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    It’s time for OPEN DAY!

    Hi Everyone,

    Another week is done – done – done.  Thanks as always to everyone who got along to train at our gym during the week…whether you participated in Boxing, B+, Beginners, Body Work, No Rules, TANKS or any of the new sessions – Functional Fit or the Developing Athletes Program (DAP) – we appreciate it.  I have to admit that I potentially UNDER-ESTIMATED the personal impact of adding in another eleven (11) sessions per week to an already packed timetable and that by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around I was also done-done-done…HOPEFULLY it is something I am going to get used to/adapt too over time (and I am sure the stress will drop away now that we are finally up and running) but man…exhaustion levels at an all-time high right now.

    What’s causing the stress?  Well, everything really to be truthful.  I am stressed about the new classes.  Stressed about walking ‘out’ of the boxing gym to run them.  Stressed about letting the rest of the team run the new classes.  Stressed about leaving the rest of the team to run the Boxing classes.  Stressed that everyone in both gyms is getting a great experience.  Stressed about the DAP programming and how that is progressing/what tweaks we need to make.  Stressed we aren’t coaching the new classes correctly/providing enough feedback and information to participants.  Stressed the sessions are too easy.  Stressed about all of the setup work and equipment we are still waiting on.  Stressed the sessions are too easy.  Stressed they are too hard.  Stressed about how to pay for all the shiny new toys we have bought…there is just a LOT.  Some of the feelings I am having are reasonable.  I know that.  Some are completely unreasonable.  I also know that.  Unfortunately, you don’t get to control how you feel about stuff – you just “DO” – so all I can do is apologise to anyone who has gotten a very ‘distracted’ reply from me over the past couple of weeks…I sure don’t feel myself so am pretty sure I haven’t been acting myself.

    One thing that SHOULD be adding to my stress – but kind of isn’t because Lauren and Clancy are ‘running with it’ and doing an amazing job – is the big ‘OPEN DAY’ event we are having THIS SATURDAY!!!  That’s THIS WEEKEND – as in, this coming SATURDAY, December 1st.  And further to that, it is the very first ‘OPEN DAY’ we have ever, ever, ever held.  Which seems weird since we have been going since 2010…but at the same time, the gym is always ‘OPEN’ for people to come in and have a look around the place so I guess on some level the whole idea seems a bit ‘redundant’ to me…at the same time, there is 100% going to be some pretty cool things happening this weekend.

    First off – the stuff that most people care about.  “It’s great you guys are having an open day – but all I want to know is when the classes will be running because I still want to train!”.  I get it.  We’ve got you!  The gym will be open ‘AS NORMAL’ from 6am and we will be running the following sessions:

    6am TANKS

    7am Tanks

    7:15am Boxing

    8:15am Boxing

    8:30am Developing Athlete Program (DAP)

    9:15am Boxing

    9:30am Functional Fit

    In other words, all of the scheduled sessions (which is SEVEN CLASSES!!!) will still run with the exception of the usual 11am Beginners session – basically, we are planning a series of competitions for the day (some fitness related, others a little more nuanced…hello Point Walter Golf Course Putting challenge!!!) and we kind of need ‘all hands on deck’ from a staff perspective to run/do all of the ‘open day’ stuff.  In addition to the competitions, there will be other fun stuff happening like cake stalls, $10 Body Scans (tell your friends about this one), and stalls from a heap of local businesses including WODup, Mooba Coffee, Bullcreek Supplement Mark, Recoveri Cryotherapy, Attadale Travel, Zeus St Greek, Ookie Skateboards, Victorious Health and Fitness (Raw treats), Committed Gym Equipment…the list goes on (and on…and on).  There will be raffles, door prizes awarded every 15-minutes from 10am until 12pm (with the major raffle drawn at 12pm) PLUS people will get to play on some of the new gear…there have also been threats of a DJ being in attendance…

    All up, it should be a fun few hours at the gym.  Please help us spread the word by sharing the details on social media (FB and IG) and – hopefully get along for a look on the weekend, do a workout, buy a couple of healthy (and not so healthy snacks) and maybe check out some of the other local businesses displaying their wares…and why wouldn’t you want to support local businesses – after all, if you don’t want your kids to be labelling boxes for Amazon or losing their jobs to China, you need to support the people who will keep them employed locally!

    What else?  Nothing else! Come to the open day.  Bring your friends!

    See you in the gym,



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