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    Your favourite session is running TOMORROW!

    Hey Team.

    What a week.  What a year.  What is going on?  I am pretty determined not to write another COVID19 blog but I do want to mention some quick things straight off the top.  Big thanks to everyone who has been helping with the disinfecting of equipment post-workout – really appreciated.  I do think this is working better in the strength gym where we can effectively set things up so it is ‘one person, one station’ with no equipment sharing than it does in the boxing gym where we are all sharing as we go through a circuit.  I am trying to put together a non-intrusive plan that addresses this a little better…in the meantime, here are some other ideas and suggestions that people have put forward:

    1.     Wash your hands as priority #1 when you arrive and before you leave.

    2.     Sterilise your water bottle and fill it up at home.

    3.     Consider bringing TWO (2) towels – different colours – one that you use to wipe your face, the other that you use to wipe sweat off the bikes etc.

    4.     WASH your gym towel.  WASH your hand wraps.  Take personal responsibility.

    5.     Don’t forget that ‘little things’ like car keys are a risk.  Consider storing your keys in a zip lock bag when they aren’t in use.

    I guess for me the overall message I have is just to be vigilant.  Keep using the disinfectant.  Wash your hands thoroughly.  Don’t take short-cuts.  And if you have travelled/experienced flu-like symptoms, don’t come to the gym.  I have been working away to produce the home workouts (emailed out + published on both Social AND SugarWOD every day) and if you *might* be ‘at risk’, well, do the home workouts for a few days and we’ll see you when you are ‘in the clear’

    What else?  I know I for one am expecting things to get worse before they get better – and based on everything I have been reading the biggest impact on us will be in May this year.  The scale of this impact?  Well, that is going to be down to US and how carefully we all manage our immediate environments.

    What else?  Well…I kind of wanted to talk about a bit of ‘gym motivation’ stuff.  I have spoken before about how (as coaches) we can do a lot of things…but what we “can’t do” is coach effort.  What you get out of each session is what YOU bring to it.  If you come along deciding that you “CAN’T” do this or “HATE” doing that, well, you are probably going to be pretty average when those things pop up on the program

    There is only one way to think about it.  That your ‘favourite’ class is the ‘next one’.  Is it really?  Well, probably not if we’re being truthful.  But it is if you say it is going to be!  As you set the alarm for the morning session you need to remember WHAT you are setting it for – and it isn’t ‘for the gym’.  It is to feel better, stronger, motivated, faster, happier, free of stress, maybe another step along the way to your weight loss goal, to see your friends…it isn’t because you *have* to go to the gym.

    Can the coaches help keep you on track?  100%.  Should they be helping?  100%.  When they see you struggling they should be either encouraging you to keep going/push harder (or demanding that you lift your rating depending on the relationship they have with you of course!)…but at the same time if you give off the “I’ve checked out” body language (you’ve all seen it) then it is really hard for the coaches to change that…the only person who can change that is YOU.

    When things get bad, you need to chase away negative thoughts.  We are doing ‘HARD’ things because they are helping to make us better.  We hit ALL of our targets because each time you take a short-cut you are giving yourself permission to take another one.  We don’t make excuses – we keep our heads down and push through to the absolute end!

    Tomorrow is going to be your favourite class EVER.  Don’t worry whether it is 2-minute rounds or 7-minute rounds or something in-between.  It is going to be your FAVOURITE.  Don’t worry if it has lot’s of bike or no bike.  Lot’s of squats or no squats.  Lot’s of boxing or no boxing.  It is going to be your FAVOURITE because that is the way to approach it if you want to maximise your time in the gym.

    We (coaches) want your time in the gym to be the BEST part of your day.  If you come in looking forward to the challenge ahead, well, I have no doubt that it will be.

    See you in the gym for your FAVOURITE session EVER!


    p.s.  In case you didn’t realise, the voting thing was a bit of a joke.  So…there isn’t really a way to vote.  And you don’t need to email me your vote.  It doesn’t matter anyway ‘cos no matter what TOMORROW is your Favourite!  Right!




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