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    Say YES, Say NO

    Hey Team,

    Thanks to everyone who got along to the gym in the last week or so.  It really does feel like it has been a crazy time.  First of all, the boxing classes are always ‘rolling on’ and we are continuing to try and find new ways to keep everyone both ‘challenged’ and ‘interested’.  Now, I am biased (of course I am) but I thought the new little “fighters warmups” we tried last Monday and Wednesday was an example of this and a great success.  Then we are continuing to try and push the boundaries in the Functional sessions – the new twice weekly, 6-phase dynamic ‘warm-up’ is an example of what is going on here.  Then, there is the challenge that is headed into week 3 which HOPEFULLY means most of the ‘hard bits’ is in the rear-view mirror for those people who are participating.

    Just on the challenge, if you HAVE fallen off the wagon or have hit a brick wall or whatever, don’t stress…just get back on the horse and get moving again.  I know for me, this week is Vanessa and mine 25th wedding anniversary and we are heading down south for a few days…there is absolutely going to be at least one additional cheat day that I have to use – most likely two.  I am not stressing about it – it just means I will need to ‘buy one back’ when I return.  Whether you need to buy one back or not (or whether you SHOULD buy one back or not), there are still 3x weeks to go.  So don’t give up…get back on the horse and get on with it.

    I have spent the last couple of days locked away in a room down at Fremantle Oval going through my Level 3 coaching course with 23 other state/national level coaches from around Australia.  We are two days into six (6) contact days – there are further weekend sessions towards the end of November and again in February – and the course has taught me a number of things so far…but mostly how much the world has changed over the past ten years.

    I have done this course before – back at the end of 2009.  Back then, the participation numbers were similar but 100% of participants were male.  This year, 30% of participants were female and 50% of participants were involved in coaching female footy at state or national level.  Which is awesome.  Further to that, when I last did the course, it was all about ‘football’.  This time?  Well, apparently that’s what we are all coaching…but from the content of the sessions you really wouldn’t know it.  It has all about creating culture, motivation, building relationships, storytelling, establishing a learning environment, identifying mental health ‘concerns’.  Truth be known, it has all been pretty much a blur!  Last time, the sessions were facilitated/presented by football ‘people’ – coaches, former players – whereas this time it has all been psychologists and, well, more psychologists!  Ten (10) years sure is a L-O-O-O-N-G time.

    Has it been good?  Well…I don’t know yet.  As anyone who has done any leadership type training (and honestly, that is what it has been) in their life could probably tell you , we have covered a lot of material.  Trying to figure out exactly what MY key takeaways are and HOW (exactly) I will use them in my own coaching (which obviously includes everything that happens at Round 1 every day!) is a little unclear right now…to be honest, all I want to do right now after 2x 10-hour days in the classroom is go to sleep…BUT.

    I did get one pretty key takeaway that I thought I could try and write about straight away.  One (1) key takeaway that is really easy to verbalise and I could share with you guys – and it is the ‘Say YES/Say NO’ box.  It looks like this:

    The idea is that you think about your ‘BEST SELF’.  And you think about those things that your ‘Best Self’ says ‘YES’ to doing…and equally, those things your ‘Best Self’ says ‘NO’ to doing.  For example, your best self says ‘YES’ to jumping out of bed and going to the gym, and ‘NO’ to buying a choc-chip muffin for morning tea.  Your best self says ‘YES’ to taking ‘rover’ for a 20-minute walk after dinner and ‘NO’ to staying up until midnight binge watching ‘Luke Cage’ on Netflix.  I could go on (probably forever) but I wont – you guys are smart and I am sure you get the idea.  The idea (of course) is to think about things that the best version of you CHOOSES to do – and CHOOSES NOT to do…because everything you do is ultimately your choice!

    Give it a go.  Stick a copy on your fridge (I’m pretty sure your best self says ‘NO’ to eating chocolate after dinner) and another copy on your desk at work…you get the idea.  You might be surprised!  As for my best self?  Well, my best self says ‘YES’ to do the blog asap on a Sunday and a big ‘NO’ to ‘Stay up late on Sunday night’.

    See you in the gym,



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