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    Following a Game-Plan

    Hi Team,

    First off – it is a new week and a new year for my daughter Clancy.  As she would happily tell you, she is clearly my *BEST* and by far my *MOST TALENTED* child…who can even argue with that.  Vanessa and I love her dearly and all we really want right now is to get to see her on her birthday!

    Back to business –  it is nearly a week since the government enforced the closure of our gym due to concerns around the spread of COVID19.  I feel like I have been busier than ever (if that is even possible!) and have the following things happening right now:

    ·      Daily ‘At Home’ WORKOUTS (already being published every day – go to our blog page for details:

    ·      ***NEW*** Daily ‘STRENGTH’ workouts published every day starting tomorrow!  See this link for a preview:

    ·      ***NEW*** Individual ONLINE programming ‘NEARLY’ ready to go via the website.

    ·      ***NEW*** At Home FOOD CHALLENGE will be kicking off April 6th with the sign-up email scheduled to be sent out tomorrow (March 30th).

    ·      ***NEW*** Two ONLINE PROGRAMMING ‘TRACKS’ created called ‘Road to Fitness’ and ‘Road to Strength’ – these will be available on a similar timeframe to the Online Individual programming.  Unfortunately they WILL require access to standard gym equipment (squat rack, bench press, bikes, rowers, kettlebells etc) so will be more ‘valuable’ once the gym (and other gyms) re-open.

    Now what am I most excited about?  Hard to say I guess…I guess what has been most exciting is just the real ‘urgency’ about getting some of these projects that have been on the agenda for a long time (in some cases, more than 2-years!) off the ground.  For example, the ‘At Home’ workouts we have all been doing for the past week (longer for some people) – we were able to react quickly to the situation and get these workouts ‘UP’ before the gym had even closed for one simple reason – the work had already been done because these sessions are part of an ‘ongoing’ “I’m on Holidays” program that we had been hoping to make available for people via subscription when people were away from the gym on holidays…of course, as it turns out we have made them available for free (which I believe is the right thing to do given the current situation!) even if other gyms have taken a different approach.  Let’s not worry about what those guys are doing.

    The other part of this of course is because we had already “Done the Work” on this, we have therefore been able to provide you with a training PROGRAM versus a collection of ‘get sweaty’ workouts.  Though, to be fair, I only have 60-days worth of training defined I do have a 60-day PROGRAM defined and that is what we have been publishing for you to follow (tomorrow’s session is actually Day 15 of the program as we started publishing on March 15th).  I guess the other interesting part of this is that the ‘PROGRAM’ was interrupted by the “Tracey Saturday Alphabet Smash” on Saturday – and based on Social Media posts alone that one has been the most popular among you guys doing them – but we have taken that on-board and will be rolling with ‘Super Saturday’ fun workouts from this point forward throughout the closure.  BUT I would still encourage you to do the work-outs ‘AS WRITTEN’ – and sure, some will be harder and some will be easier and some will be lower body focussed and others will be upper body focussed and others will be cardio focussed…hey…that’s called a PROGRAM!

    Why am I trying to harp on about the importance of having a training program versus a series of workouts?  Well, because following a PLAN is important if you want to get better and make a bit of progress.  We could all get sweaty every day by doing the same session based around running and burpees – and there might be a session or two that are like that – but ultimately that is going to be pretty limited in the long-term benefit it provides.  I mean, times are tough right now – amongst everything that is going on we don’t have a gym to train at and we don’t have a crew to train with – but there are always things we can do to get BETTER!

    Honestly, that’s why I have started doing the online Strength sessions as well – yes, using the limestone block that I purchased for $8.60.  I wanted to provide you with a STRENGTH PLAN for this time when you aren’t in the gym…and a “TOOL” you can use that everyone has access too.  But if you HAVE a barbell, well you can use the barbell.  If you have a kettlebell, you can use the Kettlebell.  Or dumbbells.  Or a sandbag.  Or whatever.  I chose to do the program using the limestone block – and without using gloves as was suggested to me by someone over text today…I mean, gloves??  Seriously! – because that is the lowest common denominator…$8.60 of good, old fashioned strength equipment…now isn’t the time to be fancy, now isn’t the time to spend a fortune on home workout equipment…now is the time to use your imagination, do things a bit differently.  PLUS.  A barbell has been created to be ‘EASY’ to lift…using some ‘DIFFERENT’ tools for a while (and a limestome brick is a good example of different) will give you a different challenge and help you continue to make progress.

    Stay Safe,

    Hope to see you all soon!








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