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    The STORY of Round 1

    Happy Blog-day Everyone,

    Cheers to everyone who got along to the gym last week – and to everyone excited about the sessions in the week ahead.  (Super) Lauren has programmed the week of boxing so I hope everyone is prepared for tyre flips, burpees and ‘very achievable’ targets on the bikes, skis and rowers!

    Just like last week, I have a bit of a ‘split’ blog today with part of it dedicated to the ‘Try July’ Functional Fitness challenge that will kick off on July 1st…and the rest will be my usual ramblings.  So we will do ‘rambling’ first, challenge 2nd.

    Rambling, rambling.

    I just wanted to talk about the ‘Story of Round 1’ for a little bit.  I have been thinking about this a lot lately – as a few people know, we ticked over the 9-year mark as a business a couple of months back and whilst I don’t tend to get caught up in ‘that stuff’ anymore, it always gets me to thinking.

    Our gym was created for one reason.  To “help people change their lives”.  (To be specific, the original mission statement and the one that is still on the wall says “WE HELP CHANGE LIVES”).  Being 100% honest, I guess you could say the gym was created for two reasons – To get me out of the IT industry AND to help people change their lives.

    As I have said repeatedly, when Round 1 opened I was in my late 30’s, unhappy with the way I was looking and the habits that I was forming – too much beer, working late, bad food, not enough exercise – and I wasn’t happy with the training options available to me.  I wanted to do group training – my team-sports background meant that’s what I really enjoyed – I wanted to hit some bags and do some high intensity barbell/kettlebell work, I wanted to do some short-duration, high-intensity cardio AND I didn’t want to do the exact same workout day after day after day.  I couldn’t find anywhere to do the ‘stuff’ I wanted to do, I figured if that was what I wanted then there must be a few others out there who wanted the same ‘stuff’ – so I quit my job, opened the doors and crossed my fingers.

    I guess the ‘story’ has – like all stories – had a few swings and roundabouts along the way.  We have tried to continuously upgrade and enhance our gym as the months and years have gone by.  Some of the these changes have been small changes (for example, adding some bigger circuit barbells, buying the deadballs) and others have been BIG (implementing the assault bikes, changing to the Concept2 bikes, installing the wall-rigs in the boxing gym) and others have been MASSIVE (taking over the unit next door and creating the strength gym)…but throughout the whole process I/we have been trying to remain focussed on the original mission.

    Why am I writing about this?  Well, because when I was trying to describe to someone the other day what we ‘DO’ at Round 1, well…I was having a bit of trouble doing it.  Whereas once I could talk about Boxing for Fitness classes, food advice and helping people look better in their boardies (bikini?), I was talking about boxing, hammer strength gear, functional training and even I didn’t understand.  It is as if the essence of why the gym was created has somehow become lost in all of the different mechanisms we available to us with which to deliver those outcomes.  Listening to myself describe the gym even I was confused.  But the reality is, NOTHING has changed from the original concept.

    Round 1 was created to ‘Help Change Lives’.  That’s still true.  We have some shiny new gear floating around for sure – but we are still group training focussed and our philosophy is still the same as it was when I sketched it out all those years ago.  I guess there are times when even I need to be reminded that our focus needs to be on providing the environment for CHANGE – and no matter which of the ‘training pathways’ individual clients choose, that providing ‘support’ to individuals should be the focus of our gym and our MESSAGE.

    If you are trying to make a change and need HELP…that’s what we are here for. ASK.  Tell us YOUR story.  Tell us YOUR challenges.  Everyone is battling different things but every problem has a solution…and our job is to provide the platform for that.

    So even the IDEA of the ‘Story of Round 1’ is a bit stupid really – because the ‘story’ of Round 1 really isn’t about the gym.  The ‘gym’ is just a building on Hammond Road that we have filled with ‘stuff’ over the past 9-odd years.  And I really hope the story of Round 1 isn’t about me (to be fair, I KNOW the story of Round 1 is not about me).  The ‘STORY’ of Round 1 is about the people who train at the place – the friendships that have been made, kids born, new jobs, new businesses, new houses….and on it goes.  Round 1 exists to HELP.  But it is the people who turn up every day who create the story.

    On to the ‘Try July’ Challenge.

    Try July Challenge Stuff

    As most people will know, the ‘basics’ of this are:

    – 25x Functional Fitness Classes within July

    – Free to participate for members – but if you don’t quite make your 25-sessions you will be billed $25 for your challenge ‘T’ (it is free if you make it).

    – Includes 2x Body Scans

    – Includes a 10-day Eating plan.

    Now – I have had a few people tell me that it is ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ to do 25x Funky classes in a month because ‘you don’t run them often enough’…and I get that.  But to be fair, I have always had a plan…and this is where I tell you what it is.

    During July, we will run Funky a ‘LOT’.  The Strength gym timetable will look like this:

    Mon-Thurs:  Funky at 5am, 6am, 1pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm

    Fri:  Funky at 5am, 6am and 1pm.

    Sat:  Funky at 6am, 7am and 9:30am

    Sun:  Funky at 9:30am

    So…that’s 27x sessions in a week.  Or 123x classes to choose from during July.  And yes, I know that means we wont be running Hammer/Barbell Club during July…but we have this MASSIVE gym that we want people to actually use…we have to give as many people as possible a chance to complete this challenge…we will (re)-revise the timetable post ‘TRY JULY’!

    As I have been saying, if you are keen to have a crack (and why wouldn’t you – even if you don’t make it, the Body Scans alone are worth DOUBLE the $25 investment!) then email me at and I will send through a registration form.  And if you have any ‘non-member’ buddies who want to have a go, well, they WILL have to pay – but just $99 for the month…

    That’s it.  See you all in the gym.



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