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    Preparing to be “SUCCESSFUL” at the gym.

    Hi Team,

    Thanks to everyone who came to train with us over the last week.  The classes really have been sensational – I think last Wednesday/Thursday in the boxing gym might have been the best 2 sessions in our new format – and I am looking forward to this continual evolution.

    We have our exciting new Summer Squad program kicking off this coming Saturday (more here: and I have been preparing for the kick-off meeting we have scheduled for 8am.  The idea behind the meeting is that we will be conducting a kind of “group health check” process for all the participants as part of trying to set them up to be a success.

    What is it going to involve?  Well – it is pretty simply really.  It starts with some self reflection about the way things are ‘NOW’  and ends with a ‘PLAN’…and we are keeping things super simple – food and training only, not worrying about all the ‘other’ stuff (from sleep to supplements to stress…you know, all the “s” words!).

    Stage#1 – Assess what you are eating now.

    Anyone who has done one of our Health Check’s would be all over this (if you haven’t, sign up here: – 30-mins with a trainer + body scan for $29 is pretty good value!) and it looks like this:

    There are (of course) no truly ‘good’ or ‘bad’ days for most of us – what this process is about is identifying what things look like when we are at our best…and at our worst.  And from there, identify the reasons why we fall into poor habits, what cues send us there (stress, running late for work, whatever) and how we can potentially put some ‘triggers’ in place to identify when things aren’t going as they should.

    Our goal (of course) is to hit the serving size guidelines each and every day (read more about that here: and in so doing are eating plates of food that look like this (the perfect plate model):

    Read more about this here ( but what we want is a plate filled with fresh healthy meats or fish and veggies!

    With the training stuff, that is EQUALLY simple – and it is all about creating a plan that sets YOU up to succeed.  For example, there is no point in planning to come to the gym at 5am each day if you battle to answer the call of your alarm at 7:30am.  Equally, if you need to be home to organise the kids with the holy trinity of homework/dinner/bed between 6pm and 7:30pm, don’t plan to come to the gym at 6pm…you wont ever do it.  There is ALWAYS time in your schedule for things that are important – it might mean getting up (a little) earlier than you are used to, it might mean heading to the gym AFTER the kids are in bed a couple of times per week…whatever it is, if you plan it and COMMIT to it, you can absolutely make it work.

    How do you plan it?  Well, on a little table like the one attached below, you simply write in the times you are going to go to the gym – being sure to add in a 20-minute recover session (stretch, roll, even a walk outside!) for every 2x gym sessions – stick it on your fridge, put a copy above your desk…and get it done!
    Being successful in your training routine is simple.  It just needs a plan and a bit of discipline.  Anyone can do it!

    See you in the gym,



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