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    Strength Training and the ‘Get Bulky’ mythology

    Hey Team,

    Happy (HAPPY) Sunday.  I’ve been able to watch a couple of games of junior sport over the past couple of days.  How good is it to see the kids (finally) out running around again – being active, having fun and enjoying themselves.  And smashing into each other as hard as possible of course…it’s good to see them putting their heads in places where they might get ‘knocked off’ and coming out the other side with a couple of bruises (maybe) but otherwise OK.  And maybe remember a time when we were all happy to be doing the same!  Now?  A chair on the sidelines seems the safest place to be!

    We have been seeing a few new clients coming through Round 1 since the restart – either via the two-week trial process or via the Health Check process.  A common thing I am hearing – particularly from the girls – is that “I know I need to do some weight training – but I really DON’T want to get bulky”.  It seems that somehow the physical outcomes of doing a session like our Functional Fitness classes a couple of times per week are being confused with taking up a body building style weights program 6-8 times per week whilst ALSO eating a high (and I mean HIGH) calorie diet.

    Oh yeah – and probably sleep 8-10 hours per day in order to recover from the training you are doing…after all that is when muscles actually grow.  Put your hand up if you have time for 8-10 hours sleep per day, a minimum of 1x 75 minute training session per day and 6x meals per day…I didn’t think I would see too many hands.

    Most of us “ordinary people” can get some pretty major benefits from strength training using an EFFICIENT workout routine similar to the one we use in the Functional Fitness sessions at Round 1.  In each session you do a group warm-up – no stress.  A bit of a “Strength How to + movement prep” where you will start to learn how to “DO” the lift – this will be followed by the strength work where you actually do the lifting.  THEN, it all finishes off with a ‘METCON’ – or a cardio workout that uses the same movements that you practised in the warm-up and the strength work…SURE, you have to pay attention, but I mean you have to pay attention in boxing as well!  And the outcomes of “FORCING” your muscles to work a little harder, “PUSH” a little harder than they are otherwise used to can be pretty amazing.

    As you push, pull, swing bars, dumbbells and kettlebells in sequences that create INTENSITY, you are also shaping and sculpting your body.  You are starting a metabolic process that leads to calorie burning – and the outcome is the OPPOSITE of bulking up. When you combine heavy weights (and heavy means ‘Heavy for YOU!’) and high-intensity cardio efforts together within a structured training program, the results include:

    • We need to buy new pants – the scales stay the same but somehow we are skinnier? (It’s called increasing muscle!).
    • Our shirts are somehow looser around the waist but tighter around the shoulders. We are the same ‘size’, but not really!
    • That sore lower back we have been battling for so long? Somehow in the morning the soreness is in our legs, our chest, our traps (whatever muscle we used in the gym yesterday!) and NOT in our lower back.  It’s called building a stronger core.

    If – at the same time – you are tightening up your nutrition and following the program we outlined for you at the Health Check you attended or maybe the plan from the “2020 28-days Later challenge”, well…there is nothing but great stuff in your future.

    If it seems that I am ‘promoting’ our Functional Fitness sessions at the expense of our Boxing sessions in this post, well, I sort of am I guess.  This post came about when I was reading back through my Annual Planner for 2019 – right about now we were running the “TRY JULY” program which gave EVERYONE the opportunity to do the ‘Functional Fitness” classes ‘for free’ throughout July.  Now, we are not going to do that right now – but you can do a two-week membership upgrade for $25 – your own little mini- ‘Try July’ I guess – at any time!  And if you your goals include getting STRONGER for the long-term, then the Functional sessions are where it is at.

    So – if you are looking to ‘get stronger’ and make ‘real changes’ to your physique without ‘getting bulky’, well, we can help.  And if you want to complete a Health Check to discuss your goals and create a training plan for the future, well, we can help with that too:

    See you in the gym,



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