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    That funny ‘noise’ your car is making…

    Hey Team,

    Have you ever noticed a bit of ‘funny noise’ with your car?  You know – everything is going fine, then one day…well, it is still ‘fine’ (kind of) but there is this funny noise.  And whilst you don’t exactly ignore it, you don’t exactly do anything about it either…and then it is just there all the time…until, well, it isn’t there at all because something is ‘for real’ broken.  And that something is going to cost ‘for real’ dollars to fix.  It is such a sinking feeling when “IT” finally breaks…you just know it is related to ‘that’ noise…and you just know you should have done something about it AGES ago.

    Have you ever thought of your body in those same terms?  Your diet?  Your training?  Your recovery?  I know for me it happens all the time.  I have a bit of an L4/L5 bulging disc issue.  It follows this cycle where I do my ‘prehab’ exercises – and it feels fine.  Then, because it feels ‘fine’ I get slacker and slacker with my prehab…and I slowly start to feel it.  But – because it has been ‘fine’, I ignore the warning signs until one day – bang – I am back struggling to get out of bed, back at the physio, back dealing with pain, back battling to sleep…all because I didn’t listen to the noise!

    With my eating the same thing happens.  I do one of our Round 1 challenges and my eating is AWESOME.  And, after the challenge ends it pretty much stays AWESOME.  Until it isn’t – and little things slowly creep in.  For me, it is a peanut butter sandwich between the lunchtime sessions and the night-time ones…not exactly lunch but 100% NOT dinner…and once I have done it once, well, that is permission to do it over and again.

    What about the training regime?  For me, it is usually my strength stuff that ‘falls away’ – but I see so many clients who are ‘perfect’ and get through five (5) classes a week, every week.  Until they don’t – suddenly it is down to three (3).  Then somehow it is two weeks and they haven’t made it in at all…

    Like that ‘noise’ being made by your car, what you are used too (a peanut butter sandwich, a glass of wine after dinner, a missed gym session or two) is what you are prepared to tolerate.  And if you let it go for too long, then fixing ‘IT’ is going to get expensive!

    See you in the gym,



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