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    Small, Sustainable Changes and playing the ‘LONG’ Game.

    It’s for the challenge peeps but it’s really for EVERYONE!

    We are a few days into 28-Days-Later 2020 and I am sure the following is true:
    Some people are ‘FLYING’.  I mean, “This stuff is EASY!”

    Some people are ‘BATTLING’ – Headaches, tired, life sucks.

    Most of us are (of course) somewhere in between.  “I mean I miss chocolate and beer and bread but mostly I’m OK – a bit tired I guess – and if only I could find an excuse to why I’m not drinking at the pub this Sunday avo…”

    What we have done so far (in ‘REAL’ terms) is make a few small and (hopefully) sustainable changes to our diet.  We now have a couple of days every month where we can eat whatever we like – the rest of the time we are restricted with regards Bread, Pasta, Alcohol and added sweeteners.  We are currently doing the ‘hard bit’ (establishing a new normal) and might be suffering a bit for it, but it will SOOOOO be worth it.

    Remember though – we are playing a ‘long’ game here.  In past challenges most girls lose around 2.5kgs – most boys around 4kg.  Of course there are the 10kg+ weight loss outliers – and yes, that *could* be you – but history shows the 2.5kg/4kg numbers (girls/boys) to be pretty consistent and repeatable averages.  Don’t thing negatively about this – think of it as the perfect start to a longer journey…but remember our first checkpoint isn’t WAY off in the distance…it is on the 29th of February!

    Eat well.  You 100% CAN stick at it.

    Train HARD.  The challenges are a lot of fun…if you WANT THEM TO BE FUN!  (Equally, they are miserable if you decide that’s what they are so don’t dig a hole for yourself (think and BE positive).

    Keep everything in perspective.  You aren’t defined by what you do/don’t accomplish on the challenge.  Ultimately, we are all after the same thing – a bit of a food/training/drinking post Christmas ‘RESET’, maybe to wipe a couple of kilos off the scales and 100% to get to the end with a positive mindset, feeling good about how hard we have all worked!

    That’s it – See you in the gym!



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