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    Remember that time we had to train with masks on???

    Hey Team,

    It’s been a big welcome back to everyone over the past couple of days and it has been so good to see the classes fully booked and (mostly) full occupied.  Another reminder – if you have been lucky enough to secure a place in a weekend class, well…that means you ARE training.  Most people are pretty good but had 5x ‘no-shows’ at 8:45am this morning – which meant the 3x people on the WAITLIST weren’t able to be notified and weren’t able to attend.

    It is very frustrating for us – and there is no doubt that the time is fast approaching where should you fail to turn up to a class AND that class has a WAITLIST in place, then there will be a financial penalty…unfortunately my continued pleas to everyone’s ‘better nature’ seem to be falling a bit flat! :-(. And I KNOW that sometimes ‘stuff happens’.  And I KNOW that sometimes it is too late to cancel…but if it is ‘too late to cancel’ (1 hour is the time-cap) then it is probably too late for the person on the WAITLIST to make it…

    Anyway – enough of my grouching out of the way.

    So – training in a mask?  Who knew right?  I guess those of us who used to participate in the weekly lunchtime ‘Training Mask Tuesday’ “KNEW”, but those kind of extras have really gone the way of the Dodo over the past few years (along with “Tyre Flip Monday” and a couple of other special lunch-time gimmicks)…anyway – it would seem that training in a face mask is REALLY, REALLY hard.  Which I am actually finding is REALLY, REALLY  good.  Which even as I type it I know makes pretty much ZERO sense.

    I guess the reason I’m finding it good is because it 100% does suck.  It just feels like one more thing to push past, one more thing to overcome…and because you know you CAN’T take it off (back in the old ‘Training Mask Tuesday” workouts, we all pretty much used to pull the mask down at various times to get some ‘more’ air in – now that isn’t allowed!) it is just something else to ‘overcome’.  Which at the end of the class – when you get in your car and can take it off, well the relief is all the greater – and the feeling of self-satisfaction at having got to the end is even higher!

    I don’t know.  I am choosing to look at this whole ‘wear a mask for a week’ thing as a bit of a ‘GIFT’.  It is something that would be easy to talk about but in reality is VERY hard to do during ‘normal times’.   But now we have no choice.  And everyone is pushing hard through it.  And there might be a bit of ‘pacing’ going on when it gets ‘too hard’ – and that’s fine!  But having experienced myself over the past couple of days and having watched everyone pushing through the sessions with the mask, I just think it is a great opportunity for all of us.  Just when we thought we were going as hard as we could, another constraint has been added that has shown each of us what is really possible.

    It’s only for ONE WEEK.  And it is a gift.  So get in, experience it, push through it – and all going well everything will soon be back to normal.

    See you in the gym,




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