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    Getting things done versus getting things ‘PERFECT’

    Happy Sunday everyone.  Thanks to everyone who came along to train with us last week – numbers in the gym were amazing (despite the freezing cold weather)…a special congratulations to everyone who has been diligently ticking off their Functional Fitness classes for ‘Try July’ – whether you have been loving the classes or just ‘enduring’ them (after all, it has been a massive change up for the ‘boxing’ crew!) the energy and enthusiasm have been great and hopefully everyone has learned a little bit and found a couple of weaknesses to work on!

    This week?  Well, we have some fun stuff in Boxing – with the ‘deadball relay’ we used in today’s session featuring on another couple of occasions, the addition of some extra dumbbell work (after last week’s cardio slog-fest) and some 1-minute rounds towards the end of the week.  Functional will see us continuing to progress our banded overhead press, sumo deadlifts and close grip bench press…and of course there will be some gut busting metcon work in there as well.

    Anyway – onto the the blog and I have to make a bit of an (ironical) announcement – I started working on this blog post 3-weeks back – just as we headed into the end of financial year.  I had it ‘nearly’ ready…then it was ‘nearly’ again, then it was ‘nearly’ ready again…then finally TODAY (devoid of other ideas) I decided I would finish it off and make it this weeks blog.

    (Note: I just had a thought.  You might read this and think ‘Why was Michael obsessing over THIS post – it was rubbish!  Well…whilst I hope it isn’t rubbish, if it is that just proves my point even MORE…just do the work and get on with it rather than obsessing about ‘details’…anyway, back to it!).

    So…what’s it about?  Just getting on with things and not letting ‘perfect’ get in the way of ‘good enough’ – in other words, it is about just finishing things rather than overworking them to death…or more often in my case, not over-working things to death, but rather over-THINKING things to death.

    Based on the conversations I have in the gym though, I feel like I’m not the only one who has a bit of an obsession with agonizing over the ‘perfection’ or otherwise in many of the trivial details of our lives.  Overthinking things – over-GOOGLING things (is that a word?) – seems to prevent so many people from the simple task of actually DOING the things we are all thinking about.  Researching whether or not your current training/eating regime is the ‘perfect’ one for someone of your size/age/weight/goals…you know what – perfection doesn’t exist.  What is universally true though is that it is way (WAY) better and more effective to be DOING than reading about/watching videos of other people ‘doing’.

    So what can you do to make your life easier…and focus on the DOING rather than the ‘thinking’?  Well, the first step is to break the task down into small bits that you can experience a bit of success by completing.  For example, you don’t have to totally overhaul your diet – you DO need to make sure you eat a balanced breakfast each morning.  So starting tomorrow, make sure your breakfast ‘plate’ includes some protein, carbs and fats and get the day off to a good start…let’s worry about the mid-morning coffee/muffin in a couple of weeks time – start with ONE step, do it right, then move on.  On the other end of it, if you have been battling to get into the gym, then commit right NOW to doing TWO (2) sessions this week…Monday and Thursday.  Pick your TIME.  Get to the gym.  Done.  Get yourself off to a simple, achievable, measurable start – worry about being the Olympic Triathlon gold medallist in a month or so when you are in a good habit of twice per week!

    Right – first step down – second step to come.  This step is a bit ‘fluffier’ (intangible!) but it is equally important.  You have to ‘reframe’ or ‘reposition’ the way you view ‘progress’.  Simply put, you need to focus on the steps you are taking rather than the ‘end’.  If you want to lose 5kgs, great.  Put that aside.  Focus instead on the success you are having with (as per the example above) being consistent in attending the gym twice per week and eating a balanced breakfast every day.  When you have done those things and established the new ‘habits’, the next task is to increase to 3x (three) gym sessions per week AND drop that mid-morning coffee/muffin (by the way, that snack weighs in around the 500 calorie mark all-up – 100 cals for the cappuccino, 400’ish for a blueberry muffin!)…

    Rather than jumping on the scales and criticising yourself for NOT losing the 5kgs, you need to instead give yourself CREDIT for being consistent with your gym and making progress with your eating.  What you need to think about in terms of your goals is not the end-point – but the ‘repetitions’ that will make it possible.  If you want to (as per last week’s blog) kick the winning goal at the end of the game, don’t worry about the game – practice your kicking so that you become a good kick!  Back to this example, if you want to lose 5kgs don’t think about the scales and the progress you are/aren’t making…just tick off your gym sessions and give yourself credit for positive food decisions.

    Going back to the top of this post, just DO THE WORK.  Don’t worry about what might or might not happen, don’t stress about how you could ‘tweak this or change that’ to make it a ‘little bit’ better…just DO.  The outcome might not be ‘perfect’ – but the work will be done…which will help make you happy because you wont be stressing and obsessing over things still to be done.

    That’s it – see you in the gym,



    p.s.  I am in Albany for footy next week so probably no blog…we’ll see…if I’m sitting on a bus for 10+ hours I might get some writing done!


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