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    2021 Summer Bodies Challenge is G-O!

    ‘ON TRACK this WINTER???’

    “2021 Summer Bodies Challenge”

    If you’re striving to get a leaner figure – then the best time to start getting ‘Ready for Summer’ is RIGHT NOW.

    Click on the registration link below and select your package (member/non-member) to get involved.

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    If you are trying to build some HEALTH HABITS in your life that will help you earn and maintain your desired physique and avoid those crash diets and crazy workout routines…the best time to start is RIGHT NOW! 

    When it comes to muscle growth and weight loss, slow and steady wins the race – along with an understanding that to succeed you need to commit for the long haul!   Our latest challenge – the ‘SUMMER BODIES ARE BUILT IN WINTER’ Challenge – is all about creating HEALTHY HABITS around Food and Training NOW so you will be ahead of the game when the temperature starts to warm-up!

    How does it all work?

    We have put together a simple class and circuit-based challenge – to finish the challenge, you will need to complete:

    20x Group Fitness Classes at Round 1 Fitness during July (Do the sessions WHENEVER you like – every single one counts!).

    1x ‘Challenge Circuit’ each week throughout the month.  These have been designed to take 20-minutes and each challenge has a SCALING OPTION.

    Stick to our TWO (2) Health Eating Habits throughout the month

    5x CUPS of RAW veggies every day

    2 litres of WATER every day

    No Alcohol (well, you get 2x ‘cheat’ days).

    (Is that 3x healthy habits or 2?  Ummm…I guess it’s THREE but the REAL idea here is to make sure everyone is eating their veggies and drinking enough water…the alcohol limiting thing is all part of just being ‘sensible’ are getting the best possible results during the challenge).

    There are no other food/diet restrictions with this challenge.  Like the #800gChallenge we ran during COVID#1 back in April 2020 the food/diet components of this challenge is all about ‘being good to yourself’ rather than being restrictive…good habits through good eating.

    What do you GET?

    Class Sign-off Sheet

    2x Body Scans (Before and After) so you can track your progress.

    Videos (accessible via YouTube) for the Challenge Workouts

    Access to a dedicated ‘Challenge Only’ Facebook group where you can ask questions, share recipes and engage with the coaches AND other participants.

    Please note:  Program Signoff Sheets will be made available to everyone who has registered from Thursday, July 1st.

    What does it cost??

    The cost is $30 for all Round 1 Members.  The price includes the Challenge Sign-off sheet, Body Scans, Facebook Group access and videos of the Challenge Workouts.  Non-Members can participate in the challenge at a cost of $150.  A one-month gym membership is included in the price for all non-members.  A reminder that boxing gloves are needed for any Boxing classes, and that you will need a towel AND water bottle for every session.

    * – Scans can be performed BEFORE a class anytime from Wednesday June 30th and a scan booking sheet will be in operation for Saturday July 3rd.

    Click on the registration link below and select your package (member/non-member) to get involved.

    Sign-Up to Summer Bodies Challenge


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