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    Challenge Timeline – How you feel today and how you WILL feel tomorrow!

    11-days in and I feel S-L-O-W

    Hey Team – and especially ‘Hey Challenge Team’.

    I am writing this because I am not feeling that amazing right now.  I did the class yesterday and I felt FLAT and SLOW and ‘blergh’.  Aren’t I supposed to be feeling better by now???

    So – maybe.  I guess.  But I remembered that way, way back to once-upon-a-time I wrote a bit of a ‘this is how you will feel on this day of the challenge’ blurb which was based on what I went through on previous challenges and on me stealing stuff off the amazing guys at the Whole30 challenge (well, I sort of used it to double check my own stuff and I would encourage you to check out all the awesome work they do and there version of the ‘timeline’ here:

    Anyway, this is what it said:

    Day 1 “I got this…” You start off with confidence and ‘everything’ is ‘EASY’.
    Day 2-3 Washed out and Headaches This is often described as the ‘hangover’ – you might have a bit of a headache (withdrawal) and often wont sleep too well.
    Day 4-7 On Edge You feel ‘better’ in that your headache has (mostly) gone.  But little things bug you.  And other people are ANNOYING.  You are short tempered…and it will pass.
    Day 6-8 So….TIRED! Right.  Now you feel good…except all you want to do is SLEEP.  In the afternoon.  Hell, in the morning.  Now is NOT the time for a cheat day!
    Day 9-11 I think I am getting FATTER!  (It’s getting really HARD NOW). (This actually happens a few times).  Whenever you have a bit of a bad time – or a day that makes you WANT a beer! – you have doubts as to whether it is all worth it.  Stick at it!!!!  You will be grouchy, tired and questioning how eating ONE PIECE of chocolate could really make a difference.  Stick at IT!
    Day 12-15 James Brown! This is when you actually have a bit of a ‘I feel GOOD’ type moment.  You wake up energetic and are thinking you have made a breakthrough…but then….
    Day 16-18 I just need to EAT Past half-way…it should be easy.  But this is when it hits – you will want a burger, a beer, a coke, a cookie…if someone asks you your favourite food, you will say “Anything Dead”…you just want to eat EVERYTHING.  Stick at it…
    Day 19-20 OK…I feel GOOD (again)…is this real?? You are nearly there.  Your appetite for ‘everything’ seems to have subsided…and you are jumping out of bed in the morning.  Is this how I will feel FOREVER???
    Day 21-22 This SUCKS This is – for 100% real – the final hurdle.  For one last time you just cannot face sticking to the food rules for one more second.  Sure, your clothes feel looser and you THINK the results are starting to show, but…
    Day 25+ James Brown…FOR REAL this time. You’ve done it.  You’ve cracked the code and you are feeling great.  People are asking you about your ‘post challenge cheat meal’ and you are dreaming of steak, sweet potato and maybe some sauted green beans.  Your workouts are going GREAT.  This food stuff is easy…how was this EVER hard.  This’ll be easy – I’ll do this for another month…maybe FOREVER!


    Or – in other words, Days 9-10-11 are SUPPOSED to be hard.  But in the next couple of days we *SHOULD* be getting to the “JAMES BROWN” stage (anytime now would be JUST FINE by the way!).

    Stick at it team.  If you are feeling like me, feeling better is 100% just around the corner!See you in the gym,



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