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    You do it “One Bite at a Time”!

    Happy Sunday Team.

    We are heading into week#3 of the 2020 Summer Slam challenge, and things are just starting to get interesting!  To this point, we have been managing our food based on EXCLUSION – similar to the traditional Round 1 challenges there has been no bread, pasta, sweeteners or alcohol allowed (except for that best day of the week…CHEAT DAY).  But this week it all changes – and we are being challenged to INCLUDE food (this week, 1x cup of raw veggies) at every meal.

    I have been having a bit of negative comment from a few people about this – particularly with regards to breakfast!  Veggies for breakfast?  I just don’t do that!  Well…#1 – that’s why this is called a ‘CHALLENGE’.  If it was just do what you always do, that wouldn’t be very challenging now would it.  And #2, this isn’t that big of a problem…no-one is asking you to eat a live toad for breakfast – all you need to do is throw some veggies in a pan with a few eggs and make an omelette (for example).

    Back in my IT days, one of the engineers I worked with on a couple of big projects used to say to me whenever we got ‘stuck’:  “How do you eat an elephant?”.  The question of course is rhetorical – and the answer is “One BITE at a time!”.  I still often think of John whenever I am trying to ‘figure things out’ and his very calm approach to moving ahead…It seems to me that in contrast to John’s ‘one little step at a time’ approach, it seems most people when presented with a problem/challenge worry so much about how to FINISH that they forget that the first thing they need to do is just START.

    For everyone taking part, the SUMMER SLAM is your current ELEPHANT (and for those who aren’t, well, we could all do with a few more veggies!).  Stop worrying about how you are going to ‘DO IT’ and instead just focus on the simple steps of making sure everything is ‘IN PLACE!’.  BUY the veggies.  Plan the meals.  Make sure you know how much time it all takes…

    Just like every problem you have, you will solve this one the same way…by taking one bite at a time!

    See you in the gym,



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