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    Topical – Returning to the gym after you have been sick!!!


    It started off with preparation for the challenge, handing out packs, doing body scans, answering questions…then the gastro bug hit taking out every single staff member + countless numbers of you guys…and there were still classes to run and prepare for – including the NEW class (Barbell Club) which kicks off Tuesday night…and people were still getting sick.  And everyone who works at the gym was sick too so just trying to RUN classes was getting to be an issue.  And then it was Sunday afternoon – somehow the challenge is already 3x days old and we are already into the second month of the year and the kids are all about to go back to school (hoorah) and the teachers are all about to go back to school (booo) and…like I said – it has been madness.

    Before I go on, a massive thanks to the amazing Tashy for helping with operation disinfection on Saturday morning.  Whilst we got ZERO of your PT session done, you did get to spend 90-minutes with me (whilst scrubbing things with disinfectant) talking about how the lyrics to Wu Tang songs are maybe not completely, 100% appropriate for pre-teen ears.  I mean, I can’t see a problem with ‘Moonshine drunken monk, your head get shrunk, Your treasure sunk’ either, but the bits that come next probably not so much!  In any case, we managed to disinfect every bag, med ball, wall ball, dead ball, dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, sledgehammer, Olympic ring, chin-up bar, monkey bar, bike, rower, treadmill, ski, cross-trainer, SPARC and anything else we could find…and then I went back in this afternoon and did it all again. 

    Is all of that enough?  Well – it should be.  I mean, WE have disinfected all of gear AND all of the hire gloves – but if you guys out there don’t do the same with your gear – disinfect your gloves and WASH YOUR TOWELS and HAND-WRAPS – it might all be for nothing.  I know it sucks but as the last few days have shown there are going to be times when we are really and truly ‘all in it together’ and if the germs are still on your gloves, and you come in and hit the bag, then I hit the bag and the germs get on my gloves, then I carry my gloves and towel together to the next station, then I wipe my face with my towel…

    Well – I am sure you can see what I mean.  I don’t remember anything similar to this in our 9-years of being open BUT that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen again.  We have tried to be as vigilant as we can in the gym…we now need each of you guys to take the same approach with your personal training gear.

    Enough of that.  I know the challenge is on and a lot of people are pretty desperate to get back on track with their training to achieve the best results possible.  And if – like me – you have been knocked on your butt by some illness, here is a bit of a plan to get you quickly back in the swing of things.

    Eating comes first!  If your food/nutrition isn’t yet ‘back to normal’, that is a really (really) good sign that your body is still not quite ready to get back into the gym at full speed.  So take it easy.  When you are back to your ‘normal’ food – 3x meals per day with a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner, well, THAT is when you are ready to start planning your return. 

    Secondly, coming back to a strength session might not be your best ever plan.  A cardio based effort that is not likely to leave you too sore – which will make your body work hard to repair the muscle damage – is the way to go.  For some people, that might mean a boxing class where they roll-back the weights, use a kettlebell/barbell one ‘lighter’ than usual and cut back on the plyometrics – you know, drop the jump squats in favour of ‘squats’ whilst you get going again.  For others, it might be dipping a toe in the water with 20-minutes on the bike to see how you feel.  Remember, you should be thinking about training for the REST OF YOUR LIFE…one day taking it easy now to make sure your body is ‘right’ is not going to matter in the scheme of things.

    Just to extend on this – you also don’t have to do one session where you ‘test the waters’ then expect to be your normal self on day#2.  It might take a few days to be right.  For me – I have to say the gastro thing left a real mark – it was only 5-6 hours wrestling the toilet bowl but even this morning (3 days later) I still wasn’t perfect.  So today I did a little bit (one of the 28-Days-Later extras – it took 16 minutes) and tomorrow I will do a boxing class and maybe – MAYBE – by the time Wednesday comes around I will be ready to really jump in with both feet.  Again – a couple of days building into it is going to make my next MONTH of training better…racing ahead of time is going to put me back another week.

    Water, water, water.  Food, food, food.  Lift the water intake UP.  WAY UP.  It will keep you hydrated and feeling alert…and it will also help you ‘flush your system’/’fight the infection’ depending on how you want to look at it.  Add to that good food – you guys on the challenge have an advantage as eating good, fresh protein, fresh veggies and healthy fats in preference to complex carbs and mass produced products is compulsory.  But eat well – eat FRESH, HEALTHY meals.  Buy good meat and eat fresh veggies.  Add some pro-biotics – you will need some ‘new’ good bacteria (when you purge your system, unfortunately you really do throw out – up?? – the good with the bad!).  Basically, be an adult.  Look after yourself.  The old wives tale about eating home made chicken soup to overcome illness is there for a reason…

    SLEEP.  You are going to be tired.  I know (‘cos I’m tired).  And some things in your life are ‘non optional’ (for example, my alarm will go off at 4am tomorrow and I will HAVE to get up)…if you are really struggling with being tired after illness, yes, try to solve the problem with fresh food and extra water – but don’t discount the benefits of maybe ONE extra sleep in during a week…or an extra early night in bed.  Basically, let your fatigue be your guide and – as I have said – if it means missing one of your ‘regular’ gym sessions this week to make sure you are 100% back on track next week…well, that sounds smart.

    That’s kind of it.  Look after yourself.  Take it slow.  And remember, we are all in a marathon, NOT a sprint.

    Anything else?  Ummm.  It’s not too late to sign-up for the challenge – which is still to my way of thinking the best program we run at the gym – you can do that here:

    And stay tuned to your inbox over the next day or so as I have another cool new class to announce!

    Here’s hoping to a week with a little less stress and a little more F-U-N!

    See you all in the gym,



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