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    The best time to plant a tree is 25-years ago!

    Hey Team,

    And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down…it has been a wet and windy 24-hours in our home town, that is for sure.

    Last week was a pretty full-week for me and in amongst everything else, I somehow found the time to run through 6x client Health Checks with a mix of new and existing clients.  I have to admit that I generally learn more things of the ‘subjects’ than they could ever learn from me – people are incredibly adaptable and no matter ‘WHERE’ they think they are on their Health and Fitness journey, they generally have one ‘pearl’ of advice that has enabled them to ‘succeed’ despite everything going on in their lives.  I have put “SUCCEED” in quote marks because generally speaking there will be things in their life which I think they are doing a great job in ‘overcoming’ whereas all they can see is the number on the scales/image in the mirror and they don’t perceive any form of success.

    What can I say?  In simple terms, no matter how ‘dialled in’ your food is and how many times each week you are getting to the gym, I am sure there are things you are overcoming/working through that others could benefit from.

    These conversations though have had me going back to look at Jocko Willink’s incredible book – “Discipline Equals Freedom” – and by extension, reading a little about Eliod Kipchoge who became the first sub-2 hour marathon back in October 2019.  Why?  Because these two guys – in this crazed world we all live in, preach the idea that life led SIMPLY and with few distractions is one that gives you the best opportunity to achieve the goals you hold close.  Further, they talk about how having ‘a plan’ and ‘STRUCTURE’ in your day – structure that you COMMIT TOO! – is the thing that makes you truly ‘free’ to do those things you want to do…because time is not wasted on those things that are NOT important.  What things are ‘not important’?  Well, I guess things like social media spring to mind in my head and I’m sure you can think of countless examples in your own day of things you do that have no real ‘purpose’ – they are simply done because they have ALWAYS been done and done ‘that way’ because they have always been done ‘that way’.

    I knew about Kipchoge (of course – I mean, sub-2 hours for a marathon is literally a ‘HOLY SHIT’ moment for performance) but found myself reading more about him online as I kept reading intersections between his thoughts and the ‘Discipline=Freedom’ stuff online – which led me to the following Kipchoge quote:

    “There is a sign in one of the nicer schools in Canada.  It (says) the best time to plant a tree was 25-years ago.  THAT was the best time to plant a tree.  The second-best time is TODAY”.  What does that even mean?  Well, to me it is all about the fact that the answer to any question you might have about your life and your future could best be answered in a glass-half-full or half-empty way.  And no matter WHAT you want to achieve, 100% you would have been starting your journey 25-years ago…I mean, I would be a LOT better guitar player had I started playing at 15 instead of 40 (not that it would be hard for me to be better, but the point still holds).  But at the same time, given you didn’t get started 25-years ago (or even YESTERDAY), the best thing you can do is start TODAY.  If you want to do something – start today!

    So whether your plan is to make a couple of tweaks to your diet, make sure you get to 3x gym sessions per week, add some strength sessions to your training through some Functional Fitness classes, spend some time foam rolling and stretching…no matter what the plan, the NEXT BEST TIME to start is TODAY.

    See you in the gym,



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