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    Not sure what to do? Just CHEAT (copy someone!)

    Happy Sunday Everyone,

    Cheers (as always) to everyone who came to train with us during the week.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, you would have noticed our newest trainer – Paul – has been growing in confidence and taking some Boxing classes over the past couple of weeks.  I think he has been doing an awesome job – and it has been great to see him slogging it out with the lunch time crew a few times each week.

    He said to me on Friday “I’m really enjoying the classes – and that’s saying something because I never really liked group training myself.  But I have found everyone has such a great attitude – you push yourself to try and catch someone…if you make it, they give you a high 5 and it’s on to the next.  If you don’t catch them, they wait for you at the end, give you a high 5 and it’s on to the next.  It’s all so positive and fun.’

    As you can imagine – I liked hearing that.  I liked hearing that very much.  The sessions are supposed to be fun – and – as I have said from day 1, it should be like a typical team training session for a sporting side.  We all come together to one place at the same time each day/week – the coach tells us what is in store for us, then leads us through the session.  As the session goes on, we all offer one another encouragement (and maybe engage in a bit of banter) and the coach does his/her best to make sure we are all doing things the ‘right’ way…

    Now – all of this is a bit of a back story (in some ways) to what I wanted to talk about today – how recently I have found myself chatting to quite a few new members who have on one hand been loving their training – but on the other hand haven’t been getting all of the results that they want/they they deserve given their training efforts.

    One thing they *COULD* do – rather than trying to become an ‘expert’ on creating their own eating plan/creating a plan for how many sessions + extra workouts to do each week is pretty simple – just COPY someone else who has achieved the results that you are chasing.

    I know, I know. Blindly copying someone who is having success doesn’t mean you will have the SAME success.  But what it does mean is that you will at least be following a ‘proven’ model.

    If you think about this in terms of a game of Monopoly – something I am terrible at by the way – the most successful players (apparently) buy everything they can get their hands on, mortgage themselves to the hilt, buy houses and hotels and wait for the cash to roll in.  As far as I know – and a 5-minute google perusal probably doesn’t make me an expert on the topic of strategy in the game of Monopoly but it’s better than nothing – there aren’t really any alternative strategies in this game so if you are going to play, you had better ‘copy’ this strategy or you are going to fall by the wayside.  In other words, copying this ‘proven method’ of success is going to give you a better chance of success than just making it up yourself as you go along.

    Now – for those people who have been through our ‘Health Check’ process you will have been given your own little ‘guidebook’ for success in terms of the Round 1 Eating Guide and the weekly workout plan.  So you guys and girls could just carry out that plan.  But for everyone else, well, it isn’t that easy to know exactly what to do.  And with all of the various eating plans, workout schedules and general fitness advice out there – on the interwebs, in books, in conversations with your friends and work colleagues – it is hard to know what to do.

    So don’t be scared to COPY.  And don’t be scared to ASK for HELP.

    Of course, you can ask the trainers and we are 100% there to help you.  But keep in mind, the lives that each of us lead (trainers) are a little bit artificial.  Not in that we don’t have jobs to do that take up a lot of our time or families to look after – but in that we don’t *REALLY* understand the importance of having a party pie or a cup cake at the morning tea in the office for “Erin’s” birthday/engagement/leaving etc.  We don’t have that.  We don’t have to deal with that.  But you know who does?  That person you see in the gym every day, lining up on the heavy bag right next to you.

    The story goes that you are the product of the 5x people you see the most often.  So use this to your benefit – chat to the person next to you who is going through the same stuff you are going through…and ask them how they do it.  Then – before you say “I can’t do that because…”, just DO IT.  Because everyone has a because.

    In many ways, I could probably split the people who send me enquiries via email/facebook etc in to two pretty broad groups – people who genuinely want to take action and those who are pretending that they just might maybe like to do something, one day.  Believe it or not, a lot of people are not really all that serious about making a ‘real’ change – and you will see those people flip-flopping between work-out plans and diets looking for a magical hack that will solve their problems.

    The person on the heavy bag next to you – you know, the one you see ALL the time?  They aren’t looking for a magical answer.  They understand that results are built by taking consistent action over the long-term…and I reckon if you ask they will be happy to explain the actual details of their routine – the day-to-day grind – and how they keep their nutrition on track…and the trade-offs they have to make to be successful.

    Not sure what to do.  ASK.  Don’t want to ask?  Hell, just copy someone!

    See you in the gym!




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