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    A plan to get BACK on Track

    Hey Team,

    Hope everyone has had a great week.  I thought I would start my post this week by sharing that after using the metaphor of a ‘car’ making a funny noise last week, that my week this week included one of my wiper blades ‘going rogue’ and flapping all over the windscreen and bonnet of my car…so I don’t know if that is part of the larger “Murphy’s Law” classification, but I am not going to be using any car based analogies for a while (perhaps ever)!

    I have been doing a few Health Check’s recently – existing members and newcomers to Round 1 – and there has been some pretty consistent feedback coming through.  That feedback is as follows.  “Early this year I was doing great.  Then – COVID hit.  Because the gym was closed (and/or) I started working from home, I was doing less exercise (and/or) started eating more and now, 3-months later I have gained 2/3/4/5/6kgs and I don’t feel great (and/or) great about it”.

    Yep.  Things changed in COVID and I have lost fitness and gained weight.  That about covers it.  Not only that, as all those new ‘work from home’ candidates have discovered, being home more tends to mean more home cooking.  Which for many people has been GREAT in terms of their cooking skills…but hasn’t always been quite so good in terms of food choices OR food quantities.  I mean having that extra 30-minutes in the morning now that you aren’t battling peak hour traffic is awesome – and it means breakfast every day.  Which is (obviously) good.  But cooking breakfast every day can lead to an increase in food quantities almost by stealth…you cook a little more, then a little more…then a few weeks later the ‘new normal’ is WAY more than you need.

    Guess what else.  If you are home more, well, the fridge is going to be opened more.  I remember one of our challenges (many, many years ago) one of the ‘weekly’ challenges was to put up a ‘sign’ of a quote or saying in a ‘prominent place’ that would regularly catch their attention.  I think I remember the amazing Emma Pass putting one on her fridge which said:

    “You’re not hungry – you’re bored.  Have a drink of water and go DO something!”  I need one of them on my fridge!

    Not only that, the gym being closed for seven (7) weeks changed our habits which changed our patterns of movement.  Some of us took the chance to take up running/riding etc which is awesome…but then the weather turned and the new habit hasn’t stuck and the ‘old one’ hasn’t ‘reactivated’ to the same level.  And it has been cold and wet lately – which means heavier clothes that cover up the ‘damage’…and suddenly those 3kgs we all lost during the February Challenge are not only back…but back with INTEREST!

    So – how do we turn it around?  Well, making better, smarter choices each and every day is the start.  So many people out there have access to the Challenge Packs from back in February (or from last October, or from the February before)….drag them out.  You KNOW what you need to do.  Stick to eating fresh foods – meat, fish and veggies.  Lay off the processed stuff and don’t make starchy carbs the basis of your vegetable choices…watch the consumption of bread and pasta (they are sometimes foods) and as for alcohol, well…if there are more days in the week when you are drinking than not drinking, it’s pretty simple – that’s BAD!

    If you were going to create a “Back on Track” checklist it would look sort of like this:

    Step Action
    1/. Buy and cook fresh meat and veggies – those are the basis of your diet.
    2/. Plan out your week – 3-4x sessions in the gym PLUS 2x recovery type efforts (walks of 20mins, yoga session, foam rolling etc) will get it done.
    3/. Do the whole ’28-days Later’ pantry review – if there is stuff in there you KNOW you shouldn’t eat…get rid of it.  I know, I know – you don’t want to waste it…at the same time, do you really want to EAT it?
    4/. Make sure you have a CLEAR meal plan for your week – or at least for SIX (6) days of your week.  For us, we live the “Hello Fresh” life (I love those guys!) so it is just a breakfast and lunch challenge – but there is significant damage that can be done at EVERY meal where there isn’t a ‘plan’…so just have a plan.
    5/. Really prioritise your water intake.  Feelings of “I’m Hungry” can actually be “I’m Thirsty” – so let’s not get confused.


    I think that is ‘enough’ of a plan.  If you want to sit down and talk it through, well, we can do that in a Health Check – book one of those through the website here:

    Yes – it costs $29 but honestly, a Body Scan alone is $25…and a 30-minute PT session is $35…and a pair of hand-wraps (also included) is $10…so it is $70 worth of value.  To me it is worth it to have one of the trainers try and assist you in setting up a ‘PLAN’ for each week!

    See you in the gym,



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