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    Life is like…a Bike Ride???

    Hi Everyone,

    Another (Sun)day, another month (December) and another SEASON (it’s really, truly summer!).  Not exactly sure where the past 12-months have gone – not exactly sure where the past month has gone to be truthful! – but it is December already and the annual ‘wind down’ season is nearly upon us.  (I’ll come back to that in a bit).

    Before I get back to blogging and writing about ‘new stuff’, I want to say a super special thanks to everyone who came along to support the open day yesterday and an extra super special thanks to everyone who donated raffle prizes and door prizes and other prizes and an extra, extra super special thanks to everyone who came along and brought down some friends and family for a look see!  I’m pretty sure there is no secret that we have rolled the biggest dice we could manage to pick up in setting up ‘next door’ and what we need now is to get some new clients to come along and join up…so for those people who nagged their friends into coming along yesterday (and, of course, at any time in the past 9 years) we really do appreciate it.  And we need you to do it again!

    Back to it – it is December which means that the annual “Most fun gym challenge in the world” – the 12-days of Christmas Challenge – kicks off tomorrow.  This is a super simple challenge that needs for you to do 12x Classes and 12x ‘challenge circuits’ between tomorrow morning (Monday the 3rd December) and New Years Eve.  The circuits (videos up ‘soon’ – promise!) take around 10-15minutes to complete.  12-classes + 12-extras in a month doesn’t sound too challenging?  Well…wait until you are dealing with 37x different Christmas Party invitations each week and battling to get to the gym at all…this challenge has a singular purpose – to keep your training ‘TICKING OVER’ during the silly season.  It isn’t designed to get you to the Olympics (or even to get you in the best shape of your life) – it is there to give you a compelling reason to train during the busiest social month of the year.

    Sign up HERE:  Register for the 12-days Challenge (It is $10 for individuals and $15 for families wanting to participate).

    Right.  I had big plans with today’s blog and I need to get back too it.  Or get started on it.  It is a bit of a mish-mash of conversations I have been involved with over the past couple of weeks with some members at the gym and some players at the footy club (yep, we are training ‘already’) and it all kind of goes like this.

    “I really tried hard to get fit early this year – I was at the gym all the time for a couple of months – but then I got busy and I couldn’t keep going and now I am worse off than ever.  I am just going to give up – it’s just all too hard for me.’  (Clearly I am para-phrasing this last part – no-one ever says this though my life would be way (WAY!) easier if they would).

    The thing is that none of this ‘getting fit’ / ‘losing weight’ stuff is a ‘one-shot’ deal.  There is (and always will be) another chance to ‘start again’, another chance to create the reality you want.  That last part – ‘create the reality you want’ – actually sounds pretty pretentious so scratch the wording – remind yourself I am not much of a writer – and just keep the sentiment.  If the reality you WANT is that of a fit and healthy person who leads an active life, well, you 100% can do that.  Now in chasing that goal you MIGHT end up (one day) with that ‘perfect’ body that you can see in your mind’s eye right now – but in all seriousness, who wants that anyway?  Because it isn’t perfection any of us are chasing – it just isn’t.  What most of us want every day is to FEEL LIKE we are successful – and that happens when we FEEL LIKE we are making progress – and progress 100% starts with taking action…you don’t get anywhere sitting on the couch thinking that you should do something – you have to actually get up and make that first step.  First steps are always uncomfortable…and it is doubly so when you are taking ‘another’ first step after having ‘given up’ (saying ‘given up’ is clearly an over-exaggeration but again, I am sure the sentiment makes sense) once or twice already.  I’ll come back to this.

    I’m not much of a bike rider but I have been thinking more (and more) about this health and fitness ‘journey’ that everyone is on as a bit of a never ending bike path.  When you are feeling motivated and everything is going well, it is a nice gentle downhill.  At other times, work/family life seem to be throwing up insurmountable challenges – those are the ‘hills’ in the path where you simply have to hang on to the handle-bars and just keep the pedal moving…sure, you aren’t going very fast, and there might be times where you are forced to ‘tic tac’ your way up so steep is the path – but ultimately as long as you are still moving forward, well, that’s 100% a win!

    I am going to try and put some of this into context with a REAL example.

    So the Body Scan output above is from one of our members – as you can see from the dates on the bottom (I have circled them in red!), the time between scans is a little over 5-weeks.  The rules they followed to achieve these pretty awesome results (no bread/pasta/sugar/alcohol) were pretty much the same as for one of our challenges – and in this case, the results are also pretty typical for a male participating in one of the challenges (girls generally get about 70% of the recorded weight loss/fat % change) – weight and fat loss of ‘around’ 3kg, muscle gain of 1kg…100% a great effort for a 30-day food/training ‘change’.  But – as with the more formal challenges we run at R1, the “REAL” challenge starts NOW.  Using the bike example from above, these results were achieved during a ‘downhill’ section of the bike course.  Motivation was HIGH (a contest with a mate was fuelling the effort) – now it is back to the grind of life where you have to eat and drink in moderation (or in deprivation, depending on your pov!) and maintain a consistent training regime.  So NOW the path has become a little bit of a hill…add to that it is Christmas time – soon it might feel like it is as steep as Everest.

    There really are no secrets here – well, except the one no-one talks about…if you simply give up and ‘stop trying’ – no matter how disheartened you have become – well, any forward progress you had achieved is going to stop.  Keep on pedalling!

    See you in the gym (and hopefully with a few of your mates!).



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