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    April Programming Notes

    Hi Team,

    Thanks as always to everyone who made it along to the gym over the past couple of weeks.  I took the liberty of taking last week off blogging when we decided to close the gym on Easter Sunday under the ‘get given an inch, take a mile’ rule of work avoidance…but today we are back with all the details of our next programming ‘blocks’ for both Functional Fitness and Boxing.

    What else is happening?  Well, we just took delivery of a whole heap of new 12.5kg hex dumbbells in the boxing gym (impossible as it might seem, we have added 25x dumbbell pairs since the Feb COVID shutdown!), a heap of new slam balls are ‘in stream’ and we are doing the initial work in increasing the capacity of the strength gym by 8x cells – hopefully this will help resolve the Saturday 7am ‘crush’…but I also think the easiest way to fix the 7am crush would be for a few people to simply slide to 6am!  You know it makes sense!

    On with it!

     Boxing – What’s Coming Next

    So there has been a pretty massive change of tac in boxing as we continue to integrate the old into the new – I know the coaches have really been enjoying seeing some of the ‘old stuff’ coming back.  We were able to run our first bike challenge since the COVID lockdown#1 a week or so back, there have been partner classes, sled pushes and a lot more integration of boxing/strength/cardio into a single workout ‘phase’ than we have seen for months.

    Our challenge right now is moving towards a world where we are able to utilise multiple pieces of strength equipment/cardio equipment within a single session.  I am still wrestling with elements of this – particularly the cardio sharing – however there are a heap of new (and hopefully more durable) deadballs on order, we have just taken delivery of a stack of new ‘middle-sized’ dumbbells…it isn’t all about having more equipment in the gym (though of course, now that we don’t need 5 of everything but rather 35 of everything there is just SO MUCH MORE gear required!) but that is certainly part of it…but it is also about being a little bit more imaginative in our program structure and really asking a little more of you guys in terms of paying attention/following instructions etc – something that can be particularly challenging given the restricted time-frames available for our pre-7am classes in particular.

    All of that said, the recent changes seem to have worked particularly well and I am confident we will see more and more ‘old stuff’ mixed in with the new ‘cell-based’ training system over the next few weeks.

    Funky Fit – What’s Coming Next

    So – somehow I am writing about the programming for APRIL…I mean – who can even believe that – it was Christmas like, 2-weeks ago!  But in any case, we ARE about to start a new programming block and in this week’s blog I am going to try and give you the ‘high-level, this is coming at you’ story of the month ahead.  First though, a quick review of what happened ‘last month’.

    During March we have completed a strength progression that saw us starting at sets of 10 and gradually dropping in reps/increasing in weight as we headed towards our 5RM testing which is planned for – well – this coming week!  I have been really happy with the way this has worked and the discipline everyone has shown in making SMALL, consistent increments – I am really confident we will see a heap of people recording ‘best ever’ totals when the testing commences.

    In addition, throughout March we have been adding some more ‘traditional Round 1’ strength work to our Funky programming – we have seen the lower and upper body primal circuits, some French Contrast work, some high volume muscular endurance work and even a couple of – well, ‘long duration chippers’ similar to those that once featured in ‘No Rules’ -added to the sessions.  I have really enjoyed the variety these things have added to the classes and I am hoping you have as well.  This will continue into our next ‘block’ of sessions.

    After the high volume lifting (3x 10 squats anyone!) of the last program things will be going in a slightly different direction over the next few weeks.  You will see a continuation of the barbell and gymnastics complex work we have been including lately and whilst we are trying to ‘stay away’ from gymnastics only days (no-one seems to want a day where the only strength movement is pull-ups) we ARE making a bit of a push to try and progress people towards their first strict pull-up…or their first weighted strict pull-up etc.

    Metcon wise, we will also be re-testing all of the benchmark workouts we ran back in January – which means ‘Inferno’, ‘Painkiller’, ‘Roller-Coaster’ and ‘Fight Gone Bad’ will all be on the schedule – so check your SugarWOD scores and get ready to chase some more personal bests!

    Anyway, that’s what’s ahead for the next month/6-weeks or so…

    See you in the gym,




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