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    We are living in interesting times!

    Hey Everyone,

    Well, it sure is an interesting time!  Back in 1969 (over 50 years ago!) Robert Kennedy made a speech in Cape Town where he popularised the use of those words.  This is what he said:

    “There is a Chinese curse which says ‘May he live in interesting times.’ Like it or not we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also more open to the creative energy of men than any other time in history.”

    I guess for everyone who has questions about what is happening – I don’t really have any answers.  For everyone who wants to know what is happening at the gym – I don’t really have any answers!  I am expecting that at SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE the gym will be closed due to government restrictions…and if/when that happens I don’t know how long it will be closed for.  Whilst it is closed we will be taking the following actions:

    1/.  Freezing everyone’s membership (so you don’t need to take action for this to happen).

    2/.  Continuing to provide the FREE ‘At Home’ training series (that we have been providing everyone for the last two weeks.

    3/.  Offering personalised at home sessions to those who request it for the cost of $25 per week (more details coming later this week).

    In the immediate term (which will continue as long as we are permitted) the gym will remain open and all sessions will continue to operate as per the time-table.  The post-session disinfecting routine has been embraced by the gym community and for that I thank you guys – certainly I myself (and my entire family for that matter) have been in the gym training every day and have felt confident doing so.  The efforts everyone has been putting in has gone a long way towards making me – and of course, those people training alongside you – feel comfortable and confident in showing up each day.  Honestly, numbers in the gym have been great and I have been very grateful for everyone’s continuing support.

    Now – there have been a number of people who have reached out to me (either directly, via email or via social) offering to continue to pay their membership fees in the event the gym is forced to close.  I really do appreciate this – it is an incredibly generous offer – and, to be honest, it is one that will go a long way towards ensuring that the gym is still alive and kicking when our lives (eventually) return to normal.  If you fit into this category (and I thank you if you are) then please cut and paste the following (thanks to our amazing member Blair who supplied me with the the ‘shell’ of this text) and send it back to me at ‘’:

    “I really value the gym and I wanted you to know that given the uncertainty moving forward you will continue to have my support on a financial basis.  I would like to commit to pay my gym membership fees even if the gym is closed.”

    Now that I’ve said that – and it wasn’t really all that easy to write – I want to make a couple of other comments.

    Firstly, no-one is under ANY OBLIGATION to do this – I will be freezing memberships by DEFAULT.  I can’t pretend to understand everyones personal financial circumstances but regardless of that I 100% understand the sentiment where you don’t want to pay for a service that you cannot utilise.  And yes, I will continue to make available the free at home workouts to everyone whether they are paying membership fees or not.

    Secondly, if you do make the offer to continue making membership payments, but then later realise that the closure has been going on longer than you anticipated OR your circumstances change such that you can no longer afford to make payments, well, no sweat.  Just let me know and I will IMMEDIATELY freeze your account.

    Remember, it isn’t all doom and gloom and we WILL pull through this (I think bigger and better than ever).  Things like the home workout program, the upcoming ‘food only’ challenge (check social or just stay tuned to the blogs), the opportunity for the provision of individualised training programs – none of those things need to disappear when everything is ‘back to normal’ (and nor, for that matter, does the post session disinfecting routine!).

    Anyway – what else can I say.  I hope you all keep coming into the gym whilst you still can.  I hope you use and abuse the home workouts and jump on-board with the upcoming food challenge.  And I hope you and yours all pull through this current crisis with your health and livelihood 100% intact.

    They sure are interesting times!








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