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    Missed sessions don’t matter! (And what does!).

    Happy Sunday Everyone,

    Thanks again to everyone who has been to the gym to train with us in the last week.  Our ‘Summer Slam’ challenge has kicked off – together with one of my favourite times…the times when I get to see people hanging around after their class and doing ‘just a little bit’ extra’.  I know I have gone on (and on) about this before but if you 3x sessions per week and follow it up with just 10-minutes of extra work, well, that is 30-minutes EXTRA each week.  Which translates to 2.2 extra hours per month.  And 26x extra HOURS each year.  Without making even ONE (1) extra trip to the gym.  I’m just going to put it out there that an extra 26x hours of training each year – particularly if it is 26x extra hours of pretty hard work – could only be of benefit…and you would honestly not even notice the time missing in your day.

    It’s an interesting concept this ’10-minutes of EXTRA’.  And one that is easy to talk about but pretty hard to do.  I’ve been working with people in the gym for >10 years now (and with players at footy since 2003) and I will say this about people – we are all capable of doing some amazing things.  Setting aside the mega achievements of art and architecture and such – I see people finishing uni degrees, earning themselves new jobs, raising families – basically doing incredible things with supposed day-to-day tasks.  Let’s face it, we all (well, most of us!) have our moments.  And when it comes to creating a plan (setting goals) most people certainly want to aim for the stars….but how many people ever achieve those things that they SAY they are chasing?

    My 13yo “wants” to get “good marks” (he’s that sort of kid).  And he is 100% disappointed when he doesn’t.  Because I know he wants to get “good marks” I will regularly ask him if he has done his homework…and I do so knowing that the answer will – 100% guaranteed – be “YES”.  Whether he has done it or not, the answer will be “YES”.  (He has learnt that saying “I don’t have any” results leads to the counter point – “Great opportunity to do some revision then” from me).  For him the simple process of studying for 15-minutes per subject each day AND doing your homework is simply not a cool enough plan for achieving excellence.

    Let me extend the point.  During the Health Check process (and in general client 1-on-1’s) I often ask what they are in the gym for – and the answer (goal I guess?) is generally PERFECT!  They say – “I want to ‘Lose weight’”, or “I want to ‘Gain muscle’”, or maybe  “I want to ‘Get stronger’” – or, my favourite – “I want to ‘Feel more energetic’”.  My response is generally very simple as well – “Show up in the gym 3-4 times per week.”  Make sure that you “Get outside and go for a 30-minute walk 2-3 times per week.”  And, on top of all that, be sure to “Eat like an adult – fresh meat and veggies – and lay off the booze….and here’s a collection of recipes + recommended serving sizes to help you do exactly that.”  (All of this sounds like the challenge, right?).  And I promise them if they just follow that very simple prescription, well, everything they SAY they want will be theirs forever.  In time.

    But the more I have been having these conversations recently the more I wonder if the answers I am giving maybe aren’t complicated enough for everyone.  I wonder this because so many times, after a few weeks (to be fair, more-often after a few months) dedication begins to fall away.  When I chat to them, the goals are still important – but the reality of achieving them has started to get to be a little bit too much.  What they really wanted wasn’t a plan to be better for the rest of their life – but a plan that would make them better within a few weeks and, well, you know…forget about the daily grind.  Oh yeah – and the plan could only apply whilst work wasn’t busy and, well, you know, other stuff in life wasn’t in the way.

    Using my homework example from earlier, what they really wanted was the advice that said “Don’t worry about doing study every day, just pull an all-nighter the night before each exam and everything will be fine.”

    It doesn’t work that way.  Only when you understand that it is DAILY commitments that are what see you through, only THEN can you achieve the things you say you want.  Until then, it will be a series of “all-nighters” (occasional flurries of activity and ‘dieting’), each ‘effort’ followed by another period of inactivity – and frustration because you know that once again your words and actions aren’t aligned, you aren’t living the life you aspire too.

    Unfortunately, only when you acknowledge that can you really begin to make progress – because when you reach that point of understanding you will understand that missed sessions ultimately don’t matter…what matters is missed weeks, missed months, dare I say, missed YEARS!

    See you in the gym,













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