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    2020 28-Days Later Challenge

    What is the 28-Days-Later Challenge?

    The ’28-Days Later’ challenge is a training + food restriction plan that runs from Saturday Feb 1st until Friday Feb 28th.  Just like the movie that inspired the ORIGINAL challenge way back in 2015, it is a chance to see how much can CHANGE in 28-days…how much weight can you lose, what percentage body fat change can you achieve, how much muscle can you gain…

    Joining the challenge includes:

    ‘Challenge Survival Guide’ (a ‘Get Started’/’How to’ document, all the rules, vouchers for the scans and t-shirts, challenge sign-off sheet, details of the training ‘extras’ etc all in a plastic sleeve).

    10-day eating ‘plan’ including recipes [It’s actually WAY more than 10-days of meals!]

    2x Body Scans at Round 1 Fitness.

    This document details ‘EVERYTHING’ you need to know about the 2020 28-Days-Later Challenge (or at least everything we can think of.  If you have more questions, email us:!).


    How Much Does It Cost?

    Round 1 Members:

    $70 for individuals

    $120 for families


    $225 for individuals [Includes a 1-month membership with access to both the Boxing AND Strength Gyms]

    How do you sign-up for the Challenge?

    All participants must sign-up to the 28-days later challenge via the Round 1 portal:

    2020 28-Days-Later PORTAL

    What are the Diet Rules?

    The following list details the DIET RULES for the ’28-Days Later’ challenge.

    No Sugar.  This means no sweeteners of ANY kind – natural or artificial. It means no maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, stevia, etc. Read your food lables, because companies sneak sugar into products in ways you might not recognize.  You may EAT fruit but you cannot use fruit juice/cook with fruit as it is then acting as a sweetener.

    No Bread OR Pasta.  No Bread.  No crackers, mountain bread, Turkish Bread, Foccacia’s, wraps, cracker bread, cracker biscuits…you get the idea.  No bread or bread substitutes at all.  Likewise, no pasta means NO PASTA.

    No Alcohol.  No alcohol.  NONE.  Not even for cooking.

    Cheat Days.  The 28-Days-Later challenge includes provision for 2x CHEAT days where you are able to eat/drink outside of the challenge rules.  These must be noted on your challenge sign-off sheet.  

    What are the Training Rules?

    The following list details the Training Rules for the 2020 ’28-Days Later’ challenge.

    Classes.  You must complete THREE (3) group training sessions at Round 1 Fitness each week.  You can choose ANY of the classes on the time-table (Boxing, Rolling Thunder (30-min minimum), Body Work, Beginners, Functional Fitness or SPARTA) to make up your classes.  At the conclusion of each session, the trainer who conducted the class needs to sign your Challenge Tracking Sheet.

    Challenges.Each WEEK (weeks start on SATURDAY for the purposes of the challenge) you will be required to complete TWO (2) Fitness ‘Challenges’ in addition to your classes.  Each challenge will take up to 20-minutes to complete.  The challenges can be done either before or after a class OR on a separate day – that is totally up to you.  You are not required to have a trainer ‘sign-off’ your challenges – you do need to record the time taken to complete the challenge/day completed as appropriate.  A video of the 28-days Later Challenge circuit will be made available to participants via EMAIL prior to the commencement of the challenge.

    Penalties.  There are a number of rules (detailed in your challenge booklet) relating to arriving late for a class, not completing your food ‘records’, forgetting to bring your challenge folder to the gym, late signatures etc.  Any incurred penalty must be completed within 7-days of it being incurred.

    When can I do my Body Scans?

    Initial InBody 570 Body Scans will be done on Saturday, February 1st!  Final Body Scans can be performed from Saturday, February 29th  Please remember that you must NOT have exercised before your Body Scan.  ‘Booking sheets’ for the Body Scans will be available in the gym for ONE WEEK prior to the scans in order to help prevent long waiting times.

    If you are unable to attend the gym during the designated scanning ‘times’, you must arrange a time to have your scan completed via email.  Any scans conducted outside of the ‘scanning day’ will be subject to an additional charge of $5.

    What if I have questions?

    Any questions can be asked via email to

    To sign-up / register for the challenge please go to the 28-Days-Later Portal.


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