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    Minimum Investment, Maximum Outcomes (and F-Around-Itis!)

    Hey Team,

    So – as our new financial year kicks off (and I’m sitting here, in an empty gym as we are locked-down trying to finalise dollars and cents – sense? – from the past 12-months of COVID-chaos) I have been thinking back about how the hell I actually got here!

    I have told the story numerous times but until my late 30’s I lived the suit and tie corporate life complete with annual leave, sick leave, medical plans, paid parental leave and every such benefit you could imagine. I had also gained around 10kg since I had finished playing footy in my early 30’s – being honest, those last few years playing were probably spent a couple of kegs over my optimum playing weight! – and I was stressed out, unhealthy and pretty miserable. So – when most people would just join a gym, I decided (because I’m not too smart) I would open one instead…I would open a gym for ‘the people’.  And my gym would have a solution for all of these problems!  Let me explain a little bit more.

    The issue I had with gyms ‘back then’ (and now if I’m being open and honest) was that/is that everything was left up to the client to ‘figure out’.  Signed up for a membership?  Awesome – go for it!  And if you look around the gym you will see a lot of people restricted to running on a treadmill (more likely walking on a treadmill) or using a cross-trainer because they didn’t know HOW to do anything else…And whilst I had a lot of training experience and – in theory – knew what I was doing, I was often plagued with a combination of ‘that-is-enough-for- today-itis’ and ‘f-around-itis’ each time I made my way through the front doors.

    What do I mean by that?

    Well – ‘that-is-enough-for-today-itis’ is a complex condition whereby I would spend time (waste time??) creating a program for myself…but then when I got to the gym I would do somewhere between half of it and two-thirds of it and – for some reason – decide that was MORE than ‘ENOUGH’ for the day.  Then I would spend the rest of the day regretting that I hadn’t done everything I was supposed to and have a couple of beers to really seal both my sense of regret (and ultimately my fate!).

    As for ‘F-around-itis’ (‘F’ is a place-holder for a word that starts with ‘F’!), well, that is even MORE complex.  When I was putting my program together, I would see a cool exercise being done by ‘someone’ on the interwebs (or I might get to the gym and see a cool machine I had never seen before) and I would spend a good amount of time messing around with that.  Or, I would get to the gym with a good plan AND good intentions but when I arrived for some reason I couldn’t ‘DO’ that activity (other people already had the same idea was the most common reason) so…well, I would go off on a tangent.  Otherwise known as ‘F-around-itis’. When what I needed to be doing was focussing on doing some conditioning and fundamental strength work.

    So – Round 1 exists for a number of reasons but one thing (two things!) I have always tried to do is create an environment where there is an ABSOLUTE minimum of half-finished sessions and wasted time.  People (that’s you guys) can come in, the instructor will lead them through a class and when they are done – the original plan was always 30-minutes later though I know the Funky Fit classes these days take a bit longer – they are right to go home knowing they have completed the plan for the day.

    What I have tried to create at Round 1 is an environment where there is MINIMUM investment in terms of TIME (both IN the gym and in terms of time spent planning sessions etc) and MAXIMUM returns.  Each week – and this means EVERY WEEK OF THE YEAR – you should come to the gym 3x.  (That means 3x per week, 52 weeks of the year).  And each time you come in – and there are classes as early as 4:50am and as late as 7:45pm as well as throughout the day – you really only need to bring yourself and an attitude that says “I’m up for whatever, let’s do it!”.  

    The gym exists to help you.  Sure – we train hard.  And I am perpetually amazed by people who tell me that 30-mins (well, it’s 35-mins after 7am weekdays and on Sat/Sun) isn’t enough time (trust me, you can do A LOT in 30 minutes!) ‘for them’  (to be fair, they generally only say that BEFORE they do a boxing class!),  What we’re here for is to make your life easy – all you should need to do is stick your boxing gloves and a towel in the car, roll up to the gym…and we take care of the rest.  We’ll make sure you get to the end and ‘DO’ all the work (even though sometimes you might prefer we just let you cruise along!).  There wont be any ‘that-is-enough-for-today-itis’ and there wont be any post session regrets.

    We’ll make sure you focus on the fundamentals – base level strength and conditioning, core strength.  And even though we will change the session every single day to keep things fresh, there won’t be any ‘F-around-itis’.  Your time spent training will be time WELL spent.

    I KNOW everyone is busy.  I KNOW everyone has stuff going on.  Work is chaos for pretty much everyone.  Young kids throw lives into chaos – and teenagers level that up (considerably).  But you 100% can stay on top of your own health and fitness with 3x sessions each week.  There is no point lamenting those times in your life when you could spend 90-minutes at the gym or doing a session in the morning and head back for some extra cardio at night…for most people once their mid-20s are done so are those kind of ‘time’ luxuries.  I mean, evenings and weekends are spent with family and time is short in the mornings before work.  3×52.  30-minutes.  

    See you in the gym,



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