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    Is it really 50 weeks until Christmas Holidays? 50??

    Hey Team,

    Happy Sunday.  I have another collection of garbled thoughts coming to you…and I have a sneaking suspiscion that today’s message will be pretty SHORT.

    I mean…”It’s a new week and another opportunity to take your training/life/whatever it might be to a new level!”  Right??

    Well – I don’t know about you guys but somehow half way through last week when the alarm went off at 4am for seemingly the 110000000th consecutive day I realised something.  First off I realised that telling myself it was a new week and another opportunity blah blah wasn’t really cutting it!  Then I realised that the Christmas break was over.  I realised that there were another 51-weeks to go before we get another ‘break’.  And I realised that all the enthusiasm I had just a week or so back, that whilst it hadn’t ‘gone’ as such, there was 100% an undercurrent of “Is this EVER going to end”.  And by ‘this’ I was thinking about the weekly treadmill of getting up early, getting to work, working, going home – sleep, get up, do it all again.  And all of this going on with the unrelenting 40degree heatwave sitting on top of us!

    And I figured that I couldn’t be the only one feeling this way.

    I guess I am writing all this down because I wanted to say that we – YOU – doing absolutely GREAT.  By getting into the gym, you really are giving yourself a head-start in the race to live a healthy life.  Not only that, by committing to that ‘healthy lifestyle’ ideal (why else would you be reading this!) you are probably keeping your eating ‘on track’, minimising the blow-outs and the mid-week drinking – and all of that is reducing your chances of heart disease, keeping your weight under control AND helping you get some quality sleep.  And all of that is good!

    We are all doing GREAT!  And yep, we are going to have to keep doing it a bit longer, but that’s OK…after all, leading a ‘healthy’ life is all about engaging in CONSISTENTLY good habits – not doing a few things right and balancing that out by doing a few things wrong!  After all, you don’t gain any muscle with one workout (though after some of the stuff I did last week I truly feel that I SHOULD have!) and you don’t lose weight by eating a single healthy meal!

    That’s it for this week.  My moment of doom and gloom and ‘oh my goodness I have to do this for another 51 weeks’ has passed and I am looking forward to what lays in front of us!

    See you in the gym,


    P.S.  If you haven’t signed up for the 28-Days-Later-Challenge, well, you should.  It is awesome!

    P.P.S.  If doing the Strength Fundamentals course in order to learn how to lift properly is something you are interested in, well, there are still a couple of spots (it starts on Sat Feb 6th @8am):



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