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    The Next TEN DAYS

    Hey Everyone,

    Thanks heaps to everyone who got along to train with us last week.  I know that the crazy season is 100% underway with numerous work Christmas functions already done and dusted…and life is only going to get busier and crazier.  Don’t forget that getting involved in the ’12 Days of Christmas’ challenge is one way to keep yourself on track throughout the next month – I know this sounds stupid but it isn’t a ‘challenging’ challenge!  What it is though is a way to keep yourself accountable and get in the gym 2-3 times each week between now and Christmas.  If you want to sign up, you still can:

    On a personal note, I have had a completely manic week – looking back I am really finding it hard to understand how I got through everything.  I ran classes in the gym from 5am Monday morning then footy training was back on Monday night – first night so not too bad, home around 8pm.  Tuesday morning back in the gym, in the gym again Tuesday night then off to guitar at 8pm when my PT was done.  Wednesday morning back in the gym again for 5am, Wednesday night off to footy (yep, there are 80 kids on the track) and then took Marshall off to his little post-high school ‘soiree’ in Lancelin…I got back from there around 1:30am’ish.  Luckily I wasn’t in the gym at 5am Thursday – I got to sleep in until 7am (PT) but I was running classes Thursday night…I followed that up by getting ‘nudged’ off my bike by a car that doesn’t believe indicators are a ‘thing’ on the way home (around 8:30pm).  Friday morning back in the gym from 5am, back to the footy club Friday night…oh – did I mention the AFL draft was on during the week so add in another several million phone calls and text messages and, happily, two of ‘my boys’ were drafted.  THEN, Saturday morning in the gym for PT at 5am before all day in a coaching course…and back into the course Sunday (I finished around 3pm) before rolling past the gym for a quick workout and home to write this blog.  Apparently there are other people who live in this house I am in…I should probably introduce myself to them before I go to bed!

    Anyway, I set the theme of this little ‘blog’ thing a couple of weeks ago and I called it ‘The Next 10 Days’.  The basis of the theme came from sitting there watching 15-minutes or so of a Russell Crowe movie that is called ‘The Next Three Days’ a week or two back.  Now I seem to remember watching the whole thing a few years back and it was an ‘OK’ show – if you haven’t seen it, the premise is that a husband (Crowe) decides to break his wife out of prison and go ‘on the run’ with her and their young kid…if I recall, they head to that bastion of people dodging justice – Canada (though again, it was years ago and I am sure I am sketchy on the details…besides which,  the plot of the movie isn’t really that important – it is the ‘analogy’ in my head that it created (what can I tell you, I think in strange ways) that has led to a few changes in my own life and a bit of a plan leading forward.

    Now that I have said the plot of the movie isn’t important, I am going to cover off on the parts that triggered my thinking.  First off, Russell Crowe plays a ‘teacher’ (of some sort).  I’m going out on a limb and saying that breaking someone out of prison is a little bit out of a teachers comfort zone.  Secondly, he has to act NOW.  There can be no dilly-dallying – he moves NOW or his wife (played by an actress I didn’t recognise) was going to some kind of ‘harder to break out of’ prison.  Though to be truthful, they all appear pretty hard to break out of (to me).  You would have to watch the movie to know whether they get away or not – all I want to talk about is the mindset of Crowe’s character and the ‘call to action’.

    When I was thinking about the character trying to plan not just a prison escape – but an entire new life for himself and his family– and the tight timeframe he had to do it, I started to try and think about all of the things in my life ‘right now’ that *COULD* be changed if I had the *WILL* (aka motivation) to do it.  As one of the other coaches at the footy club says, “If you have the WILL then you have the SKILL”.

    First off – and you might have noticed something here – I have been talking (to myself mostly) for several years about abandoning my car and riding a bike in to the gym in the mornings.  But all I have been doing – and this has been going on for YEARS – is talking about it.  So.  Decision made – bike organised and in I ride.

    Second.  I don’t do a ‘lot’ of takeaway coffee.  I drink a lot of coffee to be sure – but I make it, I don’t buy it.  But when I DO buy it, I have always gotten one with milk in whereas I would never make it that way.  Decision made – black coffee only.  Done.

    Third.  My ongoing guitar disaster has been driving me c-r-a-z-y.  Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly ‘gotten better’, but there is one main thing holding me back from making ‘TRUE’ progress…”keeping time”.  So, my entire lesson time (and practice time for that matter) over the past two weeks has all been about ‘stripping it back’ and ‘staying in time’.  This is annoying (VERY annoying) and boring and frustrating and annoying and boring and frustrating but if I actually want to improve, well…

    Fourth.  My morning routine.  I have had this on-again, off-again morning routine that I have been following when it ‘suits me’…and the rest of the time  (aka, 5-6 days each week!) I have been doing what I want (aka watching a bit of sport on tv whilst laying on the couch and waiting for the alarm to tell me to go to work).  NOW?  Every day – starts with 600ml of water and followed by 3x sets of a simple yoga rotation – cat-cows-cobra-downward dog-childs pose – 10 seconds each position.  I do that before I even THINK about touching the dial on the t.v.  I am leaving the house on my bike feeling GOOD!

    Fifth – and last.  My sleep.  I am terrible at this and regularly get by on 4 – 5 hours per night.  So I have taken a bit of a stand that means a MINIMUM of 40 hours per week (I track it on the ‘sleep cycle’ app which is a great resource).  Often, I only get 5 hours during the week…which means I need some ‘catch-up’ sleep/early nights on the weekends.  So far I have just scraped in for 40-hours 2x weeks in a row and I am actually thinking of setting a 45 hour ‘stretch’ target.

    That’s it for me (well, for now at least).  5x changes, 5x health(ier) habits…all put into place in less than two weeks.  Can I keep it going?  Who knows..but right now, I am pretty determined to continue at least ‘making the effort’ to be a little bit better.  There really is no excuse for me – as I near 50 – to not be continually trying to make some changes and improvements to my routine(s)…

    What sort of things could YOU change?

    That’s it for the week…see you in the gym!


    p.s.  Please expect details of Christmas trading hours to be posted up around the gym sometime this week.




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