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    Getting started is hard…

    Hey Team,

    Big thanks to everyone who came along to train with us last week.  Our sessions – particularly early in the week – have just been so busy and full of energy…hard to imagine how people aren’t loving their training right now.

    I’m really excited about the week ahead as well – Elie has programmed our Boxing sessions (which always means a great cardio blast) and Functional Fitness will see us Front Squatting, Bench Pressing and Power Snatching.

    This also marks the final week of the Summer Slam Challenge.  Sign-in sheets for the weigh-ins next weekend will be available from Wednesday morning (give or take!).  We aren’t really in a position to schedule in scans on Friday but if you ‘get lucky’ (there is time and there are staff available) we will be more than happy to do that on an ad-hoc basis (but we wont be taking bookings for scans outside Sat/Sun).

    What else?  Well, there is a bit of a lead-in to the blog this week with the special we have running this week – 3-months, unlimited use, Boxing and Functional for $300.  The usual cost of this is $450 (or $150/month)…we are also including 2x body scans for anyone who signs up and their choice of Strength Wraps or Boxing Hand Wraps for returning clients or anyone referred by a current client.  So it is an easy $200 of savings which is pretty good (well, I think it is pretty good!)

    Now – I have had a few of our direct debit members say that they want to do this special so they can ‘try’ the Functional sessions – well, that’s a bit tricky if you are a direct debit client.  If it is just about ‘trying’ the sessions, you can do that at any time (through a two-week upgrade pass – they cost $25) and from there decide if you want to upgrade or not.  I know there are some boxing-only members who still ‘come along’ to Functional Classes as well – we understand that people get their times mixed up etc, but if you are repeatedly doing classes that you aren’t paying for, please do the right thing and upgrade your membership.

    I was going somewhere with all the talk about the special and here it is.  I have had two potential clients (enquiring about the special) say some interesting stuff during the last few days:

    “I’ve been looking on your Instagram lately and I was just wondering if I’d need to have a certain fitness level to be able to train at your gym?  I previously was at a boxing gym doing similar training but I haven’t been regularly training in months so my fitness level isn’t so great at the moment.  I’m just nervous I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone else as they look very fit.”

    And also….

    “Not sure if the boxing for fitness classes are for me to start off with though, and think something more low impact or gradual to ease me into it would be more suited until I get some basic fitness up.  Perhaps a tailored plan for the first month to 6wks, then into the boxing classes.”

    Now – this is actually quite tricky.  Now a few years back we started scaling our classes into ‘Performance’ and ‘Fitness’ options which was a great initiative – and it is the trainers job to make sure everyone ‘gets through it’…and yes, when you first start it is going to be hard (and the first class is pretty terrible for most people!) BUT…what do we do to try and convince people that “it’s gonna be OK”.

    Now, further to that – when it comes to fitness most things are pretty nuanced and most things that actually work take weeks – if not months – to produce results.  But one of the strengths of our gym (the constantly varied training) is also a bit of a weakness for new people…’cos it can take them weeks just to feel ‘comfortable’ in the sessions.

    And further to that, most things that people say that they want are not really the things they want.  They might say that they want meal plans, workout plans, exercise videos – you name it.  BUT.  All they really want is a way to get through the sessions without feeling like they are going to die (preferably today!!), not feeling self-conscious that they are ‘embarrassing themselves’ in the group and hopefully sometime within the first two weeks seeing the numbers on the scales getting smaller!  And that’s that.

    But.  Given that these feelings of nervousness 100% exist (and we didn’t really need the emails to know that but they are a good reminder) what I have done below is include 3x 30-40 minute plans that will (as much as possible) prepare people over a couple of weeks to do their ‘first’ class.  So – feel free to share these with any of your buddies who are thinking about giving it a try to HOPEFULLY give them a bit of confidence that it is going to be OK (and yes, they need some equipment but not much…and if you wanted to come to the gym with them and do the workouts side-by-side with them that would be an amazing way to get started)…

    Simple ‘Return to Train’ Plan
    Day 1



    1x Stationary Bike

    1x KB

    Your choice of 1x set of rings or a bar (even at a playground) you can use for body rows.

    50 Calories Bike (which will be around 5 mins steady effort)


    Then complete 3x rotations of the following circuit:

    –       10x Kettlebell Swings

    –       5x Pushups

    –       10x KB Goblet Squats

    –       5x Fence Pulls (Body Rows) – overhand grip

    –       10x KB Step-Back Lunges

    –       5x Fence Pulls (Body Rows) – underhand grip

    –       30x seconds Front Bridge



    When all 3x sets are finished, complete 100 Calories (or about 10 minutes steady effort) on the bike.


    Day 2



    1x Rower

    1x Barbell – boys 15kg, girls 10kg.


    1km Row (which will be around 5 mins steady effort)


    Then complete 3x rotations of the following circuit:

    –       15x Barbell Clean and Press

    –       15x Upright Rows

    –       15x Bentover Rows

    –       15x Front Squats

    –       30x seconds Front Bridge


    When all 3x sets are finished, complete 2km on the rower at a steady pace (which will be 8:30-10:00 work).

    Day 3



    1x Cross Trainer

    1x Dumbbell – boys around 10-12kg, girls around 6-8kg.

    2km SPARC (which will be around 5 mins steady effort)


    Then complete 3x rotations of the following circuit:

    –       20x Dumbbell Goblet Squats

    –       5x Pushups

    –       10x DB Clean and Press (each side)

    –       20x Dumbbell Goblet Squats

    –       5x Pushups

    –       10x DB Seated Press (each side)

    –       20x Dumbbell Goblet Squats

    –       5x Pushups

    –       10x DB Bentover Rows (each side)

    –       30x seconds Front Bridge


    When all 3x sets are finished, complete 3km on the SPARC at a steady pace (which will be 7:30-9:00 work).


    Now – I know me writing these three quick and dirty workouts down and saying ‘have at it’ doesn’t really solve any problems.  And I DO have some ideas (well, 1x idea but I think it is a good one) on how to solve this for the longer term…but I am also curious if any of you have any suggestions about how we can manage the barrier to entry that exists at our gym.  Our barrier isn’t people wandering about not knowing what to do (we run structured classes so that’s not an issue) but it is the intimidation factor of “everyone is fitter than me, how will I ever do that, I’m going to look like an idiot”.  So if you have suggestions, please send them through to

    See you in the gym,



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