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    Until the weekend….until the weekend…

    Hey Everyone,

    We are two-weeks in to 28-days-later and the weekend is upon us.  What’s more, it is a ‘special’ weekend (Valentine’s Day) and we will all want to be whispering sweet nothings and drinking champagne and…wait….

    So if you have gotten through the first two weeks without using one of your cheat days, well, I would 100% encourage you to try and go ALL THE WAY to the end without using one of your cheat days at all.  Every time (well, to be fair, it’s NEARLY every time) we run through the Health Check process with a new starter we get the “I eat pretty healthy, except for the weekend, ha ha” story back from then.  And here’s how I try to explain why it matters to the ‘new people’.

    If you are a ‘pretty normal’ person (say an average girl, around 65kgs) you will probably see from your body scan that your metabolic rate gives you an allocation of around 1500 cals per day.  And most days, you are doing a great job and eating those 1500 cals (or somewhere in the 1400-1600 ‘range’ when you include coffees, snacks etc).  Good on YOU!

    Then Friday comes and Friday night is a bit of a blow out and you hit 2000 because of the dirty burger and 2x glasses of wine.  Then Saturday is a disaster so it’s chips from the café at netball/athletics/food court, take-away for dinner and another glass of wine for a total of 2200 cals.  Then Sunday, it’s dips and nibblies, another couple of glasses of wine and chocolate after dinner…for around 2500cals.  Which means we are plus 2200cals for the WEEKEND.  Which means we have just had 8 ½ days of food in a week (HINT as to why this is important:  The week didn’t have any extra days added!!!).

    Now, of course, it isn’t ALL about cals in, cals out – it is a bit more complicated than that – but it does matter at some level.  And if you are wondering why all that hard training you are doing in the gym isn’t QUITE getting you the results you want on the scales even though you 100% FEEL fitter and stronger, well…

    Let me back track a bit.  If you have a cheat day planned, well, I would actually encourage you to relax a little and enjoy it.  But please remember what the end goal is here – and try to keep things to a ‘cheat’ MEAL – have that ONE thing you have really been looking forward to – rather turning it into a whole day of food debauchery…and if you are able to bounce out of bed and into the gym the next morning, well, so much the better!!!

    Good luck for the weekend – let’s all stay on the righteous path!

    See you in the gym,



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