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    The Gym, The Challenge and (so-called) Wedding Syndrome.

    Hey Everyone,

    Welcome to another week.  Thanks to everyone who got along to train with us last week – the sessions really were cranking.  Somehow I only managed 1x boxing class last week – my usual Monday was taken away by the holiday (I was working) so I did a strength session post classes.  Tuesday is my ‘Functional’ Day.  Wednesday I had a meeting and missed 12pm Boxing – so I did Functional.  Thursday is another Functional “Day” and Friday I FINALLY got in a boxing class.  THEN, I have spent the whole weekend on a course so no gym for me (just some PT sessions Saturday AM, some ‘moving’ on the course and a weights session this afternoon).

    It is frustrating – well, I find it frustrating! – when this happens and my routine is interrupted by ‘LIFE’.  But I still managed to get my training ‘done’ – 6x sessions in a week isn’t bad – and whilst it wasn’t exactly what I dreamed of, well, it was better than nothing and I still feel like I am ‘on track’.  (Well, sort of).

    Now – I am a bit too old to be invited to weddings these days (though it does still happen occasionally).  I was cleaning out my desk drawer this afternoon when I was ‘SUPPOSED’ to be writing this blog when I stumbled across the invitation to a wedding I attended last year.  And it was C-O-O-L.  (The wedding was also cool but this isn’t about that).  A LOT of thought went into this invitation and I guarantee you a lot of thought went into every single detail of the wedding itself.  But 12-hours after the wedding (6-hours?  3 hours?) it really does fade into insignificance whereas the reality of the MARRIAGE will be ongoing for the next (hopefully) 50-years.

    I want to transfer that to the 28-Days-Later Challenge that just kicked off in particular and to the training that you do with us in general.  I mean, speaking “generally”, your original decision to walk through the doors and ‘sign up’ isn’t really that big a deal.  [Well, it’s a big deal to us at Round 1 but in terms of impact to you, the decision to ‘sign up’ quickly becomes irrelevant.]. What is important is your ongoing commitment to getting to the gym, your attitude to training ‘HARD’ and focus on continuous improvement when you are there, and your willingness to ‘eat like an adult’ [not everyday is cookie day, not everyday is espresso martini day!] when you are at home.

    The challenge is the SAME.  Signing up is GREAT.  But every year we have people who sign-up but then (for whatever reason) drop out half-way through.  GET TO THE END.  Even a couple of extra cheat days is not the ‘END’ – refocus on the reasons that made you decide to ‘sign up’ in the first place and get back on track.

    Not only that, it is just SOOOOOO Tempting to ‘WORK’ the challenge.  After all, there is a LOT of ‘flexibility’ in the rules…and I think most people can and have worked out that you could eat fish and chips (hopefully from Hooked and Cooked!) every night and still be challenge compliant – after all, there’s no bread, pasta, added sugar or alcohol in that meal!  A BETTER choice would be some grilled Fish and SALAD…and that would be a choice much more in line with the SPIRIT of the challenge.

    I know it is very tempting to focus on ‘signing up’ – focus on what you are PLANNING to do (or ‘gonna do’).  But that stuff is like a wedding invitation.  It is full of promise and shows your GOOD INTENTIONS.  But ultimately it doesn’t matter in the long run!

    Two more quick things:
    If you still want to sign up for the challenge, do it here:

    Our new SPARTA classes start THIS TUESDAY.  Read about them here:


    That’s it.  Good luck.

    See you in the gym.




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