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    The “ENDURANCE” Solution

    Hey Team,

    I have been looking at the offerings we have at Round 1 over the past couple of months and in some ways I am happy and in others I am sad!

    I think we have an AMAZING “Fitness” solution:  Boxing.

    Our Boxing classes really are amazing and whilst I agree there is a bit of a ‘ramp up’ time when you first start (it takes between 3 and 13 weeks after you start to really ‘get the hang of things’) depending on your athletic background/experience BUT what an awesome program.  We really do challenge people every day – and whilst you “Can’t coach Effort” I really believe our staff do a terrific job of making people accountable and encouraging them to work hard.

    I think we have a Kick-ARSE “Strength and Conditioning” solution:  Functional Fitness.

    Our Functional Fitness class are awesome as well and we offer an awesome Strength and Conditioning program in what is clearly a world class environment.  People who want to get stronger, become more athletic and explosive…these sessions are amazing (and amazing value).

    I think we have an INCREDIBLE program for teenagers:  Developing Athlete Program

    We also have a S+C program for teenagers – Developing Athletes – that provide all of those kids out there with athletic dreams (you know, the ones who want to play in the AFL, NRL, NBL…anything with an “A” or “N” as the first letter in a 3-letter-acronym) a way to kick start their training and get themselves ahead of the curve.

    What we DON’T really have is any kind of ‘ENDURANCE’ track.  Or, at the very least, a program designed to support endurance athletes.  Who or WHAT are ‘endurance’ athletes?  Well, I would class them as people for whom distance running/cycling/swimming (including triathletes and multi-eventers) is their primary athletic focus.  Now – of course these guys would benefit from a couple of boxing sessions per week as part of their ‘off legs’ training – that is pretty much beyond dispute.  But we don’t have anything ‘SPECIFICALLY’ for them.

    What I would like to do – before jumping in with both feet – is see if there is any interest for a program that would run 5x days per week to support these athletes.  The week would look like this:

    Day Activity
    Monday: Endurance Circuit (Hi intensity cardio + Bodyweight/light weight resistance).
    Tuesday Strength (Upper Body Focus)
    Wednesday OFF to facilitate a Sport ‘speed’ session (running/swimming intervals etc)
    Thursday Strength #2 (Lower Body Focus)
    Friday Yoga
    Saturday Endurance Circuit (Hi intensity cardio + Bodyweight/light weight resistance).
    Sunday OFF to facilitate a Sport “ENDURANCE” session (or your long run/ride/swim for the week).

    The benefits of the program for endurance athletes would be many and varied but in short, runners/cyclists who are strong, simply perform better.  You will have more “LEGS” for the hills, stronger core and balance, be more resistant to injuries…it goes on and on (and on).  The challenge of course is finding a strength program that is balanced and understands that your focus is your half-marathon time and NOT your Back Squat 3RM…that’s the whole point of this program.  Now ideally, this type of training (Strength Training for Endurance Athletes) would be happening 12-months of the year…but clearly we aren’t quite there yet…but…

    I would like to PILOT the program in the lead-up to the City To Surf event this year, and would intend to further support any people who are involved with a running program (to be completed on the Wednesday and Sunday ‘OFF’ days) that would help get them to the finish line in style.  This program would be limited to TWELVE (12) athletes and the cost would be $49 per week (inclusive of the YOGA sessions which would be conducted at Muscle Focus Massage (located inside Round 1 Fitness).  This program will only be available to Round 1 members.

    Now.  In terms of the costs, I do feel that I need to explain them a little bit.  For us to run another session in the gym at 6am 5x days per week – remember, we already have 2x classes running at that time! – we need to have staff here to do it.  And whilst I understand that all of the coaches have such great jobs that they *WANT* to do it for free, they actually have mortgages, car loans and donuts to buy just like everyone else.  And the YOGA?  Well, that is something else again – we need to outsource that and it kind of costs what it costs.  What would the ‘ongoing’ costs of such a program be if we were to keep running it post the end of the PILOT program?  (Remembering that if it was ONGOING we wouldn’t include the YOGA but I do think it is a key part of the program and hence a key part of the trial)…well…let’s cross that bridge when and if we come to it…before we worry about ‘ONGOING’ we need to get to the part where we get enough people to do the trial AND the trial is a success. 

    So – to summarise, I would like to run a 12-week ‘Enduro-Strength’ program from the first week of June until the City-to-Surf at the end of August.  It would run at either 5:30am or 6am each morning (see the schedule above), be limited to 12 participants, include 1x Yoga session per week and cost would be $49/week.

    Let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

    See you in the gym,



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