone helps out and cleanses the place start to finish.

    Response:  I kind of don’t understand why anyone would care about the cobwebs 7m above your head…believe it or not, the gym get’s vacuumed and cleaned every day…I suspect you don’t believe me but it’s true.  As for a clean up day, we had one of those as the last lockdown ended and well, the staff showed up!


    I love the community feel in the gym, I’ve been a part of lots of great classes & made heaps of friends. Love the train the trainer days!

    Response:  Awesome.

    Also had a couple of shocker classes when coaches went “off the grid” & did their own programming which ended up being awful- not well thought out & lazy

    Response:  I want to encourage the guys to add their own touch to the sessions – I really hope you will reach out if something like this happens again…adding a bit of spice and going ‘off-grid’ are not the same.


    Seems great so far

    Response:  Awesome.


    The best experience was the old layout! Some of the trainers are amazing as well 🙂

    Response:  I am not (100% NOT) trying to be critical with my answer but I have to admit to being a little frustrated – we have done everything we can to restructure the gym in a way we can all train safely…we lost 10+ years of IP and experience in running sessions when that happened…I know it has been a difficult transition – it 100% has been for us – and we are doing everything we can to try and recapture the spirit of the old gym within the restructured environment.  Has everything we have tried worked?  Probably not.  Are we getting better?  Well…I think so!


    Love boxing classes with Mike, flexibility to train with kids, challenge was great, options to train around injuries and adapt as necessary.

    Response:  That all sounds pretty good.


    Best experience is the trainers helping me with technique

    Response: I like hearing that.


    No worst really. Best is just the overall experience – kinda feels like visiting and old friend

    Response:  Who are you calling old?


    Not having a bench on bench press day in funky fit classes

    Response:  So – I feel like I’ve responded to this already?  I tried to answer it here:

    Round One has changed my life!!! I have never been so fit and active in my entire life as I am today.

    Response:  This is so nice to hear.

    I have also made lots of amazing friends from the Round One community.

    Response:  Awesome.  I’m not sure why such a great crew choose to train with us…I wish I could take the credit, I really, really do!

    There has been no bad experiences.

    Best – being in a fitness community where the coaches are able to coach and have fun with the members.

    Response:  That’s great to hear.

    Worst –

    Bad coaching sometimes you need to read the member instead of just constantly pushing them to almost breaking point.

    Response:  It’s an interesting one.  I’m pretty sure the coaches don’t want to push anyone to breaking point – certainly I don’t (unless I know that’s what they want – but that comes down to relationship right).  The challenge comes along when someone is pretty ‘stoic’ on the outside and keeps pushing ahead…how exactly does the coach know?  Again, relationship I guess – or communication?  It’s not always as easy as it sounds/seems.  We have discussed this feedback as a group and I can guarantee none of the team want to go over the top…it is about pushing people to their limit on THAT DAY…not pushing them into a grave.  The trouble comes when – post session – you have an annoyed client who doesn’t want to ‘talk about it’ and a coach who is most likely blissfully unaware there is an issue…finding a way to come together and chat about it – that’s the key.  Use me as an intermediatory, whatever – but if we don’t talk this through it ends up increasing the likelihood of it all happening again…


    small things, like going from being only able to deadlift 60kg to being able to lift 120kg

    or that time i was able to do a shin hop, or the first time I was able to do a ninja roll, or string 15 double unders together….

    Response:  That’s a 100% increase….that’s not a small thing.  And those are all pretty cool exercises – certainly stuff to be proud of!

    Have made heaps of good friends through R1, and now associate with them away from the gym too.

    Response:  So good!


    Best experience is I’ve  lost 13kg in 7 months and been more physical active and more strong compared before,and good eating habits  as well.

    Response:  Congratulations!


    Pre covid was doing really well in own strength capabilities,  now just working on getting back to where I was (this is not a reflection on r1)

    Response:  Well, working back sounds like a pathway to me.  Stay on it and reach out if you need help!


    As noted prior I really enjoyed the Spartan 300 challenge as a highlight.  Terrible but excellent at the same time.

    Response:  Pretty sure there is an event up on the members page right now (hint, there is – True Grit) – jump on board!

    Don’t really have a worst moment, I suppose everything getting turned on its head because of Covid wasn’t great but the way R1 responded was excellent.

    Best- the team, coaches, members and the environment. Great place to train and two days are never the same.

    Response:  Appreciate that.

    As mentioned before I miss the old layout. It would be good to have the option to move around different pieces of cardio equipment. It’s sometimes hard finding a bike at 6am unless you get there 20 minutes early!!

    Response:  Obviously something we are working towards as we manage the COVID requirements.  Of course choice of cardio will be more limited at the busy sessions – not sure what I can tell you about that.  I’m looking forward to the ping-pong ball system where people go to a station based on the number on the ball they draw…


    All been generally good, can;t say I have had a bad experience yet! Found functional to be very beneficial and improving in bounds

    Response:  Awesome.

    Forgetting my towel! Groan… on me.Response:  Well, there’s a reason you can buy one in reception for $5.  You too could soon have a collection that would rival mine and that other supporter of the small, black towel industry – Kelvin!

    Weight/fat loss

    Response:  That’s great you are getting some results.

    Not being able to get there during covid (Worst) and knowing that whatever mood I’m in, whatever time it is, there’s always a friendly face,trainer or fellow trainee there (best)
    Having such a great community/family feel amongst staff and other members.

    Response:  All sounds pretty good to me.  Except COVID.  That things annoying!

    Seeing the dedication to always looking at ways of improving/adapting (COVID).

    Response:  Thanks!


    Sled is sometimes a little too heavy to push.

    Response:  Well..we try to have days when it is heavier and others when it is lighter (to get a different response!).


    I like coming, but have felt uninspired of late. Bit of encouragement from coaches, but of fun in classes wouldn’t go astray.

    Response:  Appreciate the feedback – we certainly WANT the sessions to be fun.


    The trainers are all friendly and welcoming. After having 5 years off I still love it there as everyone is so friendly.

    Response:  Thanks!


    Distracted coaches during classes would be up there in terms of negatives. Being greeted by staff has always been a huge positive of the gym – it really can make a difference to arrive and feel like you’re personally welcomed to the team for the day.

    Response:  Yeah – well, the coaches shouldn’t be distracted…would really love to hear more about that.


    I don’t love the partner classes

    Response:  As you will see from the feedback, some people love them, others hate them – I try to run 3 every 8 weeks – or a little more than 1 every 20 days…I think the balance is about right.


    Worst – Alex’s body work class – brutal!!

    Response:  I’m actually going to set Alex a challenge to DO a Body Work class one day!

    Friday Lunchtime bodywork class –

    I continue to drag my butt among because of the friends I’ve made. It’s often the only opportunity to catch up with them.
    Best: learn the movements, improve, increase loads, reduce fat and gain mass
    The long term trainers who genuinely take an interest in you. And the variety of stuff in the classes – always room to improve!
    Best- having a coach give tips while doing exercises to keep form right.
    Response:  Well – that’s what’s supposed to happen!Worst- gym closing for covid
    Best thing is the way I feel! I feel healthier and stronger , I have more energy, and I feel more happy with the body I have and what it can do. Coming  from a standard 24 hour gym chain … I can’t believe I actually train more now as the number of classes available each day. I love that there is no mirrors , no intimidating muscle men or fancy show off matching gym outfits. Just friendly people who are all there to improve themselves . I like the friendships I have built and the way everyone pushes each other and celebrates your wins and improvements .

    Response:  Awesome.

    Everyone is really friendly
    Love the variety at the gym and being able to do boxing or weights.

    Response:  I think the addition of the strength gym and creation of some different training streams has really made the gym more inclusive.


    Huh. Ummm, best is when there is a enough variety and challenge and time ‘flies’ and I have that beautiful feel of exhaustion of a good workout. Bad… nope

    Response:  Awesome.


    No bad experiences. Everything about Round one is fantastic!! I did love the in house competition that was run in 2016!

    Response:  Yeah – the contest was a bit of fun…we’re actually pretty well set up to do something like that these days.  I will never forget the Assault bike falling apart during one contestants sprint effort (Marvin) and without missing a beat he jumped on the bike next door and kept pedalling.


    The feeling of community and support within the gym – best.

    Response:  That’s awesome!  I don’t know how the community has grown the way it has…certainly wasn’t me doing it.

    Needing a pool during sessions (I don’t know) – worst.

    Best – finishing ?

    Response:  Finishing is ALWAYS the best.


    Having a place where I can punch the bag 🙂

    Great community
    Quick classes that are challenging is excellent. Great starting times rather then waiting until 5pm when its hard to get to the gym.
    Response:  Yeah – those 4pm’ish start times have been great for a lot of people.  We try to offer classes at times that suit people (hence 5am starts, 7:45pm starts) rather than the other way around – I guess that’s why it’s tough sometimes to respond to people saying we aren’t open long enough/don’t run enough sessions.  Things like the 7:45pm class?  We basically lose money running that session (low attendance, need minimum 2x staff on-site for security) yet we keep it running because we understand it is the only time some people can make it.


    They are all good experiences. I enjoy the classes. The people.

    Response:  Awesome.

    Getting stronger

    Response:  Getting stronger is never a negative!


    It’s the only consistent gym membership I’ve had (9 years now!) and I got into the best shape of my life thanks to Round 1. The emphasis on classes is really beneficial to me as the secret competition keeps me motivated ?

    Response:  The ‘secret competition’ – I love it.  I remember doing one of those ‘escalating body weight exercise bloodbaths’ a few years ago.  Jenna said to me afterwards “We were racing…I know you didn’t know it but we were!”.

    Best – I really enjoy the extra and random workout/punishment the trainers dish out during the session. I hate doing it but always feels good after.

    Worst – Not major concern but parking can be painful at times.

    Response:  Probably not much we can do about parking.  As with everything, there needs to be balance with the extras…some people want ‘em, others don’t.  Getting the level right so everyone participates and they are PART of the class rather than the ENTIRE class is the goal I guess.



    Public holiday sessions, in the old days, not the cell training, again understand why that has come about, but it really is not the same
    Love the classes when the coaches are engaged and having fun.

    Response:  Man-o-Man did I used to dread those public holidays.  Violating every building access law under the sun when 70 people would show up for one class…then we would have zero people for the next couple of classes – just as well as the first class people wouldn’t leave so you couldn’t tell them what they were doing anyway.  Somehow I suspect we had very different experiences on those public holidays…mine was more akin to herding cats than anything else!

    Haven’t really experienced a worst!

    I think its been great that the coaches learn your name. Makes it that more personable
    Worst – sometimes it quite hard to hear the instructor in the class when your on the back wall with the music going and people doing there thing in the row in front.

    Response:  We have got to do a better job of walking down the ‘back’ grass to communicate.


    Best – I like the quick classes

    Worst – Would be nice to have air con but realise my not be possible

    Response:  Umm -yeah.  We wont be getting air con.

    Worst experience – a session led by Michael while suffering a hangover (didn’t let him know, not completely stupid) and I would say my best experience is when I didn’t feel like going but I did & felt great afterwards. Have also just introduced a friend to it so that’s fun.
    can’t say I’ve had a worst experience, i really like the classes. The Best experience was boxing with Paul, need to figure out what to do now he’s gone.

    Response:  Umm…yeah.  Well my only comment there is Paul hasn’t been doing pads for > 12 months due to injury (prior to leaving) so…yeah.


    Improving strength and fitness

    Response:  Great news.

    The best experience,
    Thinking when we had a small gym comp
    You could probably get 2 these in a year ,
    This Really good for bonding people together,
    Creating more invitations for members,
    So that it challenges you to head to a target,
    Let’s say mini grand finals ,
    Also beach training was goodResponse:  The problem with the competitions (and the beach training) is they are EXCLUSIVE rather than INCLUSIVE.  Not everyone wants to compete – In fact, most people don’t.  Not everyone wants a beach session – in fact, most people would prefer to come to the gym.  So when we run a competition/beach session, it kind of ‘locks out’ a lot of our people.  I’m sure you’re correct though and we need to find some balance here but the reason we don’t do much of this stuff is that it excludes a large % of our regulars. 
    Group challenges within the old bodywork format were great.

    Response:  Group challenges and Body Work?  Umm – having written every body work class since we have opened, this really isn’t something we have done much (if anything) of…we certainly used to do a bit of group stuff in No Rules and in Boxing though…we are including it in Boxing again and have been doing it in Funky as well (I mean, we did it last Friday!).

    Best, getting into shape and getting fit.

    Response:  So Good!

    worst, coaches knowing my name haha

    Best- the friends I have met over the many many years of being there

    Response:  Yeah, well…when the coaches know who you are, fair chance any poor performance will be called out.  100% on the friends.

    Worst- the fact I still can’t do a pull up!

    Best experience was being able to still participate and workout safely whilst pregnant – I found the gym and staff so accomodating, thank you! Worst experience- having to wait through a slow recovery to be able to come back! You feel like you’re missing out on the fun when you see all the Instagram stories ?

    Response:  Well, we do have a pull-up zero to pull-up hero series on our YouTube channel – you can find it here:

    As for the pregnancy stuff…yeah – I mean, that’s awesome.  As for missing out, well, I find the FOMO usually lasts right up until the first calorie sprint on the ski-erg!

    Best: Achieving strong results in some challenges and hitting my goals.
    Worst: Coming off the rower and my butt hitting the frame. That hurt.Response:  Great news re- the challenge.  If you have video of the rower incident please send it through!
    Worst – hurting my back, doing deadlifts for the first time. No ones fault other than me trying to keep up with class.

    Response:  Umm – I really don’t like hearing this.

    *Best thing about R1F is the interaction with the staff/patrons.  Just a great bunch of like minded people.  No “heroes”, everyone there is there for the same reason… to better themselves and help each other.

    Response: Awesome.  We’re supposed to come together as a group for every session…we obviously get closer to this ideal in some classes than we do in others.

    *Worst thing is not being able to be there more  🙂

    Best is being part of the community and getting to know other people in classes and the trainers. Love the atmosphere especially in right after a tough class.

    Response:  Nothing quite like smashing a session out with your friends and feeling like you collectively achieved ‘something’.

    I also love bodywork so please don’t stop them!!

    Always hard classes, never a dull moment

    Response:  Body Work is a hard one – it really *should* have been cancelled when I opened the strength gym…I mean, a strength based session that runs specifically for boxing only patrons and gets really low attendance???  Regardless, it will stay on the timetable (‘cos I’m not too smart).

    Best – This is the longest gym I’ve stayed at which I figure is due to variety of classes, the coaches & other members sharing jokes just having a laugh even when your feeling low I get a lift from just being there.

    Response:  That’s great to hear.

    Best experience was the old boxing layout class class format prior to the individual cells.

    Response:  Yeah, well…we are trying our best to recreate the old in the new.


    Best format is the Saturday funky classes

    dont really have any negative

    Response:  LOL – umm, the Saturday sessions are pretty much the same format as every other class…I guess we do tend to have some longer ‘non-specific’ full body workouts but…

    I did enjoy the Sat am Funky when Leon was teaching how to lift

    Response:  The Strength Fundamentals sessions?  Yeah, they were cool…unfortunately when we put it out to the group whether they wanted the sessions to continue we received ‘1’ x ‘YES’ out of 12-people…makes it hard to run as a class…1-person = PT.

    Best experience – being able to workout in my own cell.

    Response:  Well, yeah.  I think it’s great in these challenging times.

    Welcoming and kind instructors that are accommodating for children to attend.

    Response:  Thanks.


    Mike… for both

    Response:  Well, I do prefer a one-step forward two-steps back approach to life.

    Best – Encourages a no excuses training style
    Worst- When you’re a noob and don’t know what everything means still

    Response:  Well, we try to keep the Beginners at the front.  Once-upon-a-time we used to run Beginners sessions…unfortunately the Beginners hated it because they wanted to come ‘whenever they wanted’ and felt restricted.  Our regulars ALSO hated it because they would show up for class (I mean, what even IS a time-table??) and felt restricted by the Beginners format…I simply don’t know how to solve this.


    I guess the best and worst is the same thing – 28 days later. was torture but lost a heap of weight.

    Response:  Glad you got some great results.

    COVID mask definitely the worst.

    Response:  Well, I just like to think of the overall benefits I got from this.

    I like training outdoors when we can as well.

    Response:  Cool.

    Probably the best is the family environment that you’ve created Mike.

    Love the place, timetable, workouts, structure, variety

    Response:  Well, I haven’t really created it – it’s just happened in spite of me.

    I don’t have any specific best or worst experience at the gym. If i had to say what i enjoy the most it would be;

    1. Every class is different

    2. Every class is a challenge

    3. The people at the gym

    Response:  I have to admit, the constantly changing workouts is what I like the best. 

    Best, always the classes around a holiday – they are long and challenging.

    Response:  Awesome.

    Worst – walking away from a 20 something minute class

    Best-luv how we never experience different class every day!!

    Response:  20-something minutes?  I’m going to assume you are right and something went wrong and I’m really sorry – 30-32 minutes is the pre-7am standard…35 minutes is pretty much the standard post 7am.  And yep, I’m still making sure we don’t repeat sessions…happy that someone noticed.

    Best: the first time I did 100kg deadlift with my coach next to me and my good friend opposite me who also achieved a PR. My coach didn’t say anything but it was important to me they saw the result of the effort they’d put into training me.

    Worst: there is one coach that I felt treated me with little respect compared to how he treated my male friends. I felt intimidated by him and unsafe around him so I stopped coming to the (pre-covid) Fri morn boxing classes he ran.

    Response:  Best stuff sounds great, worst stuff sounds horrific.  I’m always here to help and I hope you know that.

    Lovely staff

    Response:  Well, some of them!

    I just like the family vibe it has! Everyone is so friendly & its awesome its kid friendly too
    Support from the coaches in modifying workouts when injured has been excellent AND I love the fist bumps and positive comments of fellow gym buddies in SugarWOD. Hitting regular PRs is pretty awesome too ?

    Response:  I think SugarWOD has been a really positive initiative and is actually one of the things I am proudest about implementing post- Strength Gym launch.  I’m glad you are getting value from it.

    I love the Trainers know your name & create a super friendly atmosphere, whilst not letting you slack off either. I love the cells! They have made such a wonderful difference. Boxing classes never get boring. Short quick bursts & lots of variety.  I love the circuit style, ‘don’t have to think’ model. You can rely on a really good quality workout, but without having to figure any of it out on your own. It’s a huge mental break, and a big plus.  The layout now, with Boxing & Strength – together, but separate – is brilliant. The family friendly vibe is genuine… and I just truly love being there.

    Response:  That makes it sound AWESOME!

    Best experience- group fun
    Worst experience- realisation that we can’t share machines but I get it!Response:  Yeah, well…I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this thing called CoronaVirus…there’s a global pandemic right now and…
    Progressing ok, know I can improve. Wouldn’t say and worst experiences, maybe the old grumpy owner yelling at me now and then. Haha. It’s always been a pleasant and good experience

    Response:  Glad you’re having fun – sorry for yelling at you.

    The cold in winter and the heat in summer, but honestly, this is just nit-picking.

    Response:  Yep…well…that’s the weather…

    I love the gym.

    The best I’ve met some great people, the worst is when I got injured, all my own fault.

    Response:  People are 100% the best.  Really sorry to hear you are injured.


    Best – Meeting the people I have and it changing my relationship with exercise

    Response:  That sounds great.

    Best experience is just the boxing class, simplicity of it at times is all you. Don’t want to chop and change to often and its great they if you don’t keep up with all the exercises in all the rounds you at least know you are moving for 30 minutes which is what i focus on at moment until fitter. It best gym for diff fitness levels without making it obvious

    Response:  To be truthful, that ‘constant movement’ is what I’m going for.  Whether or not you make EVERY target isn’t really (or shouldn’t really) be a stress…you make those you can and dodge around a few you can’t.  Sometimes you NEED to be held to account re- finishing – but that is more ‘anti-comfort zone’ stuff than anything else…

    Experiencing progress – I was doing box jumps on the weekend, and was reflecting on going from starting with step ups only on the small step, through to box jumps on the small step, to box jumps on the medium step & knowing that at some point I’ll be progressing to box jumps on the large step

    Response:  Reflection?  Hell, I just try to survive!    Being able to remind yourself how far you’ve come is a positive though.


    Best: Been able to get pretty fit since rejoining – sustainably.

    Response:  That ‘sustainably’ word…I like that!

    Worst: can’t say I’ve had one?!

    Best – meeting new people and making  friendships.
    Response:  Awesome.Worst- I remember one day doing about 6 sled pushes in a row with mike  riding on it yelling at me ???Response:  ‘ABOUT 6?’.  That seems like a LOT!
    Would prefer the 9.15am class to go back to 9am

    Response:  Well…it was only at 9am for a really short time (about 5-months).  The class has traditionally been at 9:15am to allow people to arrive at the gym post-school drop-off.

    Easy to book, always feel like I have had an amazing workout. I wear a myzone belt and my calories are massive when I leave.

    Response:  Excellent!

    Worse- nothing.

    Response:  Well, let me know…

    The bike hurts ??

    Response:  Well, the Versa, SPARC, Rower and Ski are all worst!

    Best: attended regular gym sessions for 6 months prior to my wedding and was stoked with results. Also Paul for actually teaching me how to hit the speedball

    Worst: no bad experiences. Sometimes the trainers don’t always motivate/bring the energy

    Response:  Glad you learned to hit the speedball…for anyone else battling, well, here’s a video I prepared earlier:

    I hate hearing about lack of energy – that’s certainly not what we’re going for.


    Family oriented
    Best is the community aspect.

    Response:  Awesome.  People are the best.

    Worst is trying to get back into it after an extended time frame off. Not the Gym fault though.

    Response:  Coming back is very hard – your head says go and your body says no. 

    Best, hitting 19k during a bike challenge after Eden said he would do 19k burpees

    Worst, not seeing Eden do the 19k burpees

    Response:  Hitting targets really does give you a great sense of achievement.

    Really good vibe, enjoy the chat from the coaches
    Best is by far the people!! Don’t get a big head if you’re reading this ?, but Mike is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He makes the place something special. I have thought it this for years but the extra support he has given in this last year  has been a big part of my recovery.

    Response:  Thanks for the nice words…and don’t worry about me getting a big head – as you will have seen from the feedback here and the previous ‘block’ of responses, I am lucky to have a heap of people playing a part in keeping my ego under control!


    Best – Surviving each session!
    Worst – Walking lunges… 4 days later still can’t walk

    Response:  Does that mean we need to do MORE walking lunges or NEVER do walking lunges.  I have a similar relationship with calf-raises and I think we should either do them every week so I get used to them or NEVER do them ever.

    Find Round One to be very friendly and suits us

    Response:  Awesome.

    Getting in trouble for not doing my calorie in the time allowed

    Response:  ‘Trouble’?  LOL.  I think we might have different versions of what ‘TROUBLE’ means!


    Worst – Cold Shower

    Response:  Yeah, well…what can I tell you, I do pay the hot water bill.  There is an issue with one of the upstairs showers right now and I have had a plumber out twice trying to fix it…I am spending the money to try and fix it however it is proving somewhat challenging…I wish I could just click my fingers but sometimes things are trickier than that.

    Look at it this way – cold water therapy is a ‘thing’ and you’re getting it for free.


    The sense of community, the trainers and how they get to know your strengths and weaknesses to push you beyond those points! Love the price, facilities and everything

    Response:  Thanks.

    Best experience has to be the family friendly, full range of training styles experiences each and every time you choose to visit.

    Worst experience is the fun of receiving penalties for breaching the gym rules LoL. ( no bad experiences here)

    Response:  Well, rules are rules!  All of the good experiences stuff sound amazing and exactly what I am going for.

    How the trainers know my ability and make sure I push it

    Response: We do try to know everyone’s name.

    Self inflicted injuries would be the worst
    Best would be the guidance I’ve had since the injuriesResponse:  Hoping you’re OK and glad you’re getting assistance.
    Just the attitude of everyone week in and week out is amazing. The fact it has made such an impact on mine and my partners lives to a point that it was a factor in buying a house nearby just so we can keep coming is amazing

    Response:  So good!

    Best would be the progress I have made with lifting heavier weights in the funky area, such an amazing addition. It was free month July that actually got me over there. Worst would be when I was kicked out of the free weights area upstairs due to a Tanks class. I understand why, being restricted like that didn’t feel great. Also falling on a box jump & taking out my shin…. some soft boxes would be lovely to try & progress higher without the thought of injury.  Apart from that in, I don’t even know how many years I have loved every session.

    Response:  Yeah – well, classes take priority and I’m not sure what else to say.  We have the Hammer Time class coming back next week – this means no-Hammer Strength work between 8am and 9am each Saturday.  We have had people complaining about people who ‘book in’ to Funky but then don’t do the class as they are using gear someone who wanted to do the class could use…what can I really say – no matter what we do there will be limited equipment in SOME AREA and classes will have priority over individual workouts.

    Best expirience…the friends I have made. We have had social interations outside the gym as well and its been a great way to meet new people. Worst to be honest was the unknown of the new setup. But it really has surprised me how enjoyable the sessions are.

    Response:  Awesome.  The new setup remains a WIP and will continue to evolve (just as the OLD setup did…once upon a time we would NEVER call a combo…when you went to the heavy bag it was basically full-time free-style…I could give a thousand other such examples…).

    Best experience is every time i come to a class, Worst experience was when i first started it was maybe my third session when we did it the old way as one big group/multiple group training and Mike made us do some cray 20 minute ab work out which we just repeated and it was a 40 degree day and yuck. I am surprised i came back.

    Response:  Worst experience…yeah, well, we pretty regularly used to do a 12-minute abs block…not sure about 20mins but, when you change the sessions every day, you try stuff sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong, I know people do one class and ‘never come back’ but the classes vary a LOT…one session isn’t much of an experience.

    Getting fitter than I’ve ever been since joining (some years better than others though) and meeting great friends

    Response:  Awesome.

    My best experiences at Round One are always at the lunch time classes. Lots of banter, a few laughs and being challenged to do my best at each session.
    No worst experience, except for scans ?

    Response:  This could very well be my own best/worst.

    Best, most days are great not one particular stand out

    Non judgmental and friendly gym!

    Response:  That’s the intention.

    Worst experience is the fact the same people hog the bikes

    Response:  Well…I keep telling them to move.  The ping-pong ball system is going to force changes but I still think people will complain.  Again – I don’t get why people want the bikes – they are simply so much easier than everything else…if you are in the gym to train, why would you even???

    Best was 2014-2017 BW classes and challenges.
    WORST addition of a new area/gym and some new coaches.Response:  The WORST was the increase of space and provision of AUD$250K worth of gear that enables people who want to do some ‘real’ strength work to do so in an awesome environment with brand new gear where there are heaps of plates/bars etc accessible whenever they want?  I am just not going to understand this.  The BW classes now are programmed on the same model as they were back in those years…pretty sure they are the same now!  Difference is, Body Work used to have a dedicated following of around 8-12 people…these days it is closer to 4-8. 
    BEST – no judgement, work at your own pace, kindness and encouragement from other members and staff 🙂

    Response:  People who encourage you whilst you are training hard?  Gotta love that.

    Made friends.

    Got fitter than I ever could at normal gym training by myself.

    It’s all great, it’s everything thing I look for.

    Response:  Yeah – well I really don’t know how people train by themselves…I can do it a couple of times per week…every day though?  Nope.

    Best and worst is feeling like dying after nearly every session

    Response:  Well, worst is feeling like dying – best is still getting to the end!

    Love the atmosphere and the people I train alongside with. Nothing bad.

    Response:  Awesome.

    Best experience is working out with friendly people and being pushed hard during the classes

    Response:  100%

    I just enjoy going, the people, the trainers. I don’t feel intimidated with other people around, I feel comfortable training even when I don’t know anyone in the class, which doesn’t happen often as I’ve made new friends at the gym ?

    Response:  That is so nice to hear.

    My best experiences at Round One are always at the lunch time classes. Lots of banter, a few laughs and being challenged to do my best at each session.

    Response:  Lunch time is the right time, that’s for sure.

    Best – immediately feeling like part of a team/family. Everyone is welcoming and encouraging.

    Worst – ??? Burpees haha

    Response:  Well, if burpees are the worst things are probably OK.


    Best – moving the Funky Fit classes. I love how I am challenged to improve at each session.

    Worst-turning up for body work and I was the only one. worst day ever. Turned into PT

    Response:  Free PT session?  Sounds great to me!  And yeah, Funky is great.

    No bad experiences.

    Response:  Let me know if there are.

    It’s the best gym i have ever joined. I just wish i could get there more.

    Response:  Awesome.

    Haven’t had any bad experiences at all! Love it

    Response:  Great news.

    No Worst experiences yet( touch wood ), Best experience – partner class as a newbie ( felt slightly intimidated ) and the partner I had was awesome and very encouraging, walked away feeling this is an awesome gym.

    Response:  Partner classes are a great chance to meet new people and achieve something as a ‘group’. 

    I don’t like a common gym! That why I chose this one since it’s different and I challenge myself

    Response:  Challenging yourself is what it’s about.


    Doing burpess on my birthday (best)
    Doing burpess on another member birthday (worst)

    Response:  See – I would say OTHER people doing burpees on my birthday is the ‘best’.  Me doing burpees anytime?  Something other than the best!


    best was 12W summer challenge and doing the weigh in and satisfaction from that.

    Response:  The joy of the Life Plan and Strength Plan challenges…

    Worst – can be daunting when first joining but get over that quickly

    Response:  It is stressful when you first start, no doubt about it.

    Worst – 72 hours of cramping calves after my first ever session when we did 4 mins of calf raises

    Response:  See my note earlier…when it comes to calf raises, I think we should do MORE or NONE (and I mean, none ever).

    Best – multiple – I could say the first day I walked through the front door! Interest shown by instructors in your performance within the gym and in your life outside the gym. Your willingness to be adaptable and dedication to the business/members to modify the pre-COVID gym into the current cell based gym. Inspired by the outputs of some of our more senior members – Russ, Joe, Max to name just a few and trying to keep up with the younger brigade

    Response:  There are some pretty inspirational people at the gym, that’s for sure. 

    I just like coming around for a quick in and out workout.

    Response:  Me too.

    Best – learning new skills and hitting strength targets with confidence in my trainer’s directions and assessments.

    Response:  That sounds awesome.

    Strongman Saturdays are my favourite.

    Response:  Fun sessions that’s for sure.

    Being able to bring the kids and show them the gym is always great. The Coaches pushing harder for the few people who are meeting or beating targets but needs to happen more

    Response:  I’m not exactly sure what this means but I’m guessing it is something to do with making sure everyone should receive encouragement and too often the focus is on dragging people up not celebrating those who have ‘made it’?  Let me know.

    best experience at Round One is the comradery each time through those doors. I wouldn’t say “worse” but sometimes not sure if im doing things 100% right so would invite the coaches to critique me more!

    Response:  Let them know you’re looking for feedback…generally when people are ‘FINE’ we don’t tend to comment too much.

    BEST – Team challenges are good fun and encourage members to interact. WORST – new cells aren’t the best for bigger/taller people

    Response:  The cells for the rowers and SPARCs are approx. 50% bigger for exactly this reason.

    BEST – Support from some of the coaches and other gym users
    WORSE – A gym member in classes that did nothing but whinge the whole class and distract the coachResponse:  Sometimes the complaining does get over the top – most people are pretty good.
    Like the crew you get to train with becomes like a little family hour if you go to the same class on a regular basis.

    Response:  I would double like this one.

    Sleds….. sleds are the the worst experience ?

    Response:  Sleds are fine.  Mini-sleds are an abomination.

    I don’t have a worst experience, as for best I just love the support and push you get from all the trainers and fellow gym goers.

    Response: Awesome.

    Best was finishing cardio / round before the bell and ahead of others. Worst was almost dying trying to get the calories in on a bike early days

    Response:  It’s that feeling of accomplishment.  The thing we all have to remember is some days the celebration is just getting to the end, other days a small increase in weight etc etc.  It isn’t about being first – but being a little bit better than yesterday.

    Best: Being pushed to the limit of beating my PB and everyone being super supportive.
    Worst: When I couldn’t walk for days after a big leg session… I don’t really have a bad experience to comment onResponse:  Leg days are rubbish – I still think our primary focus should be biceps.
    BEST : The variety of equipment
    No WORSTResponse:  We have literally tonnes of gear.  TONNES.  You can probably sense my frustration when people have answered the survey with comments about ‘not enough this’ and ‘not enough that’…I am seriously like, ‘What will it take to make you happy’.  In the boxing gym now there are more than 40-stations set up with Skis, SPARCS, Bikes and (newly refurbished) rowers.  There are two old cross-trainers floating around in what we have labelled ‘overflow’ cells…no-one should EVER have to use them…there is TONNES of stuff. 
    I haven’t had any bad experiences-torn calf from a hill sprint is as bad as it has ever been. I have never not felt like coming due to the gym, trainers, other members etc.

    Response:  Injuries suck, that’s for sure.

    Best is hard. I honestly feel like it has changed my outlook on life, health and fitness. Doing little training and completing the Avon descent was probably my biggest achievement and was purely down to the base fitness I had from being at the gym.

    Response:  Well – that might have been hard to put into words but it sounds pretty good!

    i really enjoy the community vibe at R1, its got all the equipment i like to use and its close to home.

    Response:  Great to hear.

    Best – comradery when training with others. Friendships built.
    Limited bad experiences. Occasionally coaches have seemed a little disinterested at times / on their personal phones etc.Response:  Well, the coaches should post a video or two to socials but really shouldn’t be on their phones aside from that.  We have had drama with that in the past but no issues I know of with the current crew.
    All good

    Response:  Reach out if it changes.

    Best: achievements
    Worst: breaking the routine. Damn COVIDResponse:  Yep – COVID has been tough.  I feel for those guys in Melbourne and Sydney and dread the day we are closed again (and I think it’s coming). 
    The workouts are different every day and the coaches are friendly people who care to remember every members name!
    Worst experience was when Mike made me almost vomit/cry/take off all my clothes after a rowing challenge.

    Response:  Ummm – I think we need to talk about the rowing incident…why would I make you take off your clothes…that sounds VERY unlikely!

    Best would be being in an environment where I can leave most my worries outside the gym and focus purely on myself for an hr or so and having fun with other members and coaches

    No worst experience but if you could please fix the broken shower in the change rooms you’d make me very happy.

    Response:  See, the gym is the opposite to me – it’s the place where all of my worries are multiplied.  Have had the plumber out twice for the shower but no closer to a solution.  Hot comes out the hot tap, cold comes out the cold tap…it’s clearly not an easy fix.

    Best has to be all the support, tips and advice received

    Response:  Awesome.

    BEST: Mike, the whole gym experience is great. I loved how you responded to this whole pandemic thing with completely redesigning the gym and adapting,  installing a booking system, etc. instead of just shutting the doors and whining and letting your staff go like other gyms. This must have been a really stressful time with lots of uncertainty for you but it is so great now. Times will always change but you have a really great and loyal gym crowd who will stick with you. Keep adapting, keep changing. Do not change the gym times, lots of people depend on going really early/late and want to train on Sundays.

    Response:  Thanks.  No intention on changing times unless attendance dictates it btw.

    WORST: Over the past few years there might have been a sesh or two where the music was either shit or not loud enough. I know this is personal taste but you asked.

    Response:  The music is a terrible problem.  I actually fear someone saying ‘Great tunes today’ – it means it wasn’t generic enough (‘cos it has tickled one person’s musical bone) therefore several others are 100% about to tell me it was/is shit.  Loud enough – yeah, I know.  It’s managing the volume so people can both enjoy the tunes and hear the instructor.

    Best experience being the overall general experience surrounded by well grounded people who push you to the best of your ability.
    Worst being the penalties -.-Response:  I don’t understand emojis so…well, I’m going to guess you want more penalities.
    My best experience has been the quality of training I get each time I do a class. The worst experience I had has been forgetting my towel when on the cycle bike

    Response:  Forget your towel…well, 10 burpees is a pretty good reminder!


    Don’t have either

    Response:  Be sure you let me know when you do!

    Worst getting yelled at when didn’t think it was necessary! Best would be the atmosphere the training partners and a great appreciation for mike and what he does and what he commits to the gym and it’s members! It is greatly Appreciated and defo doesn’t go unnoticed

    Response:  No-one wants to yell at people (or get yelled at)…and this stuff is supposed to be fun.  If this happens, reaching out to me (or one of the other trainers if I am the perpetrator!) and letting them know what happened is so helpful…the trainers yell when they BELIEVE they have a relationship with YOU that will allow you to take on that emotion and use it for the forces of good…if you aren’t feeling that, then some expectations need to be put in place and a relationship rebuilt/built (which takes time).  I am being 100% truthful when I say that if they trainers are yelling, they are doing so as a member of YOUR tribe – not as an adversary.

    Best experiences are the classes Mike takes and I’ve never had a worst experience. Just sessions i’ve left knowing I couldve pushed harder or done more

    Response:  Thanks.

    I literally only have the best to say about Round One. It helped me at a time in my life when I had a major health scare, 2 young kids, not knowing where to start again with my fitness and I didn’t want to be looking into my future with further health problems. I love all the trainers, the banter and encouragement I get. The friends I’ve made along the way. I actually can’t imagine myself at any other gym.

    Response:  That sounds amazing – thank you.

    I don’t have a worst
    But the best experience is the overall experience, the people, the coaches and the sense of achievement when I finish a classResponse:  That sounds pretty good – Reach out to me if this changes.

    Best – I love going to round one
    Worst – I broke a bone in my foot attempting double under Ha

    Response:  Injuries suck.  They SUCK.



    I loved TANKS year ago. In particular a real focus on lifting heavy  weights.
    I also really enjoy being part of a team in bike challenges in boxing

    Response:  Well, believe it or not the TANKS focus and the Funky Fit focus points are not that dissimilar.  The difference is when I could get two strength efforts most weeks in TANKS (it was only 1x session per week) we have more time in FUNK (it’s every day) so tend to do 1x lift plus accessory.  Bike challenges are awesome.

    I have always been ‘fit’ but my goals have changed since being a member at R1. I have lost 13kg since I joined, and am looking at body composition and diet rather than just using lots of cardio to control my weight.  I really enjoy the friendly environment and find that most members are also supportive and encouraging.  I enjoy the challenges and find they help to keep me on the right track if I have slipped back in to some unhealthy habits!
    Response:  That sounds SO GOOD!


    Best – going from 33% body fat to 18%
    Worst – going from 18% back to possibly higher than 33% 🙂

    Response:  Well, let’s hope the little curve is on it’s way back down now.

    Just enjoy the workouts and the friendly banter

    Response:  Awesome.

    Best – Hitting PR is in lifting/strength
    not sure of the worst one.  When I first started I for sure thought Mike didnt like me…. but over time I realised that is just really intense with his coaching which I now love.Response:  I know you’ve said this to me before but…well, I just thought you were awesome from the start…you simply push so HARD.  Anyway…
    The general challenge every week is great

    Response:  Awesome.


    I think my worst experiences is when I’m not able to complete the metcon.. it’s very frustrating lol

    Response:  Well, if you’re still going when the time-cap runs out, you HAVE finished.


    Best is that I have made some new friends, always am supported by the trainers

    Response:  Awesome.

    Best experience- all of it it’s the first gym I’ve come to where I don’t feel judged and actually receive support with form etc
    Worst experience- any metcon that involves a block run (traumatic for me)Response:  That’s great to hear.  The running will become less intimidating over time.
    Feb challenge 2021 when I lost 2kg of fat. Winning.

    Response:  100% winning.

    Best – positive experiences with coaching staff pushing me to improve (mike, kiz, Corey)

    Response:  Awesome.

    Best- friendly members/community

    Response:  Totally agree.

    Best is the friends I’ve made, the people around (coaches and members) me make feel at home. It’s like another family

    Response:  Well, it’s a dysfunctional family but a family of sorts!

    Not really one experience – but overall it is a great place to exercise. I feel like it’s an efficient use of my time, always variety and has quality trainers. Mike is innovative and changing things up enough to keep it fresh hence why I’ve been going for over 10 years.
    Response:  You are clearly as crazy as me.I am also pleased with the price of the membership. In comparison to other “similar” types of gyms such as F45 (which is stupidly overpriced), R1 is very competitive and worth the fees.Response:  Thanks – we try to keep it affordable for families.
    Best experience has been the structure of classes. I live North of the River and continue to travel to R1 because I like the workouts. I have also shopped around, and there isn’t much that compares. Worst experience – I feel with the change in structure of classes due to COVID, there isn’t a sense of community.

    Response:  Yeah – I’ve covered this one already – that feeling of conquering the class as a small group of 5 or 6 (in amongst a larger group of 30) has certainly dropped away.

    Best- having the trainers so supportive of dragging the kids in even when they’re cranky, amazing to be able to still get into the gym for a class knowing no one will be upset about having the kids there
    Worst- other people not watching their own kids and them putting food into my baby’s mouth, but not the gym’s fault obviouslyResponse:  Kids are gonna be kids.  I love them but it can get frustrating when my version of sit quietly doesn’t match that of each parent.  I understand that it is hard to get to the gym when you have kids though and want to continue to provide an environment that welcomes kids as well as their parents.
    Just love the gym and the family feel it has

    Response:  Thanks.  Wish I could take the credit.

    Best experience – Mile flogging me
    Worst experience –  Mike flogging meResponse:  LOL.
    Just started back after a couple of years, really love how there are set stations now. More efficient use of time and like the shorter sessions.

    Response:  Reach out to me if this changes.

    Being welcomed back after a 7-year hiatus.  A lot had happened for me personally (childbirth x2, a near-death experience, a divorce, a new home, a new job) – so it was a big step for me psychologically to head “back in time” to R1.  I feel like I was welcomed back with no questions asked, and honestly, it felt a bit like coming home.

    Response:  Pretty sure you know I think you’re awesome.  And that is true whether you are coming to Round 1 or not.  The hardest thing about owning the gym isn’t the early mornings or the late nights or spending 4 hours on a Sunday responding to a survey…it’s something way (way) simpler.  What happens is I get to know people through their time at Round 1 – and for most people that inevitably comes to an end (new house, new job, new baby, want to try something new, sick of me, whatever…I get it).  Then after seeing them 5x per week for 3-years, when I see them at the shops and wave, they turn their head and keep on walking…I’m glad you’re back training with us!

    No worst experiences … yet!

    Response:  Please let me know if this changes!.

    My first class ? was yelled at for being late & not organised.
    My first class. Made me see how well run the gym is & to not be late ?Response:  Ummm….LOL?  Yeah, new people in the mornings when there are only 3-minutes max between sessions and they come late?  It is tricky enough!  Anyway – you’re certainly killing it now!
    Love the energy in the room and no judgement. Trainers continue to push you

    Response:  I hope there is no judgement!


    Best: I love that the staff know my name and always say hello. It helps when the gym isn’t my comfort zone. Also the encouragement to keep trying and improving.
    Worst: being told by a trainer to get heavier weights and the injuring my shoulder ?

    Response:  I don’t love the ‘worst’ one…I don’t love that at all.

    Haven’t had any worst, I’m still fairly new but I’ve only had good experiences & coaches have been great with things I’m unable to do they give me other options
    Response:  Awesome.  That’s how it is supposed to be.


    Best = Pushed hard and felt I might vomit
    Worst = I nearly vomited

    Response:  Be sure to vomit outside.

    I generally love everything about round one! Coaches are great, members are great and the atmosphere is 10/10. Like a big family of support
    Worst.. day 2 of gym membership and told to hold a squat.. fell over while Ethan was saying that’s terrible
    Best – friendships, laughter while getting fitResponse: It really is tricky trying to balance out the instructor led group work with a mix of new and experienced people…you want to put ‘rules’ in place to keep the group accountable…but you need to be mindful that not everyone is ‘THERE’ yet.  It’s tricky…sounds like your second day went a bit wrong and I’m glad you stuck it out.
    – Best: Seeing everyone cheering others on during and after workouts, having made lifelong friends and it having impacted my attitude to exercise in a positive light

    – Worst: Having attended a class and the coach being on their phone too often (… Not recently or with his current group of coaches!)

    Response: The phone stuff isn’t great and hopefully that one has been pushed into the rear view mirror.  The lifelong friends stuff?  That sounds amazing.


    Best experiences have been partner wods, dress up days  and beach days

    Response: Dress up days?  Yeah….NAH!

    BEST – 1:1 with my regular coach
    WORST – snobby purple circle wannabes prancing around like the centre of the universe is them….Response: The old purple circle is always going to drag some people into it’s vortex.
    Sorry, can’t pick a best and worst..
    I really enjoy the people at R1, and subsequently enjoy the classes. 7am Saturday Funky is a highlight. So too 8am Sunday Funky.
    Worst? My very first session on a 40deg day in late December with Lloyd taking the session… I thought I was fit, but I went straight home, walked past the family, went to the loo and spewed my guts up. I proceeded to sleep on the couch for an hour. But hey, I went back and have been going for about 8yrs…!haha
    My best is just the results I get through the challenges. Worst coming to a class and being the only one there and Mike was taking the class. (B be it still wasn’t that bad)
    I love seeing the familiar faces at the gym.  R1 gives me a sense of home and belonging.  I may have had a rough day, I get to R1, work hard for 30-40 minutes, and even though it doesn’t take my trouble away, I walk away feeling better than I when I walked into the gym.  R1 is crucial to my well being and I do my best to be there 5-6 times per week.

    Response: Personal stories like this are really what keep the doors to the gym open.

    Just generally love the community feel of the gym!

    Response: Wish I could take credit for that.

    All great

    Response: Awesome.

    Love the family feeling and would never go to another gym. My home away from home?

    Response: Well – I hope not!

    Completing challenges and seeing the results.
    Being pushed every session is a real positive but those mini sleds can disappear!!

    Response: The mini sleds are an abomination.

    All round the best gym I have ever joined me there has been many over the years! So much availability leaves no room for excuses and feel so good after every session it’s addictive and I love it!

    Response: Thanks.

    I think the best thing for me is the consistently different classes each day. The February challenges are by far my favourite – what can be achieved in 28 days is incredible. Response: It sure is.  Just pure focus for a short-time can really bring about massive improvements.
    Best = Mike shouting at me to get a move on.
    Worst = Sitting on toilet then lights turn offResponse: Umm..the lights stay on for 5 minutes…whatever are you DOING in there??
    Some of the casual coaches however all of the long term coaches are great (the bad ones don’t normally last long)
    Best great people

    Response: Coaching is hard and it takes time to develop…please try to support the guys to get better where possible.


    Best – too many but the upgraded strength gym was a highlight
    Worst – When old school tanks and old school bodywork classes / barbell club went away ?

    Response: I just checked the time-table.  It seems Body Work is still on there!

    Best – Meet a lot of great people who are now friends outside the gym.
    Worst – Nothing stands out, maybe doing Murph…Response: Murph is pretty shit.

    Best – seeing results for functional fitness
    Worst – when I’m injured I feel like I can’t do anything at the gym. Are you allow to come to the gym and not do classes and just use the equipment .. clarity on this would be great.

    Response: Yes.  Why would you think otherwise???

    Being pushed so hard in the early days that I threw up in the toilets. By far the best/worst in one. The team was able to push me to that point while remaining incredibally supportive

    Response: Yeah – I still don’t like hearing stories of people getting pushed to that point…glad you bounced back well though.

    Big fan of the group cardio challenges. ie keep sled moving or bike calories etc

    Response: I like them too…keep in mind though that not everyone does and as such we will sprinkle them through the classes rather than bombard you with them.

    Worst – heard one of the members making really racist comments about people from India. I didn’t say anything to her but I found it quite offensive.

    Response: I am sorry you had to deal with this – I hope you know you can reach out to me with things like this…we have some awesome clients of Indian descent (and I like to think at least couple of them are my friends) and I would hate it if they felt unwelcome.

    Best – banter with Michael and other coaches – there’s always a good laugh going on

    Response: I hope so – if it isn’t fun, it gets REALLY hard!


    Best = New friendships and getting fitter and stronger
    Worst = doing an injury that shouldn’t have happenedResponse: Injuries 100% suck…I know you haven’t included your details but I would love to make sure other injuries like the one you suffered can be avoided in the future.

    BEST: the people

    Response: Yep – that is the truth.


    I think it’s great every time. Some sessions harder than others. Each time I challenge myself to do better

    Response: That’s right – the session changes every time so some will 100% be tougher than others.

    The best is it’s a family type club where everyone is made to feel welcome – no tossers.

    Response: I hope everyone feels welcome – the survey does point to some issues but hopefully we can tidy some of that up.

    Worst is burpees 🙂

    Best – good environment to work out

    Response: If burpees are the worst, life is pretty sweet!



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