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    The ‘Expanded-Gym’ is now open…so NOW What???

    Hi Everyone,

    Welcome to another big week at Round 1.  I guess this week is the moment of truth (kinda) – the ‘expansion’ I have been blathering on about for > 12-months is not exactly ‘ready’ but it is ‘ready enough’ for us to get in there and start doing some things.  We still have some medium sized hurdles to jump over (you know, fans, music, class time-tables, what the actual classes will be, figuring out exactly where to put all of the gear – and when we have done that figuring out solutions for stuff like bag storage…you know, small, little, trivial things!).  All of that said – and my to do list currently shows 50 items that our outstanding just relating to the ‘new’ gym – it is ready enough to be used.

    I certainly don’t want to turn this blog into a ‘sign up’ advertorial – that isn’t the intention – but from tomorrow (Monday, November 12th) in order to use the equipment in the new gym you need to commit to an upgraded membership.  Before I say another word, please remember that if you don’t want to use the new gear, you are under no obligation to upgrade your membership – everything you have access too today will be there tomorrow…anyway, that said the prices for the upgraded memberships will be as follows:

    Fortnightly – $53.50 (Boxing price = $38.50)

    FIFO Fortnightly – $35.50 (Boxing price = $25.50)

    Family Fortnightly – $80.50 (Boxing price = $57.50)

    Yes, there are ‘up-front’ and ‘monthly’ payment options but given the fortnightly and monthly prices are the same (when calculated over a 12-month period) and it just gets confusing when I present ALL of the numbers, I figured the pricing for the fortnightly option (which is the most common choice) gives a solid point for comparison.  Should you elect to upgrade, you will be able to utilise the new facilities immediately and your new payments will be applied from the start of your next fortnightly/monthly billing period.  For any ‘up-front’ payment clients who want to upgrade, we will calculate the pro-rata, per month cost until the time your current contract expires and issue an individual invoice (though this might take me a couple of days to figure out!).

    Classes will start in the ‘new’ section from NEXT Monday (November 19th) and will initially run at the following times:

    Monday: 5:30am and 5:30pm

    Tuesday: 6:30pm (TANKS)

    Wednesday: 5:30am and 5:30pm

    Thursday: 5:30pm

    Friday: 5:30am

    Saturday: 6am (TANKS), 7am (Tanks), 8:30am

    Sunday: 9:30am (No Rules)

    I get it that people used to the Round 1 tradition of running several trillion classes every week will look at that list and say, yeah, and what are you doing the REST of the time, but you have to keep in mind a couple of things:

    We have ZERO members at the moment.  So 11 classes per week for zero users is a pretty darned high ratio.

    We can always ADD classes if demand dictates – but once a class is on the timetable it is always hard to take it off.  In other words, if we find there is a heap of demand, we can easily justify running more sessions…if there isn’t, then we wont!

    Lastly, there is a tonne of equipment ‘next door’ that really isn’t going to be used in classes…so we need to be careful not to flood the gym with classes when people doing there own individual strength program is going to be a large part of what happens ‘over there’.

    The timetable will be going up online NEXT WEEKEND…the question is what will the class be called?  I am 100% open to suggestions here as I really (really) want to avoid a repeat of the ‘Rolling Thunder’ fiasco (a name I don’t like but seem to be stuck with) and I have heard that Alex (the perpetrator of ‘Rolling Thunder’) has a couple of ideas.  Those are ideas I don’t really want to hear though – want I want to hear is what you guys think a class based around strength and conditioning fundamentals (we will do some squats, some pull-ups, bike sprints, push sleds…you know, like Body Work on a ‘Grand’ scale) should be called…so email me to with your suggestions.

    What else?  I also will be announcing a new teenagers program for the ‘new’ gym during the upcoming week.  I guess you could think of it as the ‘Developing Athletes Program’ but rather than setting it up as a confined 6-week program with a ‘teaching’ focus, it will be a rolling 8-week cycle with a focus on simple movements and ‘training’…the idea would be that we will be doing a bit more actual TRAINING than we did in the DAP (Developing Athletes Program) and participants would be eligible to attend both the 13-17 year old program AND – once proficiency is attained – the more general, yet to be named Strength and Conditioning program…

    What else?  Well, in the middle of all of that I would like to think that I have been able to remain pretty focussed on what has been happening on the boxing side of things.  Certainly the move of the racks has really opened up our gym space and during the week we will be relocating the SPARC’s to better take advantage of this…it will give us extra room out the front of the heavy bags to ‘move’ – and I have even programmed in the use of the long forgotten 7m pull-up bar into classes this week.  I know for me personally that having all of the new gear is going to be ‘great’, there is no doubt that the basis of my own training will remain the Boxing for Fitness classes that I complete 3-4 times every week…basically, that’s what I enjoy doing and the mix of cardio and strength that it gives me – not to mention the release of stress and frustration provided by the bag work – provides the best fitness base for MOST people…I will certainly be supplementing that (as always) with some strength work in the new space (+ who doesn’t like new toys) but our boxing sessions will remain at the heart of what we do at Round 1.

    See you in the gym,



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