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    We’re Back…But What Happens if there is ANOTHER Lockdown?

    Hi Team,

    Thanks for all the support over the past week of ‘training with a mask’.  I think everyone who got through it is (with some justification) really feeling a sense of pride right now.  The feeling in this morning’s classes was definitely “It could be worse – my MASK could be on!” and – like I said in last week’s blog, it really will be something we talk about for the rest of our lives…these COVID years are certainly going to live LARGE in our memories for a long (LONG) time.

    Having reviewed everything that happened over the past two weeks – the lockdown, home workouts, wearing masks etc – I wanted to just spend a bit of time going through what we will do at Round 1 in the event there is another Lock-Down.  I will try to take each point in turn – as chronologically as possible – so that we all have a clear action plan.

    Start:  Quarantine/Lock-Down announced.

    Round 1 will provide SEVEN (7) days of FREE at home workouts – two workouts would be provided for each day (one for Body Weight, another for Strength).

    Recommended equipment for home workouts:

    1x Skipping rope

    2x pairs dumbells (1x heavy, 1x light)

    2x Kettlebells (1x heavy, 1x light)

    1x Step or Box Jump

    2x Power Bands (1x Heavy, 1x Light)

    NO MEMBERSHIPS will be FROZEN during this first stage.

    Stage 2:  Quarantine extended beyond 7-days.


    At Home workouts will continue to be offered but will be published via SugarWOD.

    The Body Weight Plus workouts will be made available (including Full Video support and demos) for $10/week.

    The Strength Workouts will also be made available (again, full videos) for $10/week.

    In the event you want access to both ‘streams’, a combined package will be available for $15/week.

    Equipment Hire will also be made available at this time:

    $40/week for cardio items.

    $10/week for ‘PRIMARY’ strength items. (Kettlebells, Dumbbell pairs, barbells)

    $10/week for ‘Secondary’ strength items (weight plate pairs).

    Stage 3:  Quarantine extended beyond 14-Days

    At this point (we will call this ‘long-term’ lock-down) we will make individual programming, group training AND personal training available via Zoom.

    Group session training will be conducted at 6am and 5pm each weekday and at 7am on both Saturday and Sunday.  The cost per session will be $10.  These sessions will be based on the daily ‘Body Weight Plus’ plans BUT (of course) will incorporate all the fun of having these sessions ‘instructor led’.  I think the ‘right’ approach here is to offer a multi-pack for attending these sessions as I don’t think people should be paying more for an at-home workout over zoom than they do for a workout in the gym…but that is causing me some problems right now.

    Stage 4:  End of Lock Down

    The end of lock-down announcement should be a pretty simple process.  All online membership subscriptions will be terminated and ‘in person’ memberships re-instated.  All ‘rental’ equipment to be disinfected, cleaned and returned to the gym.  And…we open the doors again and away we go!

    I am not sure whether any of this makes any sense or not…or whether reading it feels like the biggest waste of time you have ever gone through?  I guess what I want to make sure of is a couple of things:
    There is clarity over what is happening with memberships.  The Freeze/Unfreeze process causes us nothing but trouble in short-term situations such as the 5-day lockdown two weeks ago – the system is simply not configured to support this type of action.  Drawing a ‘veritable’ line in the sand at 7-days enables us to plan and implement the changes without causing any long-term issues to client accounts whilst also providing short-term financial certainty to the gym.

    There is a process in place whereby people pay for the services they are using (whether that is ‘in person workouts’ or ‘at home workouts’).  I have always been pretty uncomfortable (but incredibly grateful) when people offer to keep their memberships going whilst the gym in closed – in this new system, people who want to keep paying can subscribe to access the online content and basically get value for what they are paying for.  People who don’t care about the online workouts and don’t see any value?  That’s fine as well…

    Now – I am still working through getting all of these things in place at a back-end level.  BUT I am pretty confident that if there was another lockdown announcement this time next week we would be ‘ready enough’ to go live with this new strategy,

    I’m really hoping it all makes sense and provides some clarity about what will happen ‘next time’.

    See you in the gym,











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