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    Quick Round 1 Update, June 21st

    Hey Team,

    Well – after 10-years of writing a blog EVERY Sunday, somehow I have gone 4-weeks without putting pen-to-paper.  Which isn’t really good enough.  And I don’t really have any excuses beyond “Sunday avo is the only time off I get and I’m tired”…but that sounds pretty lame when I say it out loud…so here goes.  I am going to keep on rolling with the ‘UPDATE’ style of the last couple of blogs I have written but please understand – this is not forever…it just seems like after 4-weeks there is a bit of info I need to push out!

    Before I start though, I want to say that I am pretty proud of all of the changes we were able to make at the gym over the closure.  Of course, without the support of a heap of Round 1 Members this wouldn’t have been possible – we had more than 100 people keep paying their membership fees during the shutdown.  Over and above that, there there are the people who came to the gym and put in their blood, sweat and tears to help us re-model the place – Radu and Jordan Nicola, Ben Williamson, Ian Payne, Daniel De Gaye and – of course – Boris and Lisa Pacey – who all put in an enormous effort to enable us to recreate the boxing gym, ‘tweak’ the strength gym and repaint the front of the building…if it was left to me, well, let’s just say when you get to Round 1 each day it would still look the same/run the same as it once did.

    I have received a few comments from people who ‘prefer’ things the old way…I get it.  There are days when I wish I could turn back the clock.  But I still don’t think we have seen the new gym in ‘full flight’ – we are yet to return with sleds, bike challenges, rowing challenges – you name it.  There are still things we can’t do.  Boris is – as always – cooking up some more innovations and in the near future each CELL will have a pair of barbells (one heavy and one light), the rubber flooring will be extended…the new evolution of the gym has really only just begun.  And that is super exciting.  I know for me, just the ‘uncertainty’ of the new sessions has really revitalised my training…whereas once I could go through the motions, now I just find every session is a 32-minute ‘PUSH’!

    So whilst there is no doubt that COVID has had an enormous impact on the business financially (but I still think + hope that we will be OK), hopefully the work we have done over the closure to create the Cell-Based training system and establish a new environment with ZERO shared workout equipment AND an innovative new workout structure will see the gym thrive through the next ten-years.

    Anyway, back to the update:

    Who are the new trainers???
    Great question!  We have two new trainers in the gym and they have fit in like a hand in a glove to this point.


    Alaina has a degree in Exercise and Sports Science and has been cutting her teeth at the Claremont (booo) footy club (where she is still working) in a Strength and Conditioning role.

    Leon also has a bachelor degree – ‘Exercise, Sport and Rehab Science’ and previously worked as a trainer at the UFC Gym up in Balcatta.

    I think everyone would agree they have already proven to be great additions to our team and I am really excited about the new skills we have gained over the COVID break!  I know everyone has been making them welcome and I am really appreciative (as I am sure they are) of how friendly and welcoming everyone has been.  Whilst there is no doubt we are all missing Elie, Lauren and Josh, I am sure we have more than capable replacements.


    What is happening with the classes?
    Well – it is a little bit what you see is what you get, but:

    ·      First off, we have changed our programming supplier for both the Functional Fitness sessions and the Developing Athlete Program (yes, we outsource this…a range of reasons really but I guess the main reason is to ensure that you guys get access to the best available programming solution rather than the best of Michael programming).  Why did we change suppliers?  Well, a range of reasons I guess but the provision of programming that supports our ambitions of having a COVID friendly training environment would be top of the list.  We simply couldn’t seen to communicate the importance of NOT SHARING EQUIPMENT to our supplier which meant I was having to re-write every session…which I don’t actually mind doing except when I am also PAYING for the programming to be provided.
    As part of this programming change, we also have access to a plan called “GO” which has also completely revised the way we create our boxing plans and has also enabled us to easily get those sessions into SugarWOD.  Which also So SugarWOD has become a ‘global’ solution for delivery the sessions at our gym and whether you are doing Boxing, Functional Fitness or Developing Athlete you can see the ‘CLASS’ from 7pm the night before it runs.

    ·      We have plans to bring back the Body Work session 3x per week – Monday night, Wednesday night and Friday morning – these sessions will run in the 6:35pm (night) or 7:10am timeslot (morning) from the start of July.  When this happens, we will also be re-introducing a ‘late night’ boxing class (7:45pm start) on Monday and Wednesday nights as I know a few people depend on these.

    ·      We are working on a plan to bring back ‘Hammer Time’ in a limited way once we get to ‘Stage 4’ of restrictions.  These will be offered in a limited ‘BLOCK’ of sessions for groups of up to 8-people and will be outside current membership pricing.

    ·      We are integrating a range of ‘Hammer Strength’ sessions into SugarWOD so that they will be accessible to all Strength gym memberships looking to do their own workouts.  When I say ‘WE’ I mean Corey has been doing that and I think it is an AWESOME inititiative.

    ·      After a couple of issues with the 7am and 9:30am Functional Fitness classes booking out on Saturday morning, we will look at adding an additional session at either 8am or (more likely) 8:30am.  Interested in your feedback on this of course.


    What about the booking system?
    ·      The booking system is here to stay.  I am currently working in the background on getting an ‘app’ solution up and running for you guys – it is going OK so far and has been pretty robust during testing…it is just making sure it can support people booking into one-off sessions etc that is holding me up right now.

    ·      In terms of booking into back-to-back sessions, I would still ask that you don’t do that ‘In Advance’.  Rather, when you are at the gym and have completed your first session, go back to reception and ‘rebook’ into the second session through the sign-in computer.  Over the next week or so, I will be installing a computer on the gym floor that will act as a kiosk to enable people to book these second sessions/book into a session if they have forgotten to.

    ·      I was pretty disappointed to hear that we had an over-subscribed class in the Strength gym on Saturday (9:30am).  Guys – if you have missed out, you have missed out.  There were spots at 6am and 7am.  There were spots at 5:30pm Friday night.  There were spots at 8am and 9:30am Sunday.  Not to mention there were spots in 9am and 9:35am boxing.  I know everyone is super relaxed about COVID restrictions etc right now – but rules are rules and we are not allowed to share equipment.  Breaching the set number of available ‘spots’ puts that at risk…so don’t do it.  Get organised and book early – or be flexible and find another spot.


    I’ve lost the link to the booking system and can’t find it anywhere!
    ·      Go to ‘’ and it will all be fine!


    There are hoodies?  How do I buy a hoodie?
    ·      Tracey has arranged some new Round 1 hoodies just in time for spring (I mean winter, sorry Tracey!).  These are going to be pre-order only – and you can order them here:

    ·      If you are concerned about sizes, you can try on a few different sizes in reception.  Please note – not every size is there – they are there as a GUIDE for sizing, not to enable you to try on every single hoodie/zippy in every size.  Personally, I am an XL so I just ordered an XL hoodie and I am sure it will be fine…I know not everyone is relaxed as I am about this stuff, but remember, “It’s going to be OK!”.


    I’ve heard there is a Kids Bootcamp over the holidays?  What’s the go??
    ·      Yes – we are having another go at this after being shut down by COVID on our first attempt.

    ·      The sessions will run at 9:30am on Mon-Wed-Fri on both weeks of the upcoming school holidays.

    ·      The total cost is $50.  So 6x sessions, $50.  That’s it.  All they need is a towel and a water bottle – it is for ages 7-12.

    ·      Book here:



    I’ve lost the link to the booking system and can’t find it anywhere!
    ·      Go to ‘’ and it will all be fine!

    Yes – I know I already included that in this blog, but hell…I get more questions about that than anything else so I figured I would include it twice.


    See you in the gym,



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