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    7-days in and all is WELL (I hope!!).

    We are one-week down in our 4-week Feb Challenge and our first big hurdle is fast approaching…the weekend!  Now, I know that we technically STARTED on the weekend, but last weekend was C-A-K-E (Well, it was a weekend without cake I guess but semantics).  Last weekend we had all just scanned in, we were motivated, fresh, firing, excited for the month ahead.

    This weekend?

    Well, this weekend the cold reality of a weekend without sugar and alcohol is looming large.  It *should* be easy as, but honestly…habits are hard to break and if you are used to kicking off the weekend with a beer on a Friday night or enjoying a wine alongside a pizza on Saturday night, well, things are about to start getting hard.  Add to that doing so after a week of sugar withdrawal headaches and it all just got a LOT harder.

    A bit of advice – Trying to be ‘PERFECT’ and convince yourself that you have all the answers and are 100% prepared for every outcome isn’t something you should be doing.  Perfection gets you nowhere.  Chasing the “BEST” solution and stressing that you are not “Doing it Right” is not going to get you to the end.  Thinking that everyone else seems to “Have the answers” and it is only you who is battling along is not going to get you to the end.  Trying to ‘race ahead’ to the end when there are still 3-weeks to go is not going to get you to the end.  All these things will do is fry your nerves and cause you to become frustrated with yourself and the whole process.


    Here’s what we are all going to do if we feel it is all getting a but hard and a bit much.  RELAX.  Move DELIBERATELY towards the goal.  The challenge has two important things right now – our (well, your!) energy and our (again, actually YOUR) attention.  Those are probably the two most important things you have in your possession.  In his pretty cool book (but the middle is a battle to be fair) ‘The Carpenter’, Jon Gordon said:

    “While most people approach their work with the mindset that they just want to get it done, craftspeople are more concerned with who they are becoming and what they are creating whether than how fast they finish it.” He goes on to write that, “The craftsperson is only thinking about building his work with love…when you care about your work you stand out in a world where most don’t care. Caring leads to success.”

    RELAX this weekend.  We are all building something bigger.  One step in front of the other is the way to walk down the road – and we will get to the end at the end.  Keep doing things ‘right’ and good outcomes are surely headed your way!

    See you in the gym,




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