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    2021 – Here’s to JANUARY! (Training Notes for Boxing + Funky Fit)

    Happy New Year Team,

    Here’s hoping everyone had a safe new year and is looking forward to a fantastic 2021.

    Our base level planning for January is all done and I have tried to summarise what is ahead for you guys.  Before I do that, I wanted to make a couple of announcements:

    1/.  Running Club

    The first Running Club program is up on SugarWOD and available to all members from January 4th 2021.  A new session will be published each Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun for the first 5-weeks with a ‘Couch to 5km’ focus…Now – if your initial thought is “5km?  I’ll never do that” well, I can assure you that if you do the program 4x per week (30-minutes max) that in 5-weeks you WILL do that.  And if your initial thought is “5km?  Is that all?”, well, I can likewise assure you that the interval efforts included in the program will have you running faster and better than before…The intention at this stage is to offer a 15km program commencing at the start of MARCH 2021.

    2/.  28-Days-Later (February Challenge)

    The Feb Challenge is “GO” and planning is well advanced.  All of the challenge workouts have been written (and there are some rippers in there including the return of the legendary ‘Tres Hundo’) and the new recipe collection is well underway.  This challenge will again be a relatively strict ‘restriction-based’ challenge as opposed to the ‘inclusion-based’ focus of the recent ‘Summer Slam’.  Really excited by this one and the potential it offers for a post-holiday focus/weight-loss blast.

    3/.  Starting Strength Program

    As with 28-days Later, our next ‘Starting Strength’ program offering is nearly ready to go with the intention that it will kick off in the first week of February 2021.  The Starting Strength program will be offered as 3-modules over a 12-week period (each a 4-week block) and is aimed at providing people with the basic skills to complete the ‘big lifts’ (Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Overhead Press and Power Clean) along with a host of accessory work…it is there to help people who might be intimidated by what goes on in the strength gym by providing them with an in-depth lesson on each lift…it looks super cool and I can’t wait to get it going.  The Starting Strength sessions will run at 8am each Saturday morning.

    4/.  Specialty Sessions

    We are ALSO hoping (hoping like hell!) we will be ready to kick of a series of 4-week specialty class blocks in Feb…to be fair, it is looking more like March.  What type of things?  A 4-week Hammer Time training block, a 4-week SPARTA training block, a 4-week KB Specialist block, a 4-week Strongman block…plans and ideas I have!  The intention would be to offer 2x sessions per week for each of these classes (most likely Mon + Wed nights).

    Boxing for Fitness – January Programming Notes

    For our boxing sessions this Jan, we have pulled out some of the ‘best’ little mini-workouts we have found from our post-COVID CELL-Based programming.  The focus this month will be the ‘big’ muscles (so think deadlifts, Sumo deadlifts, squats and power-snatches) together with a continued push on the cardio-strength mix to continue to build that GPP and have everyone FLYING into 2021.

    In order to enable us to really build strength within the boxing sessions and the relatively light weight restrictions, you can expect to see a continuation of the instructor-led squats and pressing movements in particular as we look to increase time-under-tension to really push that strength adaptation.


    Funky Fit – January Programming Notes

    Before I start – can I just beg and plead with everyone to USE SugarWOD.  I pay for this app for you guys…and in the year ahead there will be more of a focus on ‘standard’ workouts – these will be most effective if you have recorded your results and can gauge your progress.  I received a message from a member last week where she outlined all of her improvements during 2020 based on what was recorded in SugarWOD (Deadlift 40kg to 110kg was one example) and to say that this information and that having a record of improvement is motivational is an understatement…anyway, back to our scheduled blogging!

    January signals the start of a new training phase – and the blocks this year will be extending from 6-7 week meta-cycles to 8-9 weeks.  The first block (including Jan) will be centred around the idea of helping everyone lessen/eliminate any unilateral imbalances.  I guess that is my smarty pants way of saying you can expect to see single leg/arm and dumbbell work in the accessory sections of each class.  The ‘big lift’ focus for January will be both Front and Back Squats, Strict Press and Deadlifts – and when it comes to the ‘STANDARD’ metcons we will be testing (re-testing for those who have been tracking their times!) Roller Coaster, Painkiller, Fight-Gone-Bad and Inferno!

    All up, that’s about it.

    Let’s go 2021!

    See you in the gym,






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