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    Face it, Don’t “FAKE IT”

    After a day spent in front of my laptop trying (failing but trying!!) to finish off the 28-days Later booklets, I have to say that ‘changing gears’ and trying (there’s that word again) to write a blog is not the most exciting thing I could think of…but here goes.

    Most people know that I am ‘already’ back at footy and I have to say that a fair bit of what follows comes from a conversation I had at the club during the week.  BUT. It applies equally to the stuff so many of us are doing at the gym. Whether you are still battling to do five ‘proper’ pushups in a row – yep the “on your toes, chest to the ground, 1-second pause at the bottom” kind – or you are struggling with a newly introduced skill (like learning the speedball, or some of the functional fitness crew who were battling with the concept of push-jerks last week) the reality is that nothing works like persistence.

    BUT (and there’s THAT word again).  There seems to be a bit of a ‘Fake it until you make it’ mentality going around the place at the moment.  And whilst I understand that approach, it actually doesn’t get you any closer to solving the problem at hand.  If – like a couple of my footballers – you are battling with a skill, well, faking will only get you so far. For sure, you can paper over the cracks and ‘sneak through’ without too much scrutiny in a normal training session – but eventually the lights are going to go on and you are going to have to do it ‘for real’, under pressure, and then EVERYTHING is going to be out in the open.

    (‘cos we are off to see CREED2 next Monday – and please buy some tickets!!! – it’s gonna be heaps of fun – here’s a Rocky/Creed speedball side-by-side video which I think you will enjoy:

    Faking it till you make it?  I don’t know about that. You have to sort of do the opposite – have a really good think about what it is that is going wrong, committing to FIX it, finding out how…then having a real and genuine crack.

    Now – whether or not you hit the speed ball ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is probably not the thing that is ‘holding you back’ from achieving whatever it is you want to achieve (unless of course your goal is getting ‘000s of youtube guys hitting the speedball like this guy –…but whatever it is that is holding you back, the point remains the same.  You can’t fake it. You have to FACE it.

    There is a quote floating around the internet that goes like this:

    “Dont Fake it until you make it.  Face it. Get up. Work Hard. Fail.  Stand back up. Face it again. Do a little better.  Fail again. Get back up. Repeat.”

    I can’t find a source for it – I wish I could.  Apologies to whoever I have stolen it from…particularly as it kind of sums up that journey we are all on.  Or at least the one we all need to be on.

    I know – as I am sure each of you guys do – when I am taking shortcuts and ‘pretending’ (both to myself and to the world) that I am doing the right thing.  But you can only pretend for so long. Eventually you are going to have to ‘OWN’ your actions. You are going to get on the scales (for real!). Or go to the Doc’s and get your cholesterol tested.  Or – as I blogged about a couple of years ago, fill in as the boundary umpire at your kids footy match.  No matter what, the test is ‘coming’ – in one form or another – and you can’t pass if all you are doing every day is pretending!  Train hard. Eat like an adult. Get some sleep.

    See you guys in the gym.  The latest 28-days Later challenge starts in about 10-days or so with all new recipes (30x new ones!), all new workout challenges and the pack includes goal-setting sheets, details on ‘The Streak’ challenge add-on as well as a complete ‘how to do meal prep’ guide book…there is no doubt it has taken another leap forward from last year – and even from Summer Slam back in October…this really is the challenge I use to ‘set myself up’ for the year ahead – lose a couple of kilos. put some strong and positive habits in place BEFORE winter hibernation hits so many of us…it is the best thing EVER!

    Jump on board here:

    See you all in the gym,



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