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    5 Reasons to add some Boxing to your week

    Hey Team,

    I hope everyone is staying safe and well during this weekend of crazy weather!

    Thanks so much to everyone who has reached out to offer support to me after my blog last week.  It means a lot to know that so many people are prepared to step outside of their already busy lives to help.

    This week I am going a bit of a different way in the blog – it is all about the Boxing Gym!  Until December 2018 that was “all” we had – and I have to say the new class structure is pretty great…classes basically every 30-minutes means you are never left ‘waiting around’ and essentially ZERO downtime during the sessions themselves.  What can I say – if you have a membership and aren’t taking advantage of the boxing sessions by getting in at LEAST one each week well I think you are missing out!

    Boxing – well, Boxing for Fitness is what we do – has a lot of benefits.  To me it remains the perfect workout to lose weight and ‘tone-up’ (coupled with eating like an adult of course!).

    Here’s my breakdown of FIVE (5) benefits you will get by participating in the boxing classes:

    It’s a great CARDIO workout.
    Cardio is great for weight-loss.  And it is great for your GPP (General Physical Prep).  If you want to play in the park with the kids, participate in sport – and do ‘well’ in the Metcons in the Strength gym – well, a good cardio base is #1.  The boxing classes are intense and done in 30-minutes (well, actually 32-minutes)…when you compare that to a 60-minute treadmill run, it seems to tick a lot of boxes in terms of ‘intensity’ and ‘fun’.
    Boxing is a FULL BODY workout.
    Our classes are cardio, that’s for sure.  But between the warmup ‘block’, the boxing ‘block’, the cardio only ‘block’ plus all of the other ‘add-ons’ (you know, the kettlebell swings, dumbbell deadlifts, pushups, squats, lunges, step-ups) you will be using both your upper and lower body as well as really challenging your core.
    Boxing helps generate ‘force’ (power).
    Boxing regulars will tell you that somehow no matter how many classes they do, it ‘never gets easier’.  When you are hitting the bags there is no ‘load’ involved.  But somehow 3-minutes hitting the heavy bag is hard no matter how many times you have done it before – and it is because you are continually increasing the FORCE with which you punch…in the process both increasing the intensity of your workout and the power/speed with which you hit.
    Boxing promotes athleticism
    How hard is it trying to work out the combos when you first start?  Your feet are all over the place and you can hardly tell your left from your right – let alone your jab from your cross!  This mind-muscle connection is really developed as part of the boxing classes and you will find yourself moving better and more efficiently when doing regular day to day tasks (again, from playing with the kids to working around the house to playing in your sports team).  Basically, boxing is going to have you LOOKING more athletic (losing fat, gaining strength) and FEELING more athletic (moving ‘better’).
    The sessions are simply FUN.
    The best workout plan is the one that you do – and the one that you do is the one that is FUN.  Boxing sessions are (or should be!) fun.  Sure, there can be a bit of banter with the coach but that should always be about challenging you to get out of your comfort zone and doing just a ‘little bit’ more than you did the time before…but punching the bags is fun, swinging a kettlebell is fun…and whilst doing burpees isn’t exactly my idea of fun I have done so many of them now that they aren’t exactly ‘not fun’.  The sessions are fast paced, the banter with the coaches and the people in the cells around you, the satisfaction you get in working alongside others to achieve ‘something’…

    So – there you go.  Get in the boxing gym and make it your happy place.  The sessions are included in every membership available at Round 1 and whilst I (of course) think you should be doing some Funky Fit sessions as well, if you aren’t getting a boxing session in once (or twice) each week – even ‘BEFORE’ doing Funky – then you really are missing out.

    See you in the gym,



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