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    Flying through July, and rounding the corner into August…

    Hey Team,

    Welcome to another Sunday.  I am happy to be back in the ‘blogging groove’ – and happier to back in the gym training with everyone.  I don’t think it is a secret that I am really enjoying the classes in the gym right now – Boxing and Funky – and honestly would do more sessions if I could figure out a way!  This week looked like this for me:

    4x Boxing

    2x Funky

    2x Hammer Strength Circuits

    Or more specifically (and anyone who has done a Health Check would be familiar with this sort of simple training plan template:

    Monday AM Yoga + Box Monday PM  
    Tuesday AM Yoga + Box + Hammer Tuesday PM  
    Wednesday AM Yoga Wednesday PM Functional Fitness
    Thursday AM Yoga + Box Thursday PM  
    Friday AM Yoga + Box Friday PM  
    Saturday AM Yoga + Functional Saturday PM  
    Sunday AM Yoga Sunday PM Hammer Strength

    I am still doing my little Yoga routine every morning and finding it really helps get my day off to a good start…unfortunately it wasn’t enough to remind me too grab some coffee beans when I left for work last Friday morning!

    Looking back at the list of activities last week, I am wondering if I am getting QUITE enough cardio?  I am getting some high output cardio efforts in during boxing, that is for sure – but no real endurance work?  Always an opportunity to improve and do things a little better/be a little more balanced.  How has your week tracked?  Have you managed to get everything done that you planned to do in order to move forward from the week before?  Have you tracked what you have done at all?  Are you working on something or just ‘rolling with it’ – and if you are ‘rolling with it’, what’s the plan for July?  How will you turn the corner into August a couple of kilos down, or a bit stronger etc etc.

    You will see from my training that I tend to ‘float’ a bit between the ‘Functional’ sessions and the ‘Boxing’ classes and add in some extras when I get “the chance”.  This week, “The Chance” appeared for me on Tuesday morning after boxing and Sunday after classes…I guess I have an advantage of having a key and being able to get in after sessions are over…of course, I have the disadvantage of having to run classes when we are open and not being able to participate – so it is all swings and roundabouts.  I wanted to try and explain a little whilst I choose to do things this way.

    I get the most fun and enjoyment out of the boxing sessions.  It is a 32-minute, full-body, high energy workout that pretty much without fail leaves me exhausted and has me at least 3-4 times in each class praying for a way ‘OUT’ of whatever is coming next.  Let’s be truthful – the idea of hitting 80cals on the ski in 4-minutes is not anyone’s idea of a good time…but it IS a great feeling when you achieve it…and a better feeling when you achieve it plus a little bit more inside the time-cap!  Not hitting your targets?  That’s OK too…the secret is to just make sure you got ONE MORE than you achieved last time the same challenge was thrown at you.  So – full body, a sense of achievement, a great way to get moving and a lot of fun?  Boxing.

    Functional is a bit different.  It goes at a few different speeds – and when you first start, it can almost feel glacial (aka like it isn’t moving AT ALL!!).  I mean,  some days you do three (3) squats then rest for the next two minutes…which seems stupid when you are getting started…but 9-12 months later, you will find the 2-minute rest is nowhere NEAR long enough (‘cos the bar is heavy and 3 is a LOT)!  Then later, in the same session…well, everything seems so FAST!  The metcon is in and the clock is going quick and you are trying to lift things, jump things, run/row/ride…and it feels like you can’t keep up and it is NEVER going to be over.

    For me, Boxing provides the ‘General Physical Preparation’ – a full body workout that keeps me fit healthy and strong.  And Functional provides the ‘extra push’ that keeps me getting stronger/faster and in some-ways ‘better’ – if not quite better than ever, certainly a lot better than I was throughout my 20’s and 30’s when I depended on a bit of incidental running at footy training to stay in shape.

    Then there is the cherry on top.  The Hammer Strength gear I used last week, or more generally speaking – ‘EXTRAS’.  I find the extras I do – be they core related, cardio focussed or strength focussed – are the things that actually ‘make me better’.  First there is the physical benefits of giving some attention to an area of need – I think that goes without saying.  But the main benefit is a mental one – if you spend time ‘outside’ of classes working on your own improvement, then it is amazing how much easier it becomes to say “NO” to a piece of chocolate cake!

    Anyway – that’s a training plan!  I hope you have one – I hope you are doing your best to stay ‘ON TRACK’ and we all round the corner from July into August ‘On FIRE!’.

    See you in the gym,



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