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    You’re doing a LOT right!!!

    Hey Everyone,

    What an awesome week in the gym – and one million thanks to everyone who came along to train with us.  I am really pleased with the continued evolution of our gym with the latest initiatives being:

    The SugarWOD app for Functional Fitness and Developing Athlete Participants.

    New Water Coolers for one and all!

    We KNOW it is hot in the gym so are super pleased to be able to offer multiple cold water stations in the gym – and hope that the new one inside the main gym area makes it easier for people who need ‘in session’ bottle top-ups.  With the SugarWOD app, it is all about understanding that you need to ‘stress to progress’…the problem of course is how can you STRESS if you don’t know what you did last time???  Enter your numbers and be sure that your weights are slowly (but surely) creeping upwards.

    What else??  Well, the 12-Days of Christmas challenge is ready to kick-off again…in a week from now.  It is the ‘usual’ 12-days structure – a simple little challenge to keep everyone on track during this most social time of year.  As always – it isn’t super ‘onerous’ in terms of output, but does DEMAND that you get into the gym a couple of times each week throughout December in order to finish.  Usual thing – training twice a week sounds ‘easy’, but when the calendar flips to December, well, nothing is ever as simple as it seems!  Now I’m hoping everyone has the link to sign up (it is just $10) but if not, you can access the sign-up portal here:

    So – this week I wanted to say one thing (and I think it applies to everyone).  Here goes:

    “You’re doing a LOT right”.

    I know you are being critical of your training and your diet choices – and I know you probably shouldn’t have had that chocolate after dinner last Wednesday or that extra glass of wine on Friday night…but it’s OK.  You are doing a LOT right.  What I wanted to sort of talk about as well is the way that you can easily turn ‘bad’ food choices into good ones without even really trying!

    First off – breakfast.  I am hearing over and again about the ‘racing out of the door with 2 pieces of peanut butter toast’ ritual.  I know you you it isn’t great – I mean, if you have dinner at 7pm, then toast for breakfast, well…you are probably going 18-20 hours (best case) without protein.  So you are probably going to feel pretty tired in the afternoon.  But that ‘two pieces of toast’ can easily be solved.

    New solution:  ONE piece of toast with avocado, half sliced tomato and half a can of tuna.  Fold it in half and eat in the car.

    Now – is this ‘new solution’ as good as having a bacon and egg cup or eating some overnight oats?  Well, no…but if you haven’t made the bacon and egg cups or prepped the overnight oats, well, what are you going to do?  Toast, avocado, tomato, tuna ticks the balanced ‘box’ (carbs, fats, protein), provides some micro-nutrients (variety of ingredients) and will help you kick the day off pretty well.

    Here we go with part#2 – lunch.  Lunch is tricky.  If you aren’t organised with things like meaty balls or salmon muffins or any of the other ‘pre-made, easy to grab’ recipes I have give you guys through the various challenges over the past ten years, well, what is the plan?  Apparently for a lot of people the plan is a ham and cheese sandwich – maybe if you are lucky, ham, cheese and tomato!  So…how can you change this/make it ‘better’??

    Well, if you’ve had bread for breakfast (remember the toast) we probably don’t want to do that again, so what’s the plan?  First, dice up the tomato rather than slicing it – then do the same thing to a baby cucumber and mix all of that together.  THEN, lay out the sliced ham (2-3 slices) on a cutting board and top each slice with a few spinach leaves, THEN top that with a slice of cheese.  NEXT, you want to – if you have it – spread some onion jam atop the the cheese (or some sliced pickled onions even) then spoon a layer of the diced tomato and cucumber atop the ham/cheese…and roll it all up like a sushi roll.  2-3 of these will be super good for lunch – you are ticking all of the carbs/protein/fats boxes for not a lot more time than the original ‘sanger’ would have taken you to make.

    Dinner, dinner, dinner.  What problems do we see/have with dinner?  Well, the biggest one I keep hearing about is the ‘pasta craving’ and the pull of spaghetti.  So try this instead.

    First off, make your bolognaise sauce as usual, but add in some black beans (or even some kidney beans) if you have them in the pantry.  The more you can add to the ‘sauce’, the better – I’m talking mushrooms, capsicum, zucchini etc.

    Next, get some bowls out and lay out some spinach leaves in each one – when the sauce is done, spoon it into each bowl but leave a bit of a ‘hole’ in the middle.  Put a spoonful of sour cream (and if you have it, a spoon of your favorite chilli/taco sauce) into the hole…and then put a ‘just cooked’ soft fried (or boiled) egg into the rest of the hole.  If you are keen, top the egg with some sliced avo and crumble some fetta over the top…I promise it will take LESS time to do this than cooking the pasta…

    Like I said at the start – you are doing amazingly well.  And by thinking a little bit laterally, you can do even better.  Yes – of COURSE it is a better idea to have some bacon+egg cups in the fridge ready to grab in the morning (or some Meaty Balls in there ready for lunch), but if you DON’T have that, you can still make GOOD CHOICES without much extra effort.

    That’s it!  See you in the gym,





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